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Nerds United 340: Blind Rank X-Men Movies and More

This time around on the ol Nerds United podcast, Mike and Greg discuss recent comic book acquisitions and what they’ve read. Gargoyles, Booster Gold, Man Thing, Astro City, Dark Knights of Steel, Once and Future, We Live, and a couple of characters, maybe you’ve heard of them, Batman and the Joker.

Then the duo discussed the Percy Jackson and the Olympians reboot heading to Disney+ later this year. Is that a show you’re excited to see? Let us know in the comments.

Then the guys went on to blind rank some stuff. First they did blind rankings of X-Men movies. Now for this, it wasn’t just movies with X-Men in the title, but any movie with an X-Man in it (and one that was tangentially included).

And then a couple of guys who like food blind rank breakfast noms.

…as a 41 year old man, it feels weird typing out “noms.”

Be kind.

Nerds United 339: Exercise and Aquaman

This week on Nerds United, the guys face the stunning realization that Greg is out of shape. Mike is a stud who goes to the gym but also likes food. Greg likes food and doesn’t go to the gym. You see the problem.

So the guys talk a little bit about vegetables. Honestly, I think they talk more about vegetables than either of them actually eat vegetables.

So what books did the guys have the chance to read this week? And what shows have they been enjoying?

Is the ongoing Hollywood strike to blame for our lack of content? We think so.

And speaking of Hollywood, WB finally gave us a trailer for Aquaman 2. It feels like a great continuation to a movie that made over a billion dollars at the global box office…but will anyone care?

Nerds United 338: Catching Up and Marvel/DC Hero Blind Rankings

Well, Nerds United is back after a few weeks. We’ll call it Greg’s Sabbatical.

We were quite derelict in the meantime as far as putting topics on social media. So we doubled down and did not one but TWO blind rankings. We did DC heroes and Marvel heroes.

We hope you enjoy the show and as always…

Be kind.

Nerds United 337: Comic Books and Comic Book Movies

Holy schnikes! This episode has Greg and Mike in the same room! Relive the glory days as the duo records from Studio A, aka Greg’s kitchen table.

This week, the guys go off the rails a little bit and discuss all sorts of odd topics. But eventually they cycle back to discussing comic books and comic book movies, superhero movie fatigue, and if the MCU is repeating mistakes made by its comic book partner.

And…if you didn’t know…we’re on TikTok. And Greg has no idea what that means.

Enjoy your week and as always…

Be kind.

Nerds United 336: Blind Rankings of DC Villains and a LOT of Comics

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg have some laughs by blind-ranking DC villains.

But first, Greg gives his massive list of comics he has acquired and read and Mike shares the one he finished.

A few anecdotes and recapping a trip to Meramec Caverns in Missouri and then we’re off and running!

As always, the guys remind you to be kind.

Nerds United 335: Building the Next Avengers

Howdy pardner!

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg take existing and/or announced MCU characters and draft their own Avengers teams.

Are there any surprises along the way? You betcha!

Also the guys are pretty pumped about the second season of Loki. And the guys had a lot of really nice things to say about Twisted Metal, available in its entirety on Peacock!

Nerds United 334: Concerts!

This week on Nerds United, the guys review what they’ve watched, from The Flash (SPOILERS) to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts to some shows, like Twisted Metal.

There are a few notes on some news tidbits. But the bulk of the episode is about concerts, including some of the musical acts we’ve seen.

At the end of the show, the guys fantasy book their ideal concert. Hear what acts Mike and Greg would love to see in a day if they were able, if things like money and death were no object.

Nerds United 333: Ranking the Mission Impossible Movies

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg rank the six Mission Impossible movies that have been out for more than a week (no Dead Reckoning Vol. 1). But before that, the guys go on a trip through what they have watched and read. There’s talk about what heaven may be like, though no one knows for sure.

There’s news about the Hollywood strike and Netflix cancelling the planned live-action He-Man project, into which they had already sunk $30,000,000. And the wait for more Futurama is just about over as new episodes hit Hulu on Monday.

But at the end, Tom Talk takes over as the guys rank the first six Mission Impossible movies. It’s almost an impossible task.

Nerds United 332: Mike Went to El Paso but Didn’t Listen to the Song

This week on Nerds United, Mike regales us with tales of his recent trip to El Paso, Texas, and how you definitely do not want to have to drive there if you can avoid it.

What have the guys read or watched in the past week? And what headlines made the cut to discuss?

As always…be kind.

Nerds United 331: Let’s Reboot the CW-Verse

It’s not even cold yet, but this week, Greg and Mike are picking some characters that, if they were given control of CW, they’d use to rebuild the CW-Verse.

Meanwhile, it was announced this week that James Gunn has his Superman and Lois Lane. And Mike may not be a professional wrestler, but he could pass for one. What would a good ring name be for Mike?

Nerds United 330: Greg and Mike, Back Again

The guys are back after a weekend of Greg being out of town and another weekend of Mike enjoying time with family that is in town. So there’s a lot of catching up to do.

  • Shows/Movies we watched
    • Spider-Man – Across the Universe
    • The Flash
    • Secret Invasion
    • The Bear
    • Smallville (again)
  • Comics we read/are reading
    • Locke & Key: The Golden Age
    • Swamp Thing
    • The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse
    • Batman: Damned
    • Grim
    • Hellblazer

Plus, lots of headlines we’ve missed over the weeks. They may not all be current, but it’s good to recap what we missed.

And as a bonus, we did it all in longform video mode, so check it out on YouTube.

And as always…be kind.

Nerds United 329: Lost Realms with Joe Dodd and Justin Holman

This week on Nerds United, Greg sits down with a couple of past guests who are also really good friends, Joe Dodd and Justin Holman. These two creators have gone rogue and are working on what they call the next evolution of comic books, a CYOA of sorts in the digital space known as Discord, where they work in tandem with an online community to build Lost Realms, a fantasy story with dragons, elves, and purple lady trolls. The community has a lot of input on the story as Joe will sit and sketch their ideas. Justin then takes the work and inks it.

Greg learns about web3, Discord, and other 21st Century terminology. Hear about how two guys with plenty of bona fides (#Marvel, #DC, #Hasbro) are betting on themselves in this endeavor, while Justin is also the lead writer for Dimensionals.

