Nerds United Episode 48: Memories of Aeldaria


The special guest this week is Alexander “Kino” Beeler. Kino is the Founder of Grand Arc Designs, an independent video gaming developer working on Memories of Aeldaria, an epic fantasy game.

We visit about Kino’s life, including a brief period spent in the United States military.

And we spend a lot of time talking about Memories of Aeldaria, which is expected to have a Kickstarter later this year. This episode includes exclusive audio from the game – audio you won’t hear anywhere else until the Kickstarter begins.

e3 2Head over to Square Enix Collective and vote for Memories of Aeldaria to help them get some much-needed exposure.

Also I take way too long in my intro talking about Hellboy 3, Suicide Squad, Grant Morrison, Ghostbusters, Jon Bernthal, stan Lee, and Spider-Man.

One thought on “Nerds United Episode 48: Memories of Aeldaria”

  1. The pop up ad was a nice surprise in the podcast. I really liked, but was creeped out by, the song clip by Nico. Nice catch on the dungeons. Wow that was a lot of information! Excellent job ~ as always!

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