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Power Half Hour 82: Presidential Trivia

This is election week for the mid-terms. Lots to vote upon and much will be decided.

We don’t talk about any of that. Instead, we offer a half hour of useless presidential trivia. Oh boy…not that the presidents are useless, but that the knowledge of these facts won’t exactly get you far in life.

So enjoy.

Power Half Hour 81: Frightful

This week on the Half Hour of Power, Chad and Greg put a couple bows on some previous topics and delve a little deeper into Halloween.

Perhaps the most frightful of all scenarios is looking at those wretched gas prices these days. And Chad is trying to figure out what to eat.

That’s a real sentence. re-read that.

Elsewhere in the episode, horror movies like zombie pictures and torture porn. And we talk about a shared horror universe where all the slasher baddies come together.

Power Half Hour 80: From Plecostomus to Puppies – PETS!

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg discuss the pets they’ve had in their lives. From Greg’s early years with a small fish tank and Chad’s husky Mandy (to whom he did NOT sing the Barry Manilow song of the same name) to rodents and eventually the dogs that Greg had as an adult that he was unable to have as a child.

That’s one hell of a run-on sentence.

Enjoy. And tell the stories of your pets as well.

Power Half Hour 79: Rambleween

This episode is titled “Rambleween,” meaning I shouldn’t give Chad that much control in naming these episodes.

In this newest installment, the guys discuss costumes and cosplay. What are their respective dream cosplay? Would they even be able to be in good enough shape to fit into their cosplays if they created them?

We also wrap up our last conversation about football and fandom. And since it’s the Halloween season, we throw some monsters, I mean Munsters, your way.

Power Half Hour 78: Football Fan-Dumb

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg discuss their love of football, and more specifically, their love of particular football teams.

It’s cruel, really, Greg’s two teams are a combined 2-5. Chad’s team is off to a 3-0 start. So naturally he picks right now to want to discuss football.

Power Half Hour 77: Ask Greg and Chad with Special Guest Kevin!

The Power Half Hour (and Change) is back and this time, we’re bringing a friend.

Kevin Hunsperger of My 1-2-3 Cents (the podcast and also is the moderator and plays Captain Question in a spur of the moment episode where he asks Chad and Greg various questions.

It’s a solid episode with insight into nostalgia and much more.

And also it’s the first episode in almost a month so be happy.

Power Half Hour 76: Boy Meets Nostalgia

First of all…do not blame Greg for the featured photo. He was not the one to ruin your childhood. That was all Chad.

This week we look at the classic 90s TGIF television sow Boy Meets World. We discuss a few other notable series from that time, but really, it’s largely Boy Meets World. What about that show aids it to stand the test of time?

Chad calls it perhaps the greatest tv show of all time. And remember Mr. Feeny’s final words… “Do good.”

Power Half Hour 75: Great Movie Debate

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad look at another of Greg’s podcasts, Nerds United. On Nerds United on Facebook and Twitter, Mike and Greg are having an 80s Movie Madness Tournament.

Chad has…opinions. He takes issue with some of the movies we left out of the tournament. And as you can see from the main photo, Chad decided to highlight The Apple’s absence from the tourney.

Power Half Hour 74: Big Sports Moments

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg discuss some momentous occasions in sports. At least, some that have occurred in our lifetimes.

On the heels of watching Long Gone Summer, Greg and Chad revisit the Summer of 1998, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and the race for the record.

We also discuss a little bit about Lake Placid in 1980 and the Miracle on Ice.

On our journey towards more content, we ask: what do you want to hear?

Power Half Hour 73: Where Are They Now?

This week on the podcast, Greg and Chad discuss where the hell they’ve been in the last month.

Greg was on 1.5 vacations, and Chad has been busy as well, travelling to the Midwest more than once (why Chad, why) plus having a girlfriend. And Greg has cleaned up a lot of puke in the last week.

So it was almost a month since last we got together. We missed each other. And most importantly, we missed you.

Power Half Hour 72: Arenas and Stadiums, Rockers and Wrestlers Selling Them Out

This week, Chad is heading home to go to a concert, fulfilling a promise years in the making.