Check out so much here:

Nerds United 328: Take Us Out to the Ball Game Sports Movie

This time around on Nerds United, Mike and Greg take a look at some memorable moments in sports movies.

Before we do, we want to remind you to head over to and support our friend Jason Copland and his book Full Tilt. You have just a few days left to support that campaign.

Nerds United 327: Jason Copland and Full Tilt

It’s time for a new episode, a new issue, as it were. It’s Wednesday, recognized as New Comic Book Day in most parts of the world. So why not spend this episode talking about a new comic book from an old friend.

Jason Copland is back on the show. You may remember him from Episode 83 where he talked about Kill All Monsters. But this time around, we’re talking about the project that Jason spent the last five years of his life building. He took a chance, bet on himself, and created Full Tilt.

In this episode, we’ll discuss Full Tilt, from its inception to its story. It’s a mob noir set in the 23rd century, and while it will have familiar elements, Jason says this story is really about loyalty and love.

Check out the episode, and be sure to check out the crowd-funding campaign.

Jason’s less than $1,000.00 away from another stretch goal.

Nerds United 326: Our Most Rewatchable Movies of the Last Five Years

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg take a look back over the last five years and decide their favorite rewatchable movies.  They also discuss the news and notes of the week and talk about the content coming off of Disney+ and Hulu, a board game based on a graphic novel about a board game, and new Hellboy.

Enjoy and as always, be kind.

Nerds United 325: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Review

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg provide a thorough review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 since Greg was able to view it this past week.

Since last week’s recording, Greg made it to Free Comic Book Day and shares his haul with Mike. Also, we have a mini-celebration for Jim Lee’s promotion at DC Comics.

Enjoy, and as always, Be Kind.

Nerds United 324: We Won’t Go on Strike

This week’s show focuses largely on the Writers Guild strike, where something like 11,000 writers have put their pencils down in hopes of restructuring their compensation in regards to streaming content as well as making sure studios don’t utilize artificial intelligence for writing shows and movies.

But the strike has halted some shows, like Blade and interrupted shooting on other believed Marvel projects. However some are moving forward as scheduled, including Deadpool 3, LOTR: The Rings of Power, and Thunderbolts.

Meanwhile, there are rumors to who would play Reed Richards and Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. And the guys take a shot at who should play Silver Surfer if that character is in the movie.

Mike also saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and gave a few thoughts on it that are completely spoiler-free. Seriously.

As always, be kind.

Nerds United 323: From Sweet Tooth to Sweet Tooth

And a whole lot in between.

This week, the guys reconvene after Greg was out of town last week. Hear about that hilarious tale of misfortune and woe. Greg hasn’t been able to read too much this past week, but Mike has two books going.

Meanwhile, the guys enjoyed various shows and movies, from Mike watching an Academy Award-winning film to Greg sitting through Ryan Reynold’s not least-favorite movie.

Also, Ted Lasso had one of its best episodes of the season this past week, Greg is watching Star Wars Rebels and has finally got to the point where they’ve brought in Admiral Thrawn. Mike was about five episodes in to season two of Sweet Tooth and the guys are pretty pumped for The Flash.

Enjoy and Be Kind.

Nerds United 322: Recorded Late on a Saturday Night

We had some severe weather in the area Saturday evening and it wreaked havoc on Greg’s laptop, so we got started a little later than we had hoped.

What that means for you is that we pared the episode down a little bit and brought you only the essential news. That is, of course, after updates on what we read and watched this week.

Hear about what Star Wars is doing, as well as Deadpool 3, Harry Potter, and The Big Bang Theory. And we briefly discuss the trailer for Marvels.

Nerds United 321: Let’s All Go to the Movies

This week on Nerds United:

Well, it was a week movie and series trailers. The guys will talk about (in no particular order because I can’t remember the order in which we discussed them):

  • Ahsoka
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • Secret Invasion
  • Blue Beetle
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
  • Barbie

Also, more Star Wars is headed our way. Greg took a trip to the movie theater with 40% of the rest of his family. Both guys got some comics and read some comics.

And next week…Josh Brolin!

Well, we’ll discuss Josh Brolin’s recent interview comments about Jonah Hex. He didn’t enjoy the experience, but Greg dug the movie.

As always…

Be kind.

Nerds United 320: Roadtrips and Reading Comics

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg are back at it after Greg was on vacation last week. Hear about how the trip almost ended in disaster. Also, Mike is getting a promotion. Not from Co-Host of the Year but in hos actual place of employment. Also – how does one improve on Co-Host of the Year?

The guys read some comics and had a lot of good things to say. Hear about Suicide Squad, The Vision, and some X-Men.

Meanwhile, there have been some good shows on that the guys have enjoyed and they try to share that information with you.

It was storming the night the duo recorded, but the plan is to get together for a show in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, be kind.

Nerds United 319: Saturday Morning Cartoons All Grown Up

This week on Nerds United, the guys will cap a show discussing the new Bedrock series announced starring Elizabeth Banks and Stephen Root. It will follow a 20-something Pebbles and Bam Bam.

So Mike asked “what continuation if a classic cartoon would you like it see” and then absolutely nails some pitches (take note, Hollywood).

The guys also talk about Lord of the Rings, Ben Affleck, Sweet Tooth, and NEW COMICS!

We’ll see you in two weeks.

Be kind.

Nerds United 318: Deep Thoughts?

This week on Nerds Untied, Mike and Greg discuss everything from tassels on graphic novels to plans for Shazam! to the new Ninja Turtles trailer to home improvement and even in-show production meetings.

As always…

Be kind.

Nerds United 317: Perception in Casting Beloved Characters

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike discuss some comics they’ve acquired and read (or in Greg’s case, re-read) as of late. The conversation meanders a bit as we discuss some home improvement and family topics.

With a new Hellboy in the works, the gents discuss Mike Mignola’s creation, past, present, and future. And Disney put out a few trailers for upcoming movies that are of low to moderate interest to us but probably higher interest to others.

And Greg poses a theory about casting characters in movies and how the fans react. It’s topical since a new Indiana Jones movie is in the can but Harrison Ford can’t play the character forever (we’re surprised he’s still playing the character now).

