Power Half Hour 72: Arenas and Stadiums, Rockers and Wrestlers Selling Them Out

This week, Chad is heading home to go to a concert, fulfilling a promise years in the making.

So on this week’s episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about finales and retirement, like Motley Crue’s final tour years ago, and Ric Flair’s retirement match at Wrestlemania 24 and his “last match” later this summer.

Now I’m not allowed to be cynical and just say these guys want a payday. Yes, being in front of a crowd is all they know (as well as being in front of ladies and comical piles of illegal drugs), but we can all agree that none of these performers are in their prime.

Still, if you want to support these aging acts (like I know you do), pitter patter. Enjoy yourself. Just realize that most of the people in the crowds are grandparents by now.