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Nerds United Episode 168: Reboot Reviews, Rivers, and “Robat Batinbat”

In the past week, both Greg and Mike have had the opportunity to watch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot! And in this episode, you can hear long form what the guys thought about Kevin Smith’s latest work.

(You can watch Greg’s short version right here)

We also talk about Nemesis, Playstation 5 being outrageously priced, and Mike names all of the world’s rivers. So we have that!

Oh, let’s not forget the latest images of Robert Pattinson as The Batman.

Nerds United Episode 167: Skeletar?

You’re going to have to listen to the podcast to understand it.

Nerds United Episode 166: Y Not The Last Man and Desert Island Movies

Heeeeey we’re back. After taking a couple weeks off to get healthy (damn germs), we are off and running!

If you had one fictional character’s movie to take with you on a deserted island, who would you choose? That’s part of this week’s discussion, as well as 90s cartoons, Y: The Last Man losing its’ lead actor, Mother Hubbard, and Rick Moranis.

Strap yourselves in for a comedy ride you won’t ever forget! It’s Nerds United with Greg and Mike.

Nerds United Episode 165: Lady Satan, Obi-Wan, and a Broken Truck

Well it’s time for a brand new episode of your favorite podcast (at least, if we are, leave a rating and review on your favorite podcast app).

Mike and Greg talk about Lady Satan, the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Captain Marvel, and Mortal Kombat (whoa, I almost spelled that with a “C,” like some sort of noob).

We also have some great discussions based on your questions. And if you’d like to ask a question, just hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or

Enjoy. Be kind. Rewind.

Nerds United Episode 164: Travis Yates and Nostalgia

In this special mid-week episode of Nerds United, we bring back Travis Yates. We hear a bit more about Travis’ bona fides in the realm of media and journalism and get a brief update on what’s going on over on Popology 101 on the Positive Cynicism Podcast Network (the #PCPN, if you will).

This discussion largely centers on nostalgia and the continued reboots/remakes of beloved IP’s of our youth. Greg calls it “nostalgia mining,” ie – the best parts of our youth sold off to the highest bidder. Travis thinks that it’s actually not the worst thing in the world, and how a little blast from the past can be a good thing.

Of course, there’s a brief review of the “Nostalgia” drug in the Watchmen series, hence why we get this classic artwork. Nostalgia and the theft of our youth. Are you for it or against it?

Nerds United Episode 163: Trailers and Other Stuff

Welcome to the first episode of a new year. And no, it won’t be a 14-hour episode. We’ve decided that IF we do a marathon recording, it will only be thirteen hours and five minutes…give or take.

But who has that type of time?

Oh yeah, our friends at ABCD-Bagz.

Anyway, since it’s been a few weeks since our last episode, we’re getting caught up on some geeky trailers that have dropped since the ball in Times Square. Bloodshot, Morbius, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and more news and notes.

Nerds United Episode 162: #AskNerdsUnited

This week on a very special episode of Nerds United (your last until January 10), we take your questions and do our best to provide worthwhile answers.

Thanks to Eddie Spaghetti, ABCD-Bagz, Rick, Paul, and Chad for some great questions! Have a question for us? You can ask it anytime at

Thanks and Be Kind…Rewind!

Nerds United Episode 161: Hemingway, Stache Publishing, and Christmas

This week on a very special Nerds United, Greg is joined by longtime friend of the show Anthony Mathenia. The two talk about the life and death of Stache Publishing and how projects that began before its untimely ending will see fruition.

One of those projects that is near and dear to Anthony’s heart is a graphic novel based on the life and times of Ernest Hemingway.

Among other topics discussed is a brief Star Wars cartoon that Anthony worked on with Miljenko (an excerpt from the Hemingway graphic novel is visible above). And we talk about Christmas and share a few stories, since Anthony hasn’t been celebrating Christmas too terribly long.

Merry Christmas and/or the holiday of your choosing, everyone!

Nerds United Episode 160: Texas Tornado of Awesome

This week, Mike and Greg are joined for a little while by fellow podcasters Kevin Hunsperger and Chad Smart. The guys talk about podcasting and their respective shows, as well as BREAKING NEWS for the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network.