We hope you enjoy the show, and if you do, take a minute to rate and review it on your favorite podcast app. And we’d really like it if you share it with other nerds.

And as always…be kind.

Nerds United 316: A Little Bit of Everything

This week on the show, Greg and Mike discuss their recent comic book acquisitions, from a few familiar titles to some new books (Dawn of DC’s Superman #1 and Masters of the Universe Masterverse #1). Also discussed, some quality television in a variety of streaming services, shows that are new and shows that have a few years (Shrinking on Apple TV+ the former and Superstore on Hulu the latter).

And lastly, Greg took advantage of an open Friday afternoon and went to see Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania, so there are SPOILERS!

We hope you enjoy this show and if you do, please tell other people about us.

And as we remind you each and every week…Be kind.


Nerds United 315: Mike Saw Ant-Man, Greg Did Not

That means…NO SPOILERS! But Mike does mention the movie briefly.

Also, the guys talk about the Super Bowl, which admittedly is off-brand for this show but it did give us a few new trailers for upcoming movies. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Flash.

Mike gives us an update on the latest offering from O’Fallon Brewing Company, a chocolate covered pretzel ale that is right on the money.


Nerds United 314: It’s a Short One

This week’s show is hampered by the fact that Greg is sick and at times feels like he is near death (probably over dramatic). So we are in and out in less than 30 minutes.

Topics this week include:

  • Ant-Man and Wasp Quantumania
  • Giving up on certain comic books
  • Strays and History of the World Part II
  • The Flash

Truth be told…I (Greg) am still pretty out of it so that’s all I have to say about this episode. Enjoy it.

Nerds United 313: DCU’s Reboot Slate

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike get caught up on each other’s week’s and spend the first chunk of the episode talking about Colden Brewery, coming soon officially to Southern Illinois.

When we finally get into pop culture talk, we talk about shows getting new or more life on streaming services (That 90s Show, King of the Hill, Futurama).

And we received word from James Gunn and DC about the first wave of DCU projects coming to screens big and small alike. Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

Should be good. Should be interwoven.

Better be properly planned out.

Nerds United 312: That Disney Show…on Drugs

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss That 90s Show. Spoiler alert: It feels geared to a younger audience than its predecessor.

Titans and DOOM Patrol are done after their current seasons and there’s a new Shazam! trailer.

Also, Mike got three new tires, Greg needs a new wheel (knee), and the guys watched cartoons from the 1990s.

Nerds United 311: Mike Declares Most Underrated Star Wars Movie

Well, we thank you for the terrific numbers last week. We’re confident it wasn’t a glitch. 1,100+. May be a new Jittery Monkey record (although Kevin did recently have RVD on episode 420).

This week on the show, Mike and Greg talk about some new streaming season announcements, like Ted Lasso, Cobra Kai, and Invincible. And the guys also share their differing opinions about the Letterkenny-verse after the announcement that Shoresy is getting a second season in 2023.

Another announcement was the third season of Mandalorian, which brought on another Star Wars discussion. And Mike made another bold statement in regards to how he views the franchise.

In an attempt to see if last week’s numbers are a technical glitch, we ask you to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@nerdsunitedshow) or send us an email to

We thank you and as always, be kind.

Nerds United 310: Mike’s Star Wars Hot Takes

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg recap their week’s reading and viewing. For Mike, that means going back and watching (re-watching, maybe, we hope?) THE trilogy…the OG…the original Star Wars trilogy. And following that act, he got into the sequel trilogy.


Now Mike is challenging you to review the Star Wars movies through a critical lens and not one that is based on nostalgia.

Okay, we also talk about the continued state of DC Studios, the #6SeasonsandaMovie that Community is headed towards, the alleged Captain Planet movie, the upcoming second and final season of Carnival Row, and the new Quantumania trailer.

We’re very interested in your Star Wars hot takes!

Nerds United 309: What’s Changing and What’s Not at DC

There’s a lot of news lately about DC Studios (my very own shorthand for Warner Brothers-Discovery’s DCU). We all know that James Gunn and Peter Safran are now in charge of the movie/television division. But some of the news and notes that came out are pretty astounding.

  • Duane Johnson
  • Ezra Miller
  • Wonder Woman
  • 2023 movies

Also, what did the guys read in the week? And how is Greg’s squats challenge going?

Lastly, there was a tragic accident last week involving Jeremy Renner and a snow plow.

All the details, and all the opinions, in the episode!

Be kind.

Nerds United 308: A Happy New Year to You

The final episode of the year includes a ranking of the movies and special events we got in 2022. And we encourage you to rank them as well in the comments.

The guys made another trip to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL) and got some good books to discuss. There was also a little bit of news, like the planned Green Lantern show on HBO Max not necessarily being shelved, as well as what a Chadwick Boseman Black Panther sequel might have looked like.

Lastly, the guys end the year by ranking the 2023 movie offerings as to which ones they are most excited to see, Immediate dissension as the guys are out of the gates on different wavelengths.

Enjoy the show. Share it with others. Resolve to tell a few people about Nerds United in the new year. Be safe, and

Be kind.

Nerds United 307: It’s Friggin’ Cold

This week on Nerds United, we start with discussion about how cold it is in the area. It topped out at a frigid 5 degrees yesterday. The Midwest was hit by a Sub-Zero blast.

Also, we happened to record on Greg’s oldest son’s seventh birthday. So the guys take a trip down memory lane to seven years back and the day the child was born.

Eventually, the guys get on with some comics they’ve been reading, including the Saga of Swamp Thing, Locke & Key, Weapon H, and Grim.

Enjoy the show. Be kind. And Merry Christmas.

Nerds United 306: We Say Farewell to Henry Cavill’s Superman

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike discuss the announcement (and confirmation) that Henry Cavill’s time playing Superman has come to an end. As James Gunn and Peter Safran rebuild the DCU, they are going away from the actor who started it all.

We also talk about the announced God of War series heading to Prime Video, trailers for upcoming movies Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and Barbie (okay, we mention Barbie, we don’t go into detail).

Greg really liked the Netflix series Wednesday and thinks you will, too.

And lastly, Christmas Movie Madness!

Enjoy, and be kind.