So on this week’s episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about finales and retirement, like Motley Crue’s final tour years ago, and Ric Flair’s retirement match at Wrestlemania 24 and his “last match” later this summer.

Now I’m not allowed to be cynical and just say these guys want a payday. Yes, being in front of a crowd is all they know (as well as being in front of ladies and comical piles of illegal drugs), but we can all agree that none of these performers are in their prime.

Still, if you want to support these aging acts (like I know you do), pitter patter. Enjoy yourself. Just realize that most of the people in the crowds are grandparents by now.

Power Half Hour 71: Struggles of a Wannabe Writer

This week on the Power Almost Half Hour, Chad and Greg talk about wanting to be writers. Or at least, having stories in their heads that they haven’t quite found a way to put onto paper.

Power Half Hour 70: Star Wars Celebration Recap

This time around on the Power Half Hour, Chad regales us with his time spent at Star Wars Celebration back in May.

From the features photo, you can see the creativity put into some cosplay this year. Chad talks to us about some of the sights and sounds of the event.

Power Half Hour 69: Chad Revisits Monsterpalooza

**Editor’s note – this was actually last week’s episode and I’m not sure a) why it didn’t publish on the 7th and 2) why I didn’t realize until a week later that it didn’t pub. Apologies. You’ll get another new show tomorrow.

This week on the Power Half Hour (which some of you will be happy to see is under 30 minutes), we catch up on some of Chad’s whereabouts from recent weekends.

Up first – Monsterpalooza. It’s a horror con out in Pasadena, the home of roses and horror, apparently. What were some of the sights Chad saw, and which celebrities did he see while he was there?

If you like horror, you’ll probably like Monsterpalooza.

Power Half Hour 68: To All the Jobs We’ve Held Before

This time around, as promised at the end of the last episode, Chad and Greg are going through their professional journeys, the jobs they’ve held in life up to where they are today.

What was young Chad doing as a 12 or 14 year old? What part time job did Greg work during baseball season in high school? How did Greg get into radio? How did Chad end up in LA?

Every path is different. That’s the beauty of things.

Power Half Hour 67: Chad’s Departure from the Workforce

This week on the Power Half Hour, the duo discusses Chad’s recent departure from his previous employer.

Look, at the end of the day, you have to A) feel satisfied with the work you do and 2) be compensated appropriately for it. And I get it…circumstances don’t always allow you to have both, or even one of those. But if you can, make the change.

And that’s largely what we discuss in this episode – the feeling of knowing your worth and thinking long-term to make sure you achieve it.

Power Half Hour 66: Remembering Our Senior Years

Spring is in the air, and that means allergies.

But it also means seniors across the country are preparing for prom or a class trip and then…graduation.

Now, it’s been 22 years since Greg was in high school, and it’s been 30 years since Chad graduated. But the guys do their best to relive some of the old days and share some stories from way back when.

Power Half Hour 65: Now to Show Love to One Nic Cage

This week on the Power Half Hour (give or take), Chad and Greg keep the positive momentum flowing. This episode is all about Nicholas Cage, and how we appreciate him.

That’s pretty much it. I’m going to spend more time on the featured photo than I will on this write-up.

Power Half Hour 64: The Weird Al Appreciation Episode

Friends, this special episode is a Greg Mehochko idea. On this episode of the Power Half Hour (plus a minute), we talk about the great Weird Al Yankovic.

Specifically, we talk about how we first heard of Weird Al and the movie currently in production based on his life (and also what “based on a true story” really means in Hollywood).

Finally, we run down some of our favorite Weird Al songs. Since this is a 30-ish minute show, we didn’t do clips. But we trust your ability to type things into YouTube.

Power Half Hour 63: Oh Boy…Hang on Tight

Just like Wil Smith, this episode of the Power (more than) Half Hour is taking off the gloves and slapping down Hollywood with discussion about the Oscars and how Hollywood is a giant pot of hypocrisy. From one sided political attacks to empty statements which betray the history of Hollywood’s bad behavior, this is an episode that unleashes years of pent up frustrations with Hollywood’s annual circle jerk. Chad is a an old man yelling at clouds while Greg just wants to know why Dewayne Johnson wasn’t nominated for his role in “Jungle Cruise.”