After Chad and Kevin are dismissed, the Nerds United duo discusses Watchmen and Joker.

Also, despite what you may have seen from other online reviews, Kevin and Chad both appeared to enjoy Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker.


Nerds United Episode 159: Movie Trailers and Recipes

This is our first true NU episode since Turkey Before Turkey. And we missed a lot in the week we spent with family.

Trailers for Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters: Afterlife. We talk some recipes for Mike to prepare for another UFC Fight Night.

Also, Watchmen and The Mandalorian.

And I finally picked up Dark Horse Comics’ The Butcher of Paris, written by Stephanie Phillips. Check out my chat with her in the archives.

I think that’s it. It’s late. I probably forgot something.

Oh yeah – who could forget Doctor Hormone?

Nerds United Episode 158: Talking Letterkenny

This week on the show, I invite my friend Patrick Gerhart on to talk about one of our favorite shows, and probably the best thing to come out of Canada since hockey…Letterkenny.

Patrick and I have been talking about getting this conversation recorded for a few months, and with Season 8 of Letterkenny set to arrive on Christmas (in Canada, on December 27 for us in the States), it was a fitting time to get together.

We share some of our favorite scenes and characters, as well as a little backstory on the show. It would be a great honor to have a cast member or writer on the show sometime, so if you’re reading this and have anything to do with Letterkenny, please send an email to

That’s it. Thanks Patrick. Pitter patter, let’s get atter.

Nerds United Episode 157: Turkey Before Turkey 2

This week is the Second Annual Nerds United Turkey Before Turkey episode. And that means our fearless hosts will take a shot of Wild Turkey ahead of tomorrow’s turkey (and food) coma of Thanksgiving.

On this show, we discuss music we were listening to in high school (we might be the only podcast this Thanksgiving weekend to mention Limp Bizkit). We talk about the Speed Centaur and the Invisible Woman, building a cinema universe on a strong foundation instead of sand, and gingers in Star Wars.

And be looking for a very special Cyber Monday sale, where you can get FREE SHIPPING AND 15% off EVERYTHING at our shop. And enjoy the show.

Nerds United Episode 156: The Draft with Kevin Hunsperger

Welcome to a new episode of Nerds United. This week on the show, we are joined by Kevin Husperger, host and sole proprietor of My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast and

We took your comic book character suggestions and put together a draft, picking seven names each who would do battle in a make-believe arena.

We couldn’t have done it without you. So we thank you.

And also, Greg’s team would win. But you can help decide by voting on the post on Facebook.

Mike and Greg also talk about a few news items before Kevin comes on board. It’s another solid episode, and it’s not 14 hours. So we have that going for us.

Nerds United Episode 155: Disney+ Gets Our Money and Probably Yours

This week on the podcast, Greg and Mike talk about snow days in our youth, local beer, Disney+, The Mandalorian, unexpected finds on the new streaming service, and much more.

And Mike really lets Greg have it for watching Episode 1 of The Mandalorian without telling Mike first. Because Greg’s a dick.

Nerds United Episode 154: Playing Catch Up

This week on the podcast, Greg and Mike pair their beer to some delicious Halloween candy. And the guys get going talking about the topics you come for each episode.

Topics like:

Ant-Man 3
Bloodshot movie and comics
Spider-Man Noir series
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel
Greg being behind on Marvel Netflix shows yet seeming watching John Carter more than once.

And a lot more.

Come for the conversation, stay for the laughs. Or vice versa. We’re not picky. Thanks for listening. If you don’t mind, on your favorite podcast app, hit that Subscribe button. It’s free. And you’ll get new episodes delivered to your device each time. We’re out to save you time. Because we care.

Be kind, and rewind!

Nerds United Episode 153: The Batman Casting and Chad Frickin’ Smart!

This week on a new Nerds United, Greg and Mike discuss the headlines of the week, like casting choices for The Batman, Thor wanting to team up with Captain America and Iron Man once more, and a sequel to the Harry Potter franchise.