Nerds United 305: It’s Like a Pot of Soup

Well, after a missed opportunity to get together last week, Mike and Greg are back for episode 305 of Nerds United.

On this episode, Mike shares a tale about his trip to the movie theater to see the holiday action movie Violent Night.

There’s a host of movie trailers to discuss, from Super Mario Bros. to Indiana Jones to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Also, there’s some news out of DC about James Gunn’s plans going forward, and we discuss what is true, partially true, and what’s not true.

And Greg acquired some comics since the last time we talked.

So, again…it’s a big pot of soup with a lot of different ingredients.

Nerds United 304: No Turkey Celebration This Year

This week on Nerds United, we have to forego the annual “Turkey Before Turkey” that we’ve been celebrating for several years.

The Reason?

Greg’s sick.

Not only was there no Wild Turkey, but he and his family didn’t get to go celebrate Thanksgiving.

Silver lining? He gets to go back to work tomorrow.

On this episode, the guys discuss some of the comics they read in the last week as well as what they watched (don’t sleep on Slumberland on Netflix).

Lastly, we discuss the tragic passing of Jason David Frank. This time of year, depression can really set in and your demons can creep in. Now, help is just 3 digits away. 9-8-8. Don’t hesitate. You are worth it.

Be kind. Especially to yourself.

Nerds United 303: The Comics Keep Us Young

Hey hey it’s new episode time. This week the guys get you caught up on the Christmas Movie Madness Tournament, talk about strong females like Emily Blunt and Stephanie Phillips, are surprised to learn that RIPD 2 is available now on Netflix, and The Santa Clauses has premiered on Disney+.

Enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving, and Be Kind.

Nerds United 302: Black Panther Wakanda Forever and Christmas Movie Tourney

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg give a first round update on the Christmas Movie Madness Tournament 2022. Who’s in and who’s out?

Meanwhile, we have some sad news as we discuss the passing of legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy.

And finally, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Admittedly, more spoilers than we’d like (Sorry BFOTS). But it’s a solid flick and a great addition to the MCU. So if you were on the fence about going to watch it, you can take our word for it – it’s worth it.

Nerds United 301: Additions and Subtractions (Castings and Cancellations)

HEY HEY! It’s time for a new Nerds United. This week, Greg and Mike are filling you in on some comic book purchases (by Mike) and the fact that Greg hasn’t had any time to read in the last week.

So the news and discussion this week focuses on the revamped Green Lantern show headed to HBOMax sometime in the probably distant future (we’re not confident it will happen in our lifetimes) as well as Henry Cavill coming back to the DCU and Yahya being cast as Wonder Man for Marvel.

Also…Winchesters and Stargirl are axed while Sandman gets renewed at Netflix.

And as a bonus: there’s a trailer for A Christmas Story Christmas. You guessed it – the sequel to A Christmas Story. It’s a nice segway into the fact that we’re starting the Christmas Movie Madness Tournament this week (which we didn’t talk about at all on the show).

Enjoy, and be kind.

Nerds United 300: We Went LIVE!

For our very special 300th episode, we attempted to go live and got some interaction on YouTube.

We talked about comics, including what Greg purchased and what Mike read. And we talked about the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania!

Some DOOM Patrol and and while we’re talking DC, we go ahead and talk about Black Adam, since we both saw it last week.

Hope you enjoy this version of the show. I think we’ll do this some more and keep working the kinks out.

Be kind.

Nerds United 299 v2: THIS IS NOT EPISODE 300!

To paraphrase Dante, “we weren’t even supposed to be here this week.”

We promised our next episode would be the live extravaganza for episode 300. But there was a lot that happened in the last week so we called ab audible and therefore have for you Episode 299 v. 2.

And we’re talking comics, movies, tv, and more. Just like the intro of the show indicates.

From Locke & Key to not yet Black Adam.

Nerds United 299: It was VERY Late

This week on Nerds United, Mike regales Greg with the spoils of his most recent trip to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL). Saga, Justice League Dark, and yes, BFotS Josh, some Locke & Key.

Now, not much to discuss this week – or at least, we didn’t discuss much this week.

Marvel pushed back some MCU movies, meaning we have to wait until 2026 for Secret Wars. Think about that. I have to live three and a half years to see Secret Wars. I’m not sure I can do it.

Also – Werewolf by (Mid)Night, She-Hulk, and a taste of LOTR Rings of Power.

And Josh, if you’re reading this…check your mail.

Nerds United 298: Upcoming Movies and “Get to Know Greg”

You read that right. In this episode, Mike grills Greg with some questions he pulled from late night television. So over eight and a half years in to this podcast, you finally get to know Greg just a little bit.

Also, and more importantly, Greg made a trip to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL) this week and shares his acquisitions. Plus, we were graced with some new movie trailers this week, including our first look at (and listen to) The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a badass Santa picture called Violent Night, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Plus, Greg has some thoughts on the latest She-Hulk episode, and we parlay that into a little Daredevil talk.

Episode 300 is nearing. We are kicking around doing a live show. If so – be ready and bring questions.

And be kind.

Nerds United 297: Deadpool’s Bringing a Friend

And it’s not Rob McElhenny.

This week’s podcast covers a wide range of topics from The Last of Us (not to be confused with This Is Us) to Hugh Jackman donning the claws for another go-round with his rival/buddy Ryan Reynolds.

Greg’s in Minnesota this week so we weren’t even sure there would be a show. But we’re happy to be able to bring you the show on time as planned.

Nerds United 296: Tweaking Marvel Movies

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike have a good discussion about overlapping tv shows on streaming services, vaguely remember the Netflix show “Shadow and Bones,” conveniently as Season 2 is announced.

Greg went to a Fall Fest on Saturday and tasted some beers. He had a great time, caught up with a lot of people he hadn’t seen in awhile, and made a promise to put some love out there for Colden Brewery, an up-and-coming adult beverage maker in Centralia, IL.

Also – the guys make some changes to some pre-MCU Marvel movies in hopes of making them better.

Nerds United 295: D23 Review

This week on Nerds United, Greg recaps his week as a single parent. There’s some Constantine news as Keanu Reeves is coming BACK!

Last weekend was D23 and it was rife with news and trailers. So naturally the guys discuss everything from The Santa Clauses to The Thunderbolts!