(*Warning: This episode may contain subject matter that some find objectionable.)

Power Half Hour 62: The MLB Episode

Allow me to put it this way…we talk about Major League Baseball as much as Major League Baseball is being played presently.

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

But we came into the recording with that on the agenda. And then the show became a series of anecdotes and sidebars. Hear about Greg’s last vacation (2012) and the hijinks that kept him from driving in a different state.

We do talk a little football (XFL anyone?) and some college football.

Power Half Hour 61: The Soundtracks to the Movies of Our Lives

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg look back on their lives and prognosticate on their futures.

If their respective lives were to be turned into movies, here are some songs that would create a backbone of the film’s soundtrack.

The music spans several decades and genres. There’s something for everyone in the fictitious soundtracks of our never-to-be-made movies.

Power Half Hour 60: Highly Recommended

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad accidentally continue last week’s discussion about streaming services and curated choices.

So we get into the recommendations that mean the most…the ones from trusted friends. For example, if a friend tells you NOT to watch “Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy,” I guess you should listen.

And in the middle of it all, we got our topic for next week’s show.

Power Half Hour 59: How We Get Our Content Determines the Content We Get

This week on the most electrifying thirty-minute podcast in podcast history, Chad and Greg discuss the entertainment era we are in today.

Gone are the days of “flipping through the channels.” Let’s face it – there are way too many channels to just flip through them.

Hell, there are so many options in the streaming world that it’s almost impossible to find new things.

So with the overwhelming volume of options, and the algorithms that help you find choices similar to choices you’ve already made, the services are all curating tailor-made menus just for you.

And frankly, we’re not sure what to think of that.

Power Half Hour 58: Super Bowl Sunday!

This week, we totally planned to absolutely drop this episode on Super Bowl Sunday. Yep.

Wrong. We actually had all sorts of scheduling difficulties.

But this week, Chad shares some insight into his venture to the NFL Experience last week. See, Chad lives in Los Angeles County, where the Super Bowl is going to be played by the local Rams and the Bengals of Cincinnati. So it was a timely discussion of hatred for the Rams, a nonchalant lack of interest in the Bengals, half time shows, commercials, and memories.

All jam packed into 30 minutes!

Power Half Hour 57: Saturday Mornings Revisited

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg go back a few decades to share tales of yester-year.

Saturday Mornings. Cartoons. SLEEP! Breakfast. All wrapped up before Soul Train.

What helped those memories be cemented in our brains? What forgotten shows did we work really hard to remember?

Power Half Hour 56: “TV Shows,” per Chad’s Notes

This week on Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour, the guys (Greg and Chad, oddly enough) discuss television shows that maybe don’t translate well into the 21st century.

And then there are the shows that just don’t age well.

And then there’s the fact that we only left ourselves twenty minutes to discuss this topic.

Power Half Hour 55: All Over the Map

This week’s episode was recorded a week ago which means that I have already forgotten what we discussed. So I’m doing my best to put together a show description with no recollection of the what was discussed on the show itself.

Among the topics:

The Golden Globes and diversity in Hollywood
Super Mario Bros.
The Mask

We have a better topic for the next show. Sometimes we just have to sit through the so-so to get to the good.

Power Half Hour Ep. 54: It’s the Hope that Kills Ya

This week on the Power Half Hour, it was intended to be a conversation about sports fandom and the inevitable crushing grief of the hope year in and year out that your team won’t be complete and utter garbage.

We get there, but also talk about how you can become a fan of a team that’s not in your immediate geographic area (as both of your hosts hold teams dear in their heart that are not necessarily geographically accessible.

And we messed up the timing at the end, so there’s that. But we abided by our promise to keep it under 30 minutes. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Power Half Hour Ep. 53: We’re Back!

2021 was your worst year because it lacked Chad and Greg’s Power Half Hour.

In this relaunch of a reboot, Greg and Chad discuss the circumstances that had them put the podcast on the shelf, a decision that at least one of them thought was going to be permanent.

