Nerds United Episode 13

A studio "selfie" (yeah yeah I just used that word) from this show's guest - Myriam Diaz Rutland. Picture stolen from her Twitter Feed - @zaidartist
A studio “selfie” (yeah yeah I just used that word) from this show’s guest – Myriam Diaz Rutland. Picture stolen from her Twitter Feed – @zaidartist


This week’s show features my guest Myriam Diaz Rutland…or Myriam, as she’ll be referred to during this show. Myriam’s focus of nerd-dom (in the NERD DOME…yeah, the “studio” has a name now) is in gaming. Plus she’s an extremely talented (you’ll hear for yourself…”you don’t have to take my word for it”) singer.

Listen to this episode for our first foray into gaming (and with Matt’s new series titled “Gamer,” maybe our last) and learn about Myriam. We also talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Wolverine.

And for the love of God – PLAY XENOGEARS!!!

Here’s Myriam’s website and more:



Nerds United Episode 12

Sam, Odin, and Joe
Sam, Odin, and Joe

Episode 12 and I sit down with another longtime friend of mine, artist Joe Dodd. Joe has worked for Marvel and DC before making a change and focusing more on toys. Catch Joe’s story and find out how you can help him and his family achieve their dreams.

As promised, here’s the link for Joe, Sam, and Odin’s GoFundMe. HERE

Also, Cape Con is a month away (March 21-23) in Cape Girardeau, MO. And I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday talking with Con goers, vendors, and featured guests (including – but not limited to – Jim Cornette).


The castle Joe made in high school art class.
The castle Joe made in high school art class.











Joe's work from Marvel Age Hulk on the left. Odin's original finger and foot and probably butt painting on the right.
Joe’s work from Marvel Age Hulk on the left. Odin’s original finger and foot and probably butt painting on the right.

Nerds United Episode 11

The Stache Publishing Crew (complete with photographer Anthony in the window reflection) as they prepare to record the show.
The Stache Publishing Crew (complete with photographer Anthony in the window reflection) as they prepare to record the show.

The crew of Stache Publishing is back to discuss everything from last Fall’s 7 Deadly Sins anthology to the recently launched weekly comic strip Aporkalypse, plus projects in the works.

There have been times of more than one guest…but seven? It’s unheard of…UNTIL YOU HEAR IT!!!

Stache Publishing is the place to go to get Stache Shorts, 7 Deadly Sins, and more.

Big thanks to the crew for letting me interrupt their monthly meeting to record the show.

Nerds United Episode 10


We made it to double digits and I sought your input for Episode 10. I opened up the old request lines (that’s the former radio host in me) and took your suggestions on Facebook for superheroes and villains (both Marvel and DC) for either announced movies or future concepts. What actors and actresses did I think should suit up on the big screen? Listen in and head back to Facebook to comment.

Nerds United Episode 9

Starting the New Year with a conversation with an old friend. You heard him mentioned in Episode 5 – now he gets his own show.

Meet my friend Mike. I owe a lot of my nerdery (we coined that word in the show) to him.

Nerds coming together – it’s what we’re all about.

Oh…there may or may not have been naked Barbie’s in this episode.

Nerds United Episode 8


Take that drive to your family get-together and spend it listening to me. Yep – I’m asking you to make me a part of your holiday celebration (you can send me cookies, also, but I think this is easier).

In Episode 8, I spend a few minutes talking about the new Godzilla trailer (view it below), Joaquin Phoenix’s rumored involvement (may or may not be the right word) in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie; and some Christmas conversation (with myself…which isn’t much of a conversation at all).

Be safe over the holiday week-ish. I’m already in talks for Episode 9 which will be released just after the new year.

Merry Christmas. Thanks for listening.

Nerds United Episode 7

I’m back for another episode of Nerds United, and here’s what I’m talking about this time:

– The Wolverine (yes, the movie)

– The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer – watch it here:

– Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman for Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman/Flash/Nightwing/Kitchen Sink movie.

So that’s it. I appreciate your patience and support.

– G

(UPDATE: The Wolverine took an unexpected turn at the end that I enjoyed. It’s worth a watch.)

Nerds United Episode 6

After a hectic October, I’m trying to work out a more regular schedule for shows.

So here’s an attempt at that.

And BONUS: Episode Six isn’t that long. If you have a short commute, you’re golden.

Remember this gem from SDCC 2013?

This time around I’m talking about Thor: The Dark World, Superheroes: The Never-ending Battle, and assorted comic book titles.

So relax and enjoy the show.

Nerds United Episode 5

Episode 5 and I’m sitting down with a longtime friend of mine, Justin Holman. Justin is an avid 80s cartoon lover of titles such as Transformers, GI Joe, Voltron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. Basically, if it’s in this picture, Holman is a fan:


Justin the creator has inked for Marvel and recently started sketching again as a fund raiser for Toys for Tots.

Plus, Justin is forever linked to a Marvel film as a song he performed with his band was on the soundtrack for……..


Find out by listening to the show.

Nerds United Episode 4

Episode Four and I’m back talking to some talented creators. I’m talking with Anthony Mathenia and Shane Crash from Stache Publishing. These outstanding writers have joined their efforts, taking their separate works and combining them in a grind house-style double feature comic book.

Help them out via Kickstarter and if you’re in the St. Louis area at the end of the month, visit all of the gang from Stache Publishing at Project Comic Con.

Nerds United Episode 3

A quick hit podcast (can you call it a quick hit if it lasts a half hour?) where Greg discusses:

– the recent casting of Batman

– thoughts on one of my favorite comic book artists, Alex Ross


– Batman: Mad Love (and other stories)


Listen, Like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

Nerds United Episode 2

In Episode 2, Greg sits down with 2/3 of the creative minds behind GINORMOUS (in all caps for emphasis). Learn about the background of these creators and and how you can help make their dream a reality.

Here’s the direct link to the Kickstarter campaign page. Help them out. You won’t regret it. And listen to the show for information on a Nerds United giveaway!

Nerds United Episode 1

van Jensen
Van Jensen

In the debut episode of Nerds United, Greg talks with Van Jensen, the newest individual to pen for Green Lantern Corps. Get some background info on a member of this new creative team, from his childhood in small town Nebraska through his journalism career and now as a member of the DC staff.

Building an empire one podcast at a time.