And then we are joined by Chad frickin’ Smart, former host of Positive Cynicism on the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network, and founder of the Positive Cynicism Podcast Network. We talk about a couple movies Chad has seen recently, namely Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and The Joker. It was a great chat w/ our buddy from El Lay.

Thanks as always for listening to the show. If you don’t mind, share it. Thanks.

Nerds United Episode 152: The Women of Marvel and Other Topics

This week on a brand new episode of your favorite comic book related podcast ever, Greg and Mike talk about places you may or may not have ever heard about, mention Kevin Smith and Triple H, talk about an all-female Marvel movie, how and when Daredevil could be a part of the MCU and which famous villain turned hero is championing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s return, Jennifer Aniston hating on Marvel movies (probably out of jealousy), Brock vs Cain II in Saudi Arabia, Kevin Hunsperger, host of My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast and 1/2 of the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, and run-on sentences.

Nerds United Episode 151: Spider-Man, The Batman, and a 67 Impala

This week on a brand new Nerds United – two episodes never alike! – Greg and Mike discuss their lives over the last week. Then they talk about the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, Jurassic World 3 bringing back some classic names, Brandon Routh as Superman, why Michael Rosenbaum is NOT in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover for DC CW, and a little (BIG) story surrounding everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Nerds United Episode 150: EPISODE 150, Y’ALL!

This week on the show, Greg and Mike wax nostalgia and talk about olden times, bring back a long-lost segment of the show, and talk about some of the various news and notes making the rounds this week.

And if you make it to the end, the guys run down some of the offerings on the Disney+ streaming app.

Nerds United Episode 149: Writer and Hockey Enthusiast Stephanie Phillips

This very special mid-week episode features writer Stephanie Phillips, author of Aftershock Comics’ Descendent, as well as Kicking Ice from Ominous Press, and Devil Within from Black Mask Studios. Upcoming projects include but are not limited to The Butcher of Paris from Dark Horse Comics, and other unnamed projects we can’t even discuss.

Learn about Stephanie’s life and career outside of comics. And we do a deep dive into Descendent, which I HIGHLY recommend. Ask your local comic book shop about it. And enjoy the show!

Nerds United Episode 148: Classic TMNT and Micro Machines

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike replay the first two episodes of the classic 1989 cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, providing their own unique brand of comedy. 

We also hear about classic Micro Machines, UFC vs WWE, Kevin Hunsperger’s finishing maneuver, and more. Trips down memory lane and old toys for a new generation. 

Thanks for joining us wherever you are. We appreciate you. 

Oh, and at one point, Mike turns off his microphone and we don’t realize it but it’s okay because he’s talking about Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar is a turd. 

Nerds United Episode 147: I Stole Chad’s Friend

THAT’S RIGHT! And I’ll do it again! This week on the show, Travis Yates, regular guest on Chad’s Positive Cynicism podcast, stops by via Skype to chat about holding Advanced Degrees in Pop Culture, avoiding a hurricane, the evolution of entertainment, CGI vs practical effects, hating on Terminator, some must-see films, and more.

Be sure to check out Travis’ website, maybe buy a book or two, and thanks for listening to the show.

Nerds United Episode 146: A Big Beefy Wookie

This week on Nerds United, we look at Star Wars A New Hope and cast it through the lens of 2019. Star Wars never existed, and we are casting it with the actors and actresses of today.

Who would you cast as some of the main characters in Star Wars if it were being made in 2019 for the first time? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

Nerds United Episode 145: Jason White Returns and Talks Villains

Jason White, writer and artist of Lost Owl Kingdom, returns to Nerds United as inspiration for this mid-week episode. First we catch up on some of Jason’s news and happenings of this summer.

Then we get down to the matter at hand…which villain do you agree with? Maybe it’s the logic they share in one of their monologues.


Sit back and relax as Greg, Mike, and Jason chat villains, and don’t forget that we’ll have your regular show for you at the end of the week! Because we care!

Nerds United Episode 144: Spider-Man Tug of War and D23

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss at length the split between Marvel and Sony over our favorite web-slinger. That was news that rocked the nerd world.