We’re excited to be back and look forward to bringing you a new show each week. So hit that Subscribe button again and we’ll see you next week.

Power Half Hour Episode 52: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

This Power Half Hour is NOT a half hour. It’s New Year’s Eve and You’re not dreaming. The Power Half Hour is for one time only almost a Power Full Hour!

This episode, Chad and Greg are washing their hands of this wretched year and looking forward to what is next.

It’s a bit of a therapy session for our lads, as the last nine months of isolation have been stressful.

However, at the end of the day, at the end of the year, we’re thankful to still be breathing. We’re thankful for jobs, for family, for bringing more life into this ridiculous world.

And our challenge to you, the internet, in 2021 is this: STFU!

We kid. Sort of. Instead, go back to that age-old saying of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

POWER HALF HOUR: EP. 51: Christmas Memories

Greg and Chad wind down the holiday themed episodes with a look at some Christmas memories. From yearly traditions to best and worst Christmases, it’s all here.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 50: Christmas Movies

The week before Christmas brings a discussion of Christmas movies to the Power Half Hour. Greg and Chad discuss what makes a good Christmas movie. If a movie is set around Christmas time but doesn’t actually involve Christmas, is it a Christmas movie? Do we need any more Christmas Carol movies? Are certain Christmas movies overrated?

Power Half Hour Episode 49: Christmas TV Specials

The spirit of Christmas continues on the Power Half Hour with a look at Christmas themed episodes of television shows and specials. Well, more of a tourettes session of tossing out random shows and making small talk about them.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 48: Christmas Songs

Attention shifts from the being thankful to the most wonderful time of the year on this episode of the Power Half Hour. Once Thanksgiving dinner was eaten, it officially became fair game to blast Christmas songs 24 hours a day. Greg and Chad spend this episode discussing their favorite Christmas songs and albums. From the classic carols to modern day versions, all genres are represented.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 47: Be Thankful

As we round the corner to the most wonderful time of the year (and really, in 2020, just getting to the end of the year may be wonderful), Greg and Chad take time to talk about their typical Thanksgiving day and any family traditions.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 46: Food Mascot Survivor Series

Being the week before Thanksgiving, this episode of the Power Half Hour “borrows” the concept from My 1-2-3 Cents Podcast episode 313 and puts our own spin on the WWE November transition of the Survivor Series.

Greg and Chad pick 5 food mascots to face each other in an elimination style match. If anyone wants to create the teams on a console platform wrestling game and give us the results, that would be pretty awesome.

Power Half Hour EP. 45: No One Likes Chicago

This episode of the Power Half Hour goes off the rails pretty early. Instead of playing a random game of “Google’s Popular Questions,” Greg and Chad diverge into a half hour of listing everything they don’t like about Chicago. As downstate residents of Illinois, the two are not impressed with the power Chi-town wields over the Land of Lincoln.

If you’re a fan of Chicago or from Chicago, send all hate mail to

Power Half Hour EP. 44: College Freshmen

The fall semester may be nearly complete so what better time for Greg and Chad to look back at their freshmen year of college. One made a sensible decision to stay close to home and go to Community College while the other made a cross country trip to attend the same college Geraldo Rivera attended.

What would they do differently if they could turn back time and relive their freshmen year over?

Power Half Hour Episode 43: Urban Legends and the Paranormal

This week is a very special episode of the Power Half Hour, as the Co-Host on the West Coast traveled all the way to Illinois to record with Greg in person. No other reason. No other podcast to record or people to see. It was all about this podcast for you.

Wrapping up our Halloween-themed month, we talk about urban legends and folk lore. But that’s a relatively short conversation, so we expand to more broad topics like believing in ghosts and why “Searching for Bigfoot” type shows always end the same.

Happy Halloween. Go out and run amok. You’ll be wearing a mask anyway!

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 42: Horror Films

October rolls along with another Power Half Hour Spooktober entry. This time, Greg and Chad are discussing horror films. One of them grew up on horror films while the other is a scaredy cat. What type of horror films get the approval nod and which get the unnecessary badge? Is CATS the best horror film of all time? That is a topic that doesn’t get discussed at all.