Enjoy. Be kind.

Nerds United Episode 294: Only Eight More Months and then…It’s Gonna Be Me!

This week on Nerds United, Mike overcomes the plague, Greg is terrified of being home alone with his kids next week. The Joker has a name. There are some trailers that arrived.

As always – we appreciate you.

Nerds United 293: One Ring to Rule Them All

This week on the show, Mike provides us with an update on the 80s Movie Madness Tournament. The guys watched She-Hulk and Greg watched the first portion of Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power.

No DC Fandome this year, and Ben Kinglsey could be returning to the MCU.

It’s general mayhem on the Nerds United Podcast.

Nerds United 292: The Quest for the Best Title

Comic books were purchased. Comic books were read. We watched some tv and movies (She-Hulk, House of the Dragon, Uncharted) and an update on the 80s Movie Madness Tournament.


Nerds United 291: An Evergreen Episode

This week on Nerds United is a special episode, we keep the conversation OFF of current topics.

No She-Hulk. No Sandman. No comics we read or recently purchased at Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL).

Instead, we have a topic inspired by The Sandman, a topic about favorite remembered dreams. We go on with a follow-up to a recent episode and the Cartoon All-Stars by creating Cartoon Intervention Teams for each other.

And lastly, have comic book movies peaked?

Enjoy the show. Rate. Review. Check out our Linktree, which was recently retooled.

Nerds United 290: In and Out in Under an Hour

The brand new episode of Nerds United with Greg and Mike recalls Mike’s trip to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL) and the purchases he made there. They also discuss their different approaches to reading comics. Who wants to prolong a good story and who wants to finish a story to move on to the next one?

A less-than-loved Ryan Reynolds movie is surprisingly getting a sequel. Greg learns on the show that Reynolds will not reprise his role.

Also – A couple trailers dropped throughout the week, including a true story that’s not based in genre. But could it end up being the best war movie of all time?

Finally…how was She-Hulk?

Enjoy. Tell your friends. We have compiled an easy-to-navigate link list at Linktree. Check it out.

Nerds United 289: Watching The Sandman, Reading Grim and More

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss The Sandman and Paper Girls, two comic book adaptations that hit streaming services recently.

There was also a fair bit of reading done the past week, as Greg read everything from Batman to Grim. And he pulled out his recent read of Locke and Key for all of the Sandman crossover therein.

Lastly, Greg and Mike did meet up this past week, haphazardly. And they watched a cartoon from 1990, to job their memory first, and they followed it all the way through “just because.”

Enjoy. Tell your friends. Leave a comment. Rate and review.

Nerds United 288: Batgirl Nixed and 80s Movie Tourney Begins

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg talk about the biggest news of the week, Batgirl is no longer set for release. This alters the alleged DC timeline we discuss.

Also, 80s classic Road House is being remade over on Amazon, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. And that leads directly into the bigger news of the day, which if you follow us on social media, you already know:

We have an 80s Movie Tournament. Similar to our Christmas Movie Tournament a few years back, just comment in the match up and tell us who survives and who is gone.

64 movies. Already some tough, tough matches.

Enjoy. And Be kind.

Nerds United 287: New Episode for July 30, 2022

This week on Nerds United, Mike has a couple good questions he poses to the panel. Also, Mike did some reading, Greg did some viewing, and Paper Girls is available on Amazon Prime.


Nerds United 286: SDCC and VKM = Busy Week

This week on Nerds United, Greg is back from vacation and that coincides with San Diego Comic Con.

Both Mike and Greg did some reading this past week – Mike with some classic Batman and Greg with a Moon Knight collection as well as a Locke and Key tie-in story that – bonus content I forgot to mention on the show itself – has a Sandman connection.

We talk about I am Groot and Spider-Man Freshman Year, spend a little time on Dungeons and Dragons, and discuss the bombshell news of the week in professional wrestling, that Vincent K McMahon has retired.

We were really just trolling Kevin from My 1-2-3 Cents and trying to scoop him, and while we recorded the show Friday night, we didn’t get a chance to get it uploaded until Saturday night. In the meantime, we picked a little fight with Kevin on Facebook and gave him a window to get his own “bonus show” out there. So check that out.

Nerds United 285: From The Boys to Thor

After a rare week off, Mike and Greg are back with a brand new show. In that week, the guys finished watching The Boys and Ms. Marvel and they even saw Thor: Love and Thunder.

Also, some good stuff about books that were read and the generosity of great people.

Spoilers, but you probably already figured that out.

Nerds United 284: Umbrella Academy and 4th of July

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg prepare for the 4th of July (by Greg being extra old-man) and Mike can’t cook rice. Go figure.

Also, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is out and the guys talk about that show. And Game of Thrones is getting a spinoff but it’s not one we (okay, Greg) would most like to see. That doesn’t mean he won’t watch.

Also, which cinematic universe has more re-watch potential? MCU or the stuff from the DCEU? We have our thoughts but are curious as to yours.

Nerds United 283: It’s Time for Sony to Sell Spider-Man

This week on the show, the guys admit to getting a little fresh air in their old age. Greg completed a comic and started a new one. Mike didn’t have time to read this week.

The guys finished Obi-Wan Kenobi and gave a few thoughts on it. But really, a fair amount of the conversation is on Sony screwing up a(nother) Spider-Man villain. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, star of the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie, said that in this version, Kraven is a lover of animals and a protector of nature. That’s pretty much the farthest from the history of the character. So Greg decided that it’s time for Sony to be done with Spider-Man and all of his associates.

Nerds United 282: Joker Sequel Could Add Lady Gaga?

In all honesty, it’s 7:40am on a Monday because I had a busy weekend and didn’t get this produced until now. And I have to shower and shave and get to work yet, so the write-up will be lacking.

This week on the show, Mike and I talked about some specific comics, the Joker sequel/Lady Gaga rumors, the fact that Guy Ritchie is developing a Hercules live-action movie, there’s a Duke Nukem movie in talks (again), and more.

Look, I don’t know what you want me to say…we recorded this show 36 hours ago and Mike’s the one who writes down all of the topics of discussion.

Nerds United 281: Does Marvel Care about Comic Book Sales?