Plus, Masters of the Universe is coming back, thanks to Hero of the Show Kevin Smith (and Netflix). And there’s a lot more content heading to Disney+ that we learned about at D23. So it’s not all sorrow and sadness.

Enjoy the episode and share it with anyone you know. Because you love us, and we love you…probably. I mean, Greg is married but Mike may love you.

….long time.

Nerds United Episode 143: Inside Twilight Comics (Swansea, Illinois)

This special mid-week episode of Nerds United has Greg in his favorite comic book store. He’s talking with Brian the owner about the state of the comic book industry, how digital platforms have affected brick and mortar stores, and how publishers and comic book store owners are co-existing.

If you haven’t yet, check out this short video Greg and Brian made while destroying a couple of comic books.

Destroying some comics at Twilight Comics (Swansea, Illinois).

Posted by Nerds United on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mike will be back for the week’s recap of news Friday night as usual. There are a lot of headlines that came out this week. We look forward to sharing them all with you.

Nerds United Episode 142: The Boys Talking about The Boys…and more

This week on an all-new Nerds United, Greg and Mike are talking about Catwoman’s “controversial” new costume, as well as The Lion King, Avengers: Endgame, destroying comics, and The Boys (now on Amazon Prime).

Give it a listen and share it with the nerds in your social circle.

Nerds United Episode 141: X-Men and Marvel, DC Comics, and Skittles

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Co-Host of the Year Mike talk about what comics Greg has been reading, having leftover beer, merging the Marvel and X-Men cinematic universes, how it could go right, and where the X-Men went so wrong.

And then there’s Skittles.

Nerds United Episode 140: Putting a Bow on SDCC News

This is it! Your intense review of all things San Diego Comic Con. Plus The Boys on Amazon Prime, lots of Marvel news, and a cameo (run-in) from Positive Cynicism host Chad Smart regarding an interaction with an Avenger.

Enjoy the show. Please take a minute or two to leave a rate and review on your favorite podcast app. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but it could help get our show to more listeners. And if we do that, we’ll cut down the length of the show one minute for each new listener (probably).

Nerds United Episode 139: Living in the Matrix and Spider-Man Far from Home

This week on the show, the guys deep-dive into Spider-Man Far From Home. SPOILER ALERT!

We will give away information on almost all aspects of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie and want to avoid spoilers, you can start the episode, but you definitely can’t finish it.

We also discuss Greg’s existential crisis about living in a Matrix.

You can now find our show on Spotify. So add that to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Podbean. If you can’t find us be searching for Nerds United, just search for Jittery Monkey.

Nerds United Episode 138: Spider-Man Far From Home and other Marvel Topics

This week we welcome back the Co-Host of the Year Mike Luther. Mike saw Spider-Man Far From Home on opening day and talked briefly about the movie (NO SPOILERS). We also discussed Season Three of Jessica Jones on Netflix, Avenger: Endgame being re-released to theaters and how what was added upset some movie-goers. But we also talked about dreams and how reality sometimes creeps into them. We talk about The Walking Dead ending its tremendous run, and the beer we are drinking.


Your voice was heard and you, the fans of the podcast, are now and shall forever be referred to as “Nerdy Nimrods.”

Nerds United Episode 137: Comic Creator and Comic Series Actor Jason White

Hey everyone – thank you so much for downloading this episode of Nerds United. This week, Greg is joined by comic creator Jason White. Jason’s written and drawn comic book LOST OWN KINGDOM is available now to support on Kickstarter.

I came to know Jason through our mutual friend in the independent comics industry, Mr. Anthony Mathenia of Stache Publishing. So shout-out to Anthony.

In this episode, we will learn about Jason’s entry into comic books and why he writes about the content he does. We talk about his foray into acting and how he relocated to follow his dream.

And as a bonus, we discuss the dangers of technology. So give this one a listen. You won’t be disappointed. And share it with your friends. And support the Kickstarter.

That’s not asking too much, is it?

Nerds United Episode 136: The Stanley Cup and a Galaxy Far Far Away

Welcome to a brand new episode of Nerds United. This week, Greg and Mike are joined by special guest (and host of Jittery Monkey’s Positive Cynicism) Chad Smart!