POWER HALF HOUR: EP. 41: Halloween Candy

The second installment of the Half Hour Halloween episodes focuses on the best part of trick or treating; the candy. Greg and Chad discuss some of their favorite sugary treats and the disappointment of getting tricked with black licorice or a box of raisins.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 40: Halloween Costumes

By podcasting law, the month of October has to be devoted to Halloween themed episodes. We’re kicking off the spooky themed shows with a look back at some of our favorite Halloween costumes. From homemade costumes to store bought generic costumes, Greg and Chad had a variety of different costumes to choose from.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 39: Pop Culture Moments

Over the last forty years there have been too many pop culture moments to recap in thirty minutes. So instead of trying to do so, Greg and Chad cherry pick some of their favorite moments from their lifetimes. Events from the 1980s and 1990s are the main focus. Some are well known and some are little known. What moments are discussed? Only one way to find out. Hit the play button.


Inspired by a conversation with former “Tom and Jim’s Top 5” co-host (and Power Half Hour special guest) Tom Skull, this episode looks at films that might make a Bottom 5 list. Greg and Chad discuss some of the movies that took moments of their lives without giving anything in return.

Movies from acclaimed directors with award winning actors to movies with lesser pedigrees, no film is off limits. Have you seen any of the movies discussed? Do you agree with our assessments? You can leave a comment on the Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Facebook page.


Nostalgia is a popular topic on the Jittery Monkey and Positive Cynicism podcast networks. This episode of the Power Half Hour continues that trend. Greg and Chad look at mall culture and how technology has killed off the thrill of grabbing an Orange Julius and looking through rows of cassettes and CDs at Sam Goody’s. Now malls are basically regulated to Hot Topics and Game Stops.

POWER HALF HOUR EP. 36: From Page to Screen

Reading creates movies in your brain. Then Hollywood comes along and turns the words of the page into a cinematic wonder that usually fails to live up to your mind’s creation. But every so often, the story is too good to screw up. That’s when you get a good film. On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about what makes a good page to screen adaptation. They also throw out some of their favorite movies based on books they’ve read.


Seems like everywhere you go these days one constant question is “Mask or no mask.” On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad turn the tables and discuss some of their favorite superhero and wrestling masks.


It’s the end of August which means one thing. The new school year is here. Even though a lot of schools aren’t technically “open” to start the year, Greg and Chad took the suggestion to share school memories for this episode of the Power Half Hour. Well, they took that suggestion and then flipped it a bit to discuss one of the best shows about school; Saved By The Bell.

From trivia about the failed pilot for the show through the Vegas wedding, they talk about some of their favorite moments from the show and point out that Zach Morris is Trash.


Back in the days before DVR and streaming video, you had very little choice to skip commercials. If you recorded your favorite program on a VHS tape, you could later fast forward through the commercials but if you were watching live television, every 7-8 minutes, you were trapped for 2 minutes while corporations tried to sell your their goods.

On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about why there are commercials and what makes for a successful commercial. Along the way, Greg plays the audio to some of the more memorable commercials from his youth. Come with us on the journey to relive the past through 30 seconds of consumerism.


It’s been awhile since Greg and Chad talked reviewed a film. That’s about to change as the new Power Half Hour looks at the 2019 release, “The Peanut Butter Falcon.” A Tom Sawyer-esque tale of two outlaws on the run form an unlikely friendship.

Shia LaBeouf plays Tyler, an unlicensed crab fisherman haunted by mistakes of his past. Newcomer Zack Gottsagen is Zak, a devoted fan of wrestler the “Red Neck Renegade” who dreams of training at the Renegade’s wrestling school and becoming a popular bad guy. As they make their way down the coast of North Carolina, they come to understand who they are is more than who the world sees them.

What did Greg and Chad think of the film? What life lessons did they take away from the film? Are you reading this far into the description?

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 31: Book Club

No, Greg and Chad aren’t starting an official Jittery Monkey book club. Though, they may be open to the idea if you ask (@thehooch36, @chadsmart). On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about some of their favorite books and reading habits. Chad also spends a lot of time trying to get Greg to veer off into tangents. With only 30 minutes to talk, does Greg take the bait?

