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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 14: It’s a Disaster

I’m not going to lie. I had ZERO expectations going into this movie, which is NOT a sequel to 2008’s Disaster Movie. This movie is actually enjoyable.

Four couples.

Eight people.

One end-of-the-world scenario!

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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 13: Quarantine or Grounding

What do you do when you can’t go outside? If you’re Greg and Chad, you Skype each other and talk about the similarities between the government telling you you can’t go outside to when you were a teenager and your parents would tell you you couldn’t go out with friends.

They also discuss what they’ve done since being ordered to stay in and Chad gives bad parenting advice.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour: When Jeff Tried to Save the World

This week on The Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad are discussing a movie that neither of them had heard of until Greg found it on Hulu:

This 2017 (2018?) movie stars Napoleon Dynamite as a bowling alley manager who learns the owner is about to sell the lanes. Jeff (Jon Heder) puts a plan in place to keep Winky’s World (“The World”) open!

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour: Baseball Card Collecting

Picking up where they left off on the last generational gap discussion, Greg and Chad turn their attention from collecting comic books to collecting baseball cards.  How invested were they into the sport of baseball before collecting cards? What card company was their go to for collecting?  How many sticks of gum did Chad try to chew at one time?  So many questions. So few answers.

Be warned, the first few minutes of the show have nothing to do with baseball collecting. There’s a lot of talk about what’s going on in the world today.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 10: Josh and S.A.M.

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad discuss another winning movie selection by the Co-Host on the West Coast, Chad.

Josh and S.A.M. tells the story of two brothers on a road trip, and while the trailer above tells you that much, they don’t really tell you WHY these brothers are pulling a Logan and booking it for Canada.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 9: Comic Books

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad discuss discovering comic books, and how we went about collecting them. And at some point, Greg starts talking for about 15 minutes non-stop, which would be great, except it’s only a 30-minute podcast. But Chad knew what he was getting into when he agreed to co-host a half hour show.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 8: Rock Dog

This week on Not My Demographic, we watched and discuss the 2016-17 animated feature…Rock Dog!

That’s pretty much it. Oh wait, there’s a guest appearance at the end of the movie, and while it’s not part of Rock Dog, the guys discuss Kay and Silent Bob Reboot!


Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 7: When We Learned Pro Wrestling was a Work

Oops. I should’ve said “SPOILER ALERT!”

But here’s the thing…you know by now that pro wrestling is a pre-determined athletic competition which takes skill to master.

All we’re doing in this episode is going through our memories and discussing when we learned and/or realized that maybe what happens in a 20×20 (or 16×16, for you WCW fans) ring wasn’t always completely on the up and up. Ah to be young again!

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 6: Dear John

Dear John Letter:

  1. a letter from a woman to a man, especially a serviceman, terminating a personal relationship.

Before ghosting was a common way to end a relationship, people actually wrote letters to dump someone. Author Nicholas Sparks used that premise to craft a romantic story that Lasse Hallstrom turned into a movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in 2010.

On this edition of the “Not My Demographic” series, Greg and Chad watch “Dear John” and eventually get around to talking about the movie.  Does the movie hold up after ten years? How does it compare to “The Notebook?” How does Soul Asylum and Deadwood,  South Dakota fit into the discussion?  Take 30 minutes out of your day to listen and find out.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 5: After School Cartoons

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad go back to after school and look at cartoons that they watched in their respective generations, Chad in the 1980s and Greg from the late 80s and on.

If it was a popular cartoon in the last two decades, there’s a good chance we mention it. We love cartoons.

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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 4: Kensho at the Bedfellow

It’s Thursday and that means 30 minutes with Greg and Chad. This week, the guys talk about a 2017 indie movie titled Kensho at the Bedfellow.

I’m not going to lie – it’s a weird movie. And at times it makes no sense. And it’s not at all a geisha kink like the title would indicate.

But while this movie didn’t blow our hair back, it wasn’t too bad. And if you have the Tubi (or not to be?) app, you can watch it for free. And that’s how you should enjoy Kensho at the Bedfellow, without giving up any of your hard-earned dollars.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 3: The 1992 Dream Team

Sports Illustrated dubbed them the Dream Team almost a year before they ever stepped on the court in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Summer Games.

Then the best players at the highest level of basketball went on to trounce their competition by an average of 44 points per game en route to the gold medals.

In this episode, Greg and Chad recall that epic summer of U-S-A (U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!) domination on the basketball court.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 2: She-Devil

This week on Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour, the guys roll out the debut of the Not My Demographic series, with a discussion about the 1989 cinematic experience known as She-Devil.

Listen to the guys break down the film that they normally wouldn’t watch, and honestly that they didn’t even hear about.

And find out why this particular movie was selected as the first Not My Demographic. There’s a pretty solid reason behind it.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 1: NYE 1999 and Y2K

Welcome to Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour. In our debut episode, recorded twenty years and five days after the events of December 31, 1999. What were Greg and Chad doing on that fateful night when planes were supposed to fall from the sky and computer networks were going to shut down, leaving us in a veritable dark age?

You’d be surprised to learn, as we were, that your two hosts were only about fifteen minutes apart, but they wouldn’t meet for almost fifteen years.

New Years Eve 1999. It’s the topic of the very first Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour. 30 minutes. No more. No less.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Trailer

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