Chad has gone coast to coast in the last week, flying from his home in Los Angeles to take in the historic Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final in Boston. But he also traveled to the Galaxy’s Edge, and talked to your hosts about all that he saw at Disneyland’s newest expansion!

Then Greg and Mike discuss some additions and subtractions to streaming media, ie Jessica Jones and Swamp Thing. They also talk about Captain Marvel and have a poll up this weekend on the Facebook page for you to vote in!

Nerds United Episode 135: Greg’s Alone on a Friday Night

Mike abandoned the show…to go SWIMMING?!? What the hell? So I did a little Facebook Live for a brief episode. Discussing cinematic Wolverine, podcast Wolverine, and shirtless Mike, which apparently resembles that of Wolverine.

There’s some stuff I forgot to discuss, but I’ll save that for next week when Mike returns.

Nerds United Episode 134: Indiana Jones, Deadpool, and Crossovers

It’s been a couple weeks but the CO-HOST OF THE YEAR is back! Mike makes his triumphant return to the show AND my kitchen table for a great conversation about Indiana Jones, Deadpool, the unlikelihood of a Marvel/DC crossover, King Kong and Godzilla, and The Matrix.

There’s beer. There’s laughs. It’s always a good time, at least for us. And if you enjoy what we’re doing here, throw us a rate and review on your favorite podcast app. That’s free. If you LOVE what we do here, buy some merch at the Jittery Monkey Shop.

Nerds United Episode 133: Kicking Off a Broderick Kickstarter

Hello again and welcome to a brand new episode if Nerds United. In this episode, Greg is talking to two past guests, Ron Bryce and Jay Peteranetz, creators of Broderick, a 4-issue comic book.

Broderick Issue #2 is now available for your support on Kickstarter.

Issue #2 will feature a Kickstarter exclusive variant cover by Marvel/DC artist Tom Lyle. You have until June 27 to support this book. And really, there’s no reason not to. Indy comics, like indy music, movies, and even wrestling, are an art form, and you’re helping new content to be made.

So get out your wallet and pledge a buck…or twenty.

Nerds United Episode 132: Batman, Rescue Rangers, Theater Etiquette

We’re back! After taking a week off after dropping two award-winning podcasts in one night two weeks ago, we’re here to talk about the recent news of Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman. But that’s not all.

Did you know there’s a Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers live action movie being made? And where does Gargoyles rank in Greg’s hierarchy of cartoons?

Popeye makes an appearance, and we talk about movie theater etiquette and what we prefer in our theater experiences.

So that’s the show. Please support us by throwing up a rate and review on the podcast app of your choice. And if you’re feeling really generous, buy a shirt at our SHOP. Buy this weekend and save 15% on everything!

Nerds United Episode 131: Avengers Endgame SPOILER-FILLED Chat

I mean, it’s pretty much all right there in the title. In this episode, we’re talking about Avengers Endgame. If you haven’t seen that movie, your time would be better spent watching it before listening to this podcast.

Do NOT blame us if you feel cheated if you didn’t follow these basic rules. We are not responsible for ruining this movie and the last eleven years of Marvel goodness if you fail to watch the movie before listening to this episode.

Go watch it. Hell, Mike is going this weekend to see it again!

And don’t forget to check out our Shop. It’s the best and easiest way to support what we’re doing here, besides leaving a rate and review on your favorite podcast app!

Nerds United Episode 130: Game of Thrones, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cape Comic Con

In this quick episode, Mike and Greg recap their visit to Cape Comic Con, talk about Game of Thrones (which is a one-sided conversation), and discuss Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu.

Make sure you grab a shirt at the Shop and use the promo code
MAYFLOWERS19 now through May 6 and get free shipping on your order!

Nerds United Episode 129: Cape Comic Con, Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame

This week, there’s no Mike. So it’s automatically 1/2 as awesome as usual. But I’m here with a shorter episode to get you ready for Cape Comic Con this coming weekend.