This week on Nerds United, many topics are discussed. DC finally gave us a trailer for Black Adam (“finally,” despite the movie being four months away, right Mike?). Also, we both forgot Paper Girls on Amazon was a thing, and were surprised with some preliminary stills.

Kevin Smith is getting another bite of the Masters of the Universe apple. The internet reacted predictably.

The Sandman is also coming to Netflix.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a brilliant show, better than Stranger Things. That’s why Best Friend of the Show Josh is all caught up on one and not the other.

Also, Ms. Marvel debuted to a massive social media push. And Greg can only hope that the more diverse shows and movies which attract a more diverse audience mean that more people will GO BUY COMIC BOOKS! But Mike raises the question…does Marvel care any more about comic book sales?

We do have a little fun at the end, where we take one Marvel hero and one DC hero and put them together in a Lethal Weapon type of pair.

Nerds United 280: Mike Can Read Also

Last week on the show, Greg had a long list of comics he had read and wanted to discuss.

This time around, Mike’s reading list is as long as…well, it’s long. From Grim to Justice League Dark to Batman Damned and Saga, Mike has his hands full.

We also talk about trailers for Pinocchio and Gotham Knights, Greg watched Obi-Wan Kenobi while Mike watched Stranger Things Season 4. And both of the boys watched…The Boys.

Nerds United 279: Almost Obi-Wan

This week’s episode was recorded mere hours before Obi-Wan Kenobi was released, so there are absolutely zero spoilers in this episode.

We do talk about the first look at Andor, which was given to us last week, as well as some images of the new Blue Beetle. There was also an odd call in LA LA Land for body doubles for Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudeikis, which led to rumors of the actor to be attached to the Blue Beetle movie. However, seems like Mike squashed those rumors.

And last week, of course, we got the first full trailer (and what Greg hopes is the last trailer) for Thor: Love and Thunder.

It’s coming.

Nerds United 278: Rescue Rangers, Trailers, and a Plethora of Comics

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg both spent some time watching Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers movie this weekend and were pleasantly surprised by it, especially all of the crossovers into other intellectual properties.

Also, in the last week or so we, the viewing public, were given five different trailers for upcoming shows. She-Hulk, Cobra Kai, The Winchesters, The Boys, and The Umbrella Academy. The guys take a few minutes on each show and gauge anticipation.

Finally, well, actually firstly in the timeline of the show, Greg gives an update on some of the comics he’s been reading. Good enjoyable works, one and all.

Nerds United 277: The Full Doctor Strange 2 Discussion

This week on a brand new Nerds United, Greg has a slight existential crisis about growing older and possibly aging out of comic books. As he says in the show, if he retired tomorrow he’d have enough to read to keep him busy for a long time. But we do talk about comics we’re reading.

Greg then tried to sell Mike on Avatar by telling him it is like Dances with Wolves. Not sure how successful that is.

We also talk about the Green Lantern animated feature trailer that came out.

And…more Doctor Strange 2…including SPOILERS!

Nerds United 276: A Little Doctor Strange, Plus Cancellations

This week on Nerds United, Mike gives updates on the comics he has finished reading while Greg is still working on the same one. Also, shows in their decline were cancelled by the CW and a good director left a high-profile job.

If that’s not enough, we recorded this episode in between our two hosts watching Doctor Strange 2 – In the Multiverse of Madness. And the MCU boss says “golly gee, maybe we showed too much in the trailers.”

I could have told you that.

Enjoy the show.

Nerds United 275: Awaiting Doctor Strange 2 – and Tired of “Leaks”

This week on the Nerds Untied Podcast, Mike and Greg are eagerly awaiting Doctor Strange. We’re also over the excessive amount of footage and leaks and reports about the movie. It’s getting to the point that you can’t be on the internet two weeks before the movie hits theaters.

Also – Mike finished reading Marvel’s Avengers vs X-Men and thinks it could be an MCU storyline someday. Also, Ghostbusters Afterlife is getting a sequel, as is The Batman (color us surprised).

And while it’s not in the featured photo, we do spend a few minutes at the outset talking about Neal Adams, considered by many to be the GOAT of comic book artists, who passed away the day we recorded. What a life and what a legacy.

Nerds United 274: More Nostalgia and Stories than We Anticipated

Look…we know the type of show we aim to be but we also know the type of show we are. And this week, there just wasn’t as much meat on the ol’ nerdy topic bone.

So true to our theme music, “comic books, movies, tv, and more,” we lean heavily on the “and more” this week.

This is a chicken pot pie episode, a little bit of everything.

We hope you like it. If you don’t, I promise we’ll try harder next time. I may even have something special in the back of my mind for you all.

Nerds United 273: Our Favorite Cheers

In this episode, Mike and Greg do some of the usual news and notes, but then the guys piggyback off of an idea from the recent Oscars. No, no slaps here. But the Oscars recently introduced a fan-choice category of favorite cheers, and we had some disagreements with that list, so we came up with our own.

Nerds United 272: Sonic 2, Moon Knight, and Miss America

This week on Nerds United, Greg snuck his oldest out of school Friday to take him to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – and it’s an enjoyable flick.

Mike watched some stuff this week, as did Greg. The guys also talk about the upcoming end of Locke and Key as well as Chace Crawford, The Deep on The Boys, wondering if he’s going to be able to find work again after the third season of The Boys.

And of course, we talked about the second episode of Moon Knight.


Nerds united 271: Moon Knight and Comics…AND MORBIUS!

This week on the podcast, Mike and Greg talk about Mike’s most recent trip to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL) as well as Greg’s trip to the tailor (think Kingsman Tailor but less death…more shame).

Greg also did some reading in the last week. And the guys talk about Wrestlemania. We’re sorry, Kevin, we know that’s your realm. Also, Greg had a scare with the final episodes of Blue Mountain State, but that situation sorted itself out.

Moon Knight is LIVE! We discuss that first episode a little bit. And in a surprise turn, GREG SAW MORBIUS! AND HE LIKED IT! He gets into spoilers, but…also talks about what he likes about the movie and some of the familiar Marvel tropes.

Enjoy. Tell people.

Nerds United 270: Our Top Five TV Show Theme Songs

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss a few bits of news and notes before we turn our attention and your ears to our top five tv show theme songs.