Along the way, there is debate of book vs. movie and an surprise movie reference. See if you can find Waldo in this episode.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 30: 1986 vs. 1994

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve.” – The Writer at the end of Stand By Me.

It’s an unscientific fact that twelve years old is the greatest year in a person’s life. That’s why personalities are developed and every pop culture occurrence impacts you in a more meaningful way. With that in mind, on this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad compare the box office offerings from the year they turned 12 to see who had the better celluloid collection. For Chad, the year was 1986. A year sandwiched between his personal two favorite years of cinema. Does 1986 hold up as well?

For Greg, the year was 1994. A landmark year itself in the world of pop culture. How would the theatrical output inspire Greg throughout his life? He explains that and a lot more in the quick thirty minute discussion.

“The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us.” – Armand. Interview With a Vampire

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 29: Boys of Summer

Continuing the tradition started on Episode 28, Greg and Chad welcome a special guest to the Power Half Hour format. Tom Skull formerly of “Tom and Jim’s Top 5” and current co-host of the “Skullbuster Wrestlecast” podcast joins the show to discuss one of his favorite topics, baseball. With the sports world trying to get back to normal after several months of shutdown due to Covid-19, we’ve invited Tom on to discuss some of his favorite baseball memories.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 28: Do You Mourn Celebrity Deaths

Before anyone starts (you know who you are), this is not a top-three type of episode.
With a string of recent celebrity deaths making news, on this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad along with special guest Kevin Hunsperger examine fan reaction to the passing of celebrities.
Have there been any celebrity deaths that really struck a chord with the hosts or do they not understand how people could be affected by the death of someone they don’t know? Since Kevin host’s a wrestling podcast (My123Cents) he addresses the death in recent years of some of the biggest stars of his childhood.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 27: Vroom Vroom – Some Favorite Movie/TV Vehicles

This week Greg and Chad are in their Way Back Machine to discuss…machines from way back. Vehicles from movie or television.

Edmunds is a highly reputable automobile site that serves as a database and news hub for many if not all makes and models of vehicles. Years ago (2013, don’t judge) they put out a list of the 100 greatest movie and tv cars of all time. And they went into the weeds, like technical terms. You can read that list here.

While Greg and Chad mention some vehicles that were on that list, going deep on some memorable and not-so-memorable road-ripping machines!

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 26: Favorite Vacations

“Vacations” is really just the short way of saying “purposeful, non-work related travel.”

In this episode, we learn about Mike and Greg’s childhood family vacations and other traveling that the guys have done as adults.

That’s about it. And to prove it, here’s a picture of Greg in Astoria, Oregon near the Goonies house (discussed in the episode).

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 25: Our Favorite Bands

This week on the Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg discuss some of their favorite bands. I mean, I know you got that from the title of the episode.

Chad and Greg both list three bands from different eras. It’s downright delightful.

And since we are famous for cross-promotion, you may catch Greg’s favorite band at the end. You are encouraged to listen to one of the first episodes of Nerds United to hear the full story behind Revis.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 24: Action Figures

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad look back at some of their favorite action figures they had growing up.

How big does their age difference affect the action figures they had and played with when they were younger?

Find out on the new Power Half Hour.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 23: American Folk Review

It’s been a few episodes since Greg and Chad watched a movie they’d never seen. On this episode of the Power Half Hour, they watch the indie film “American Folk.” After their flight to New York is cancelled in the wake of 9-11, two strangers set off on a cross country trek across America. Starring folk singers Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth, the movie examines the people who make up the heartland of America.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 22: Unnecessary Technology

AKA “Get Off My Lawn!”

Nostalgia is a funny thing. We can often look back at our youth and say, “things were better then” when compared to today. With that attitude in mind, on this episode Greg and Chad talk about what items we have today that didn’t exist during their childhoods they would delete if possible.  Even though the item might make some part of life better, the negative effect it’s had might be greater the good.


Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 21: Video Games Revisited

This week we go back in time…to last week. After our first 30-minute discussion regarding video games, Greg figured he had a few more stories to tell.

And truth be told, the guys left off one major part of video gaming in their initial episode…arcades! So relax and enjoy what will probably be our only second-part episode in the Power Half Hour annuls.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 20: Video Games

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad discuss video games, from their first counsels to the reasons that they don’t play video games much anymore.

Atari and NES, Super NES, Sega, Playstation, XBox…these guys walk down memory lane sharing their love and frustration with games old and new.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 19: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Most kids have big dreams of what they want to do for a career.  On this installment of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad share their childhood aspirations.  What impact did films have on their decision? Did they follow their dreams or change course as they got older?


Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 18: I want MY Mtv!

As a child of the ’80s, @chadsmart grew up with Mtv. As a child of the ’90s, Greg “@thehooch36” witnessed the last days of Mtv as a viable tool for emerging musicians.  Even though both hosts have fond memories of Mtv, there comes a time when they knew they were not the target demographic for the pop culture band leader.

On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad share their memories of Mtv and and explain when they realized their relationship with Mtv needed to end.  It wasn’t them, it was Mtv.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 17: Undrafted

With a cast of familiar faces, written and directed by a Jurassic Park survivor who happens to be the real-life brother of a player on the real-life team whom this movie is about, UNDRAFTED blends humor and realism in this movie about an intramural semifinal baseball game between a group of ragtag misfits and ringers brought in to secure a championship.

It’s a little bit Sandlot, a little bit Bad News Bears, and a realization that sometimes a dad isn’t living vicariously through a son, but rather reliving a life of time spent together around a sport they both love.

Oh, and cursing, fighting, and doing what’s necessary for the good of the team.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour 16: Mr. Right Review

Next up on the Power Half Hour “Movies We’ve Never Heard Of” series is a violent, romantic film starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.  The generically titled “Mr. Right” gives away every original element of the film right there in the title.

What did Greg and Chad think about the film? (Chad wrote this write up, so you can probably guess his thoughts) What tangents will they come up with to fill up time?  Who is the greatest Harlem Globetrotter of all time? How many seashells did Suzi sell while woodchucks chucked wood?  So many questions?

(Editor’s note: HA! We didn’t even get to HALF of those questions! – GM)

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 15: First Concerts

This week on an all-new Power Half Hour, Chad and Greg revisit their first concerts. 1989 in Springfield, IL versus 2001 in St. Louis, MO.

But stay tuned to the end for a good ol fashioned M Night Shyamalan TWIST!

And leave a comment telling of your first concert experience.

Unless it’s Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Hell with those guys.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 14: It’s a Disaster

I’m not going to lie. I had ZERO expectations going into this movie, which is NOT a sequel to 2008’s Disaster Movie. This movie is actually enjoyable.

Four couples.

Eight people.

One end-of-the-world scenario!

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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 13: Quarantine or Grounding

What do you do when you can’t go outside? If you’re Greg and Chad, you Skype each other and talk about the similarities between the government telling you you can’t go outside to when you were a teenager and your parents would tell you you couldn’t go out with friends.

They also discuss what they’ve done since being ordered to stay in and Chad gives bad parenting advice.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour: When Jeff Tried to Save the World

This week on The Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad are discussing a movie that neither of them had heard of until Greg found it on Hulu:

This 2017 (2018?) movie stars Napoleon Dynamite as a bowling alley manager who learns the owner is about to sell the lanes. Jeff (Jon Heder) puts a plan in place to keep Winky’s World (“The World”) open!

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour: Baseball Card Collecting

Picking up where they left off on the last generational gap discussion, Greg and Chad turn their attention from collecting comic books to collecting baseball cards.  How invested were they into the sport of baseball before collecting cards? What card company was their go to for collecting?  How many sticks of gum did Chad try to chew at one time?  So many questions. So few answers.

Be warned, the first few minutes of the show have nothing to do with baseball collecting. There’s a lot of talk about what’s going on in the world today.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 10: Josh and S.A.M.

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad discuss another winning movie selection by the Co-Host on the West Coast, Chad.