That’s not all the excitement headed your was the weekend of April 26. We also get Avengers Endgame! And I will be taking it in Friday night with my wife. I’m really excited, as I’m sure most of the world is. But if you know someone on your Facebook friends list who doesn’t get our love of these movie franchises, maybe they post things like “I don’t get what all of the hype is over these comic book movies” or something similar, just un-friend them. As the old saying goes, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.

Spoiler alert…spoilers are coming.

Nerds United Episode 128: Disney+, Star Wars, and Shazam!

Holy crap! Greg made it to the movies! So this episode, we talk about Shazam! And Disney+ released its “go-live” date as well as the price points.

We talk about what Disney+ is offering, as well as what that announcement means for Netflix.

The other topics discussed are the updated Lion King movie, Lady and the Tramp, and a little movie franchise called Star Wars.

Thanks to Mike for getting all the celebrity shout-outs handled on social media. Mike’s the best! (not actually written by Mike…for clarification – GM)

Nerds United Episode 127: Ahh that Joker Trailer

It’s time for a new episode of your favorite podcast featuring your favorite people.

This week, Mike and Greg are talking about the Joker trailer that dropped this week. But we also talk about Shazam, Avengers Endgame (spoiler alert – don’t watch the latest trailer).

And don’t forget that we (Greg, Kevin from My 1-2-3 Cents, and Chad from Positive Cynicism…and hopefully Mike?) will be at Cape Comic Con this month, April 26-28. We’ll be there on the Saturday with a table and doing some podcast recording, so be sure to stop and say hi.

Nerds United Episode 126: Top Five Comic Book Movie Scenes

Hey everyone – we’re back with a brand new episode of Nerds United. This episode starts with some news and notes but the episode is really centered around one of Mike’s more brilliant ideas – counting down our top five scenes from comic book movies.

What scenes from which movies made the cut? Do you agree or disagree with the scenes we selected? We want to know, so leave a comment on the Facebook page.

And rate/review the show on your favorite podcast app, show it to us, and you’re likely to receive something in the mail from the show. We don’t know what it is yet – but we have stuff to give away.

Enjoy the show and share it with your friends!

Nerds United Episode 125: Two Guys, a Girl, and a Movie Theatre

Well the two guys are Greg and Mike, obviously. The girl – Captain Marvel. The movie theatre is where Greg and Mike saw Captain Marvel on opening night.

Did it live up to the hype? Were there twists and turns? Are the guys going to drop a quinjet worth of spoilers? FIND OUT in the brand new episode, recorded before and after the show.

That’s right – it’s a truck, er, I mean a Jeep episode! We talk about the movie in non-spoiler ways, what we liked about it, what we didn’t, and it we felt it was a little too obvious in some places (it was). And then Greg remembers he needs a gallon of milk.

So that’s our show. Remember to rate and review our show on your favorite podcast app, take a screenshot of it, and share it with us. It may just be worth your while. Seriously.

Nerds United Episode 124: Prelude to Captain Marvel

Finally!!!! Greg let me write this part of the thing…look…does anyone really read this thing? I mean, come on, we spend hours and hours thinking of stuff to write here and for what? OK, you caught me. That is a lie. Greg usually puts some type of thought into it. Me? I just like to ramble until I remember what we just talked about on the podcast. This ole noggin aint what it used to be. Captain Marvel, we talk about that. I bet you probably knew that though from the title. What else do we talk about? Venom…yes…I am starting to remember now. It is all coming back to me. Greg finally sat down and watched Venom. Spoiler alert: he liked it but said that Topher Grace is the real Venom….ok not true, but I forgot to make that joke during the podcast so I had to do it here. We also talk about the Xmen Dark Phoenix trailer and Hellboy Reboot trailer. Geez louise, we talk a lot. Actually not as much as some episodes cause it is Sunday. Friday Greg was a bit tuckered out and….wait, why am I telling this story, just listen to the podcast. Then tell all of your friends to listen, and tell their friends…and so on and so forth. Like, subscribe, rate, review, high five us when or if you ever see us in public. I’ll even take a selfie with you……Just saying. Bye!

Nerds United Episode 123: Beer, Wrestling, Superheroes

Did you see the news this week from Hollywood?

So it got me thinking – what other super hero movie actors could or should be cast in some professional wrestling biopics