Again – these are our favorites. It’s completely subjective.


Nerds united 269: Mike Spoils The Batman

Not for Greg. Greg had seen the movie. And we don’t talk about The Batman until the end of the show. So if you’re interested in hearing about Sonic 2 or Ms. Marvel or The Boys or what Greg acquired at Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL), please listen to the first 50 or so minutes of the show. We definitely provide ample warning when The Batman talk is coming along.

Nerds United 268: Changing Dates, Penguin on HBO Max, Pinocchio and The Boys

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg talk a little bit about several topics, including Warner/DC adjusting its theatrical release schedule, affecting several upcoming and anticipated films.

Also, on the heels of The Batman tearing it up in theaters, HBO Max has ordered a limited series for Colin Farrell’s The Penguin. Meanwhile, there are two Pinocchio’s coming to streaming services this year, and Mike says to avoid the Pinocchio from 2019.

We got an Obi-Wan trailer and a poster for the third season of The Boys (less than 24 hours after we recorded the podcast, we got a trailer for The Boys Season 3 – c’est la vie).

Nerds United 266: The Batman (and The Guardians of Justice) Review

This week on Nerds United, we talk about some of what we’ve read lately (or plan to read). And Greg managed to watch ALL of The Guardians of Justice on Netflix (Mike watched one or two episodes).

Also, one of us made it to the theater to watch The Batman. And that person really enjoyed it. It’s very well done, with little to no extra stuff. It truly is Matt Reeves’ vision come to life. And Robert Pattinson is a tremendous Batman.

The guys discuss the new trailers for Morbius and Secrets of Dumbledore. And they round out the episode with a short conversation about unnecessary sequels.


Nerds United 266: WE LIVE…for a Good Time

This week on Nerds United, we hear some updates about Greg’s family’s recent household stomach sickness. Mike also provides us with an update on the service work that his vehicle(s) needed.

Both of the guys had a chance to do some reading this week, with Mike getting started on Marvel’s The Ultimates. Greg read WE LIVE from Aftershock Comics. So amazing! Greg loves finding independent works that really stand out.

Plus there’s talk about The Batman and Spider-Man.

Nerds United 265: Peacemaker Finale, Doctor Strange, and Comics

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike are hanging out in person to talk about some comics they’ve read, as well as comics they are eager to read (new stuff expected this year from Stephanie Phillips, one of our favorites).

Of course, with the Super Bowl and the resulting fallout, we were given some pretty sweet trailers to enjoy.

Peacemaker also wrapped up this week. And what are the guys watching? Listen to find out.

Nerds United 264: Reacher-ing…for Futurama

This week on the show…

Mike and Greg discuss some comic books as well as the return of Futurama, The Adam Project, and Reacher. And we try to do it all without spoilers…for Josh.

Nerds United 263: MCU Dormammu Looks Nothing Like Comic Dormammu

This week on the show, Greg informs Mike that the Doctor Strange movie is essentially the Green Lantern movie, but with the Marvel machine behind it.

And Mike talks about Murderville while the guys discuss Halo.

Nerds United 262: More Hellboy Please. PLEASE

This week on the show, Mike and Greg start with talking about Dairy Queen and Taco Bell, and the world famous chili cheese burrito.

On the subject of Taco Bell, the one time exclusive home of Baja Blast Mt. Dew, the soda is going HARD…as in Baja Blast Hard Seltzer. So be looking for that if you want the taste of Baja Blast Mt. Dew to be ruined forever.

Now, Ron Perlman is willing to do Hellboy 3, even if he’s not particularly eager. After all, he’s 71 years old.

Peter Dinklage was a guest on a much more popular podcast and shared his opinion on Disney’s live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. So that sparks a discussion that you’re probably not going to want to miss.

Nerds United Ep. 260: We Just Made Some Lists

In this episode, Mike and Greg discuss and rank the nine Marvel productions we received in 2021. Then Greg shares what comic story he completed as well as what else he acquired from Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL).

There’s some Peacemaker discussion in the portion of the show we called the Intermission.

And then the guys rank the ten DC/Marvel movies we’re scheduled to get in 2022 in order of least to most anticipation.

As always, we hope you enjoy the show. And feel free to share it with others.

Nerds United Ep. 259: Two Guys Talking Cobra Kai

Don’t let the name fool you…we talk about a lot more than Cobra Kai. We talk about Morbius being pushed back again (get ready for that April Fool’s Joke). We talk about high school memories and work meetings. And perhaps for the first time, we talk about the ongoing pandemic, not in a debate about masks and vaccines, but rather sharing memories or lack thereof from the last two years.

And then we talk about Season 4 of Cobra Kai.

And honestly, in any other world outside of the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai universe, is karate that popular in high school? Is it the “go to/must see” event for high schoolers?

Nerds United Ep 258: Happy New Year with a Special Guest

This week on the final episode of the year, Mike and Greg talk about how old Greg is, was, and always will be.

As we begin a new year, we dissect some of the final gifts of the year, like Book of Boba Fett, The Witcher, Cobra Kai.

And we’re graced by a brief but welcome visit by Best Friend of the Show Josh!

So Happy New Year. Celebrate wisely. Be in bed early.

Nerds United Ep. 257: Happy Holidays!

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg talk about (copied and pasted from out actual pre-show conversation):

  • conclusion of Hawkeye,
  • matrix (if you watch it – I haven’t had time yet),
  • the Witcher,
  • some stuff I’VE read,
  • the Doc Strange trailer since it is out there now.
  • the king’s man
  • The Blue Beetle movie is no longer an HBO max exclusive. It will be released in theaters
  • …the accidental screenshot
  • And anything else we can think of.

And Merry Christmas

Nerds United Episode 256: We Get to Spider-Man NWH

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg talk about:

  • the Sonic 2 trailer
  • the latest Fantastic Beasts trailer
  • the Cobra Kai season 4 trailer
  • Mike is reading circles around Greg
  • a little show called Arcane

And then…SPOILERS GALORE for Spider-Man No Way Home. You have been warned. But if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can still enjoy the first half of the show because all the Spidey-talk is at the end of the show.