Josh and S.A.M. tells the story of two brothers on a road trip, and while the trailer above tells you that much, they don’t really tell you WHY these brothers are pulling a Logan and booking it for Canada.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 9: Comic Books

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad discuss discovering comic books, and how we went about collecting them. And at some point, Greg starts talking for about 15 minutes non-stop, which would be great, except it’s only a 30-minute podcast. But Chad knew what he was getting into when he agreed to co-host a half hour show.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 8: Rock Dog

This week on Not My Demographic, we watched and discuss the 2016-17 animated feature…Rock Dog!

That’s pretty much it. Oh wait, there’s a guest appearance at the end of the movie, and while it’s not part of Rock Dog, the guys discuss Kay and Silent Bob Reboot!


Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 7: When We Learned Pro Wrestling was a Work

Oops. I should’ve said “SPOILER ALERT!”

But here’s the thing…you know by now that pro wrestling is a pre-determined athletic competition which takes skill to master.

All we’re doing in this episode is going through our memories and discussing when we learned and/or realized that maybe what happens in a 20×20 (or 16×16, for you WCW fans) ring wasn’t always completely on the up and up. Ah to be young again!

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 6: Dear John

Dear John Letter:

  1. a letter from a woman to a man, especially a serviceman, terminating a personal relationship.

Before ghosting was a common way to end a relationship, people actually wrote letters to dump someone. Author Nicholas Sparks used that premise to craft a romantic story that Lasse Hallstrom turned into a movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in 2010.

On this edition of the “Not My Demographic” series, Greg and Chad watch “Dear John” and eventually get around to talking about the movie.  Does the movie hold up after ten years? How does it compare to “The Notebook?” How does Soul Asylum and Deadwood,  South Dakota fit into the discussion?  Take 30 minutes out of your day to listen and find out.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 5: After School Cartoons

This week on the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad go back to after school and look at cartoons that they watched in their respective generations, Chad in the 1980s and Greg from the late 80s and on.

If it was a popular cartoon in the last two decades, there’s a good chance we mention it. We love cartoons.

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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 4: Kensho at the Bedfellow

It’s Thursday and that means 30 minutes with Greg and Chad. This week, the guys talk about a 2017 indie movie titled Kensho at the Bedfellow.

I’m not going to lie – it’s a weird movie. And at times it makes no sense. And it’s not at all a geisha kink like the title would indicate.

But while this movie didn’t blow our hair back, it wasn’t too bad. And if you have the Tubi (or not to be?) app, you can watch it for free. And that’s how you should enjoy Kensho at the Bedfellow, without giving up any of your hard-earned dollars.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 3: The 1992 Dream Team

Sports Illustrated dubbed them the Dream Team almost a year before they ever stepped on the court in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Summer Games.

Then the best players at the highest level of basketball went on to trounce their competition by an average of 44 points per game en route to the gold medals.

In this episode, Greg and Chad recall that epic summer of U-S-A (U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!) domination on the basketball court.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 2: She-Devil

This week on Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour, the guys roll out the debut of the Not My Demographic series, with a discussion about the 1989 cinematic experience known as She-Devil.

Listen to the guys break down the film that they normally wouldn’t watch, and honestly that they didn’t even hear about.

And find out why this particular movie was selected as the first Not My Demographic. There’s a pretty solid reason behind it.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 1: NYE 1999 and Y2K

Welcome to Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour. In our debut episode, recorded twenty years and five days after the events of December 31, 1999. What were Greg and Chad doing on that fateful night when planes were supposed to fall from the sky and computer networks were going to shut down, leaving us in a veritable dark age?

You’d be surprised to learn, as we were, that your two hosts were only about fifteen minutes apart, but they wouldn’t meet for almost fifteen years.

New Years Eve 1999. It’s the topic of the very first Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour. 30 minutes. No more. No less.

Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Trailer

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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour.

Greg Mehochko and Chad Smart hope to entertain you by discussing big moments (from 1982 on) from their different generational perspective. The duo will also take a look at and talk about movies, music, and other aspects of pop culture that they wouldn’t normally endure, all in a 30-minute presentation.