Nerds United Ep. 255: Hawkeye, MOTU, Trailers

This week on Nerds United, the guys talk about Hawkeye and MOTU Revelations Pt. 2.

Mike also dropped a couple trailers, including Reacher and Peacemaker. So the gents talk a little bit about those shows (coming in 2022).

And Spider-Man No Way Home is headed to theaters in less than two weeks. Who has tickets? You may be surprised to learn that both guys have tickets.


Nerds United Ep. 254: Hawkeye and Turkey Before Turkey

It’s time to celebrate that annual tradition of Turkey Before Turkey. This episode, Mike and Greg do just that. Then the guys talk about some dinosaurs via the first few minutes of Jurassic World: Dominion. Also there’s a new trailer for DC League of Super-Pets, which some online claim is the tipping point of saturation for Dwayne Johnson. Mike has an opinion on that.

And the boys certainly talk about the new show that just dropped on Disney+, that being Hawkeye. The first two episodes are available and both guys had the opportunity to watch them. Should be a fun little show.

Nerds United Episode 253: The Top of Tom

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg briefly discuss a few movies they took in over the weekend, one old and one new.

And with all the Tom Hanks Talk recently, from Greyhound to Mike’s recommendation of Finch, we decided last week to do a Top Five Tom Hanks Movies list.

The problem is…Tom Hanks hasn’t made a bad movie. So it’s really just different orders of all of his good movies. And with help from you the listener, we aggregated a top Tom Hanks list of yours.

So enjoy the show!

Nerds United Ep. 252: Disney Plus Day and Its Many Treasures

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike break down all of the info we got from Disney+ Day, from the shows we were told were coming to the teaser trailers we were given, to the movies that dropped on 11/12.

Greg finally saw Shang Chi. The guys both watched Home Sweet Home Alone. And Jungle Cruise? Well, we’ll get to that.

Then Mike and Greg briefly touch on Red Notice, as Greg hadn’t finished it by the recording.

Also, Tom Hanks gave his top-three movies of his, so we’re prepping our top five Tom Hanks movies for next week.

Nerds United Episode 251: Eternals, Dune, and Mel Brooks

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike are separated once more (SAD FACE) but you can’t keep them away from their internet terminals.

This past week, Mike saw Eternals, Greg watched Greyhound and Dune, both of the guys watched Army of Thieves.

Heist movies are fun! More heist movies, less of everything else!

And we’ve pretty much set it in stone that we’ll have a new Nerds United on YouTube video next week. So be looking for that.

And be kind.

Nerds United Episode 250: It’s Episode 250!

This week on Nerds United, we are celebrating for our 250th episode. Mike is IN THE HOUSE and we’re talking about trailers for everything from He-Man to Buzz Lightyear, plus much more! Locke & Key, a little bit of Dune, Brooklyn 99, and Castlevania!

And it’s our 250th episode, so we recall when Mike came aboard and how without him we would probably only be at 150 episodes.

So…18 more years and we’ll be to Episode 1,000!

Nerds United Episode 249: Recapping DC Fandome and Telling Stories

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike discuss DC Fandome 2021 (almost all of it – we have a technical snafu right when we were talking about The Batman, so we’ll go over that again next week). Also, Greg took a little time and went to see Venom – Let There Be Carnage.

And the guys tell some stories and discuss a couple beers.

Next week is Episode 250 and we’re planning on getting together in person, so that will be cool. We haven’t recorded a show in person for well over a year and it’s time to fix that.

Nerds United Episode 248: Our Top Five Horror Movies

This show is a very special show because we are celebrating Best Friend of the Show Josh’s birthday…without him.

Well, Josh provided the topic. And BFotS Josh is a classic horror movie guy. The old Universal monsters? Well, he’s preparing to play all of those movies on his home theatre in the next couple of weeks. So when I told him that for his birthday we were letting him choose the topic for a top five episode, and he picked horror movies…well, he is in for some disappointment.

So we say from the bottom of our hearts…Happy Birthday, Josh. We’re sorry.

Nerds United Episode 247: What If…Marvel got it Right?

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss some DC and Marvel topics, including the season conclusion of What If? and the upcoming DC Fandome, where we should get our first solid look at Black Adam among other footage.

Nerds United Episode 246: OOPS! All Nonsense

On this week’s show, Mike and Greg talk about Greg’s failing as a parent and Mike’s recent cereal selection.

As for nerdy topics, we missed a few last week so we cover Jessica Rabbit’s new look, Mario’s new voice, and Dream’s new show.

Also discussed is the fact that Mike went and saw Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage and gives a few thoughts that don’t spoil anything, Lastly, Mike asks Greg about his comic book collection.

Nerds United Episode 245: Solid Titans Discussion

Dear Ashton Kutcher…

We have an idea for a rom-com about a podcast host. Please contact us.

Also – Mike and Greg talk about a couple of trailers, like Hawkeye and Locke and Key.

And there’s lots of Titans talk, and Greg had a day. He sure did.

Also, ladies…beards or bods? Yes you have to answer.

Nerds United Episode 244: An Ode to Comic Book Stores

In this episode, Mike and Greg discuss their recent trips to Twilight Comics (Swansea, IL) and their experiences there. It’s a crazy thing, having a local comic book shop. People (like Best Friend of the Show Josh) don’t have one and pine for the ability to swing by regularly and visit with the familiar faces and grab a couple books. But I think a lot of people who have quick access to a local comic shop take it for granted. They get a few monthly subscriptions, and they don’t swing by and pick up their books.

Don’t be those people.

Also this episode, Spider-Man is in the news, and we throw some love to The Matrix.

Nerds United Episode 243: Getting Caught Up

This episode, Mike and Greg get caught up after taking last weekend off. A few trailers to discuss. A few pieces of news.

Nerds United Episode 242: We Love Ted Lasso

In this episode of Nerds United, we spend a few minutes with some noteworthy news (DC, AMC, Chronicle 2). But really, this is an episode dedicated to Theodore “Ted” Lasso.

Ted Lasso is a show on AppleTV that I highly, HIGHLY recommend. It is such a remarkable series that it can’t be put into words. But yet we try to do it for roughly 35 minutes.

Ted…Lasso. Watch it!

Or wait another five weeks and binge both seasons in your week-long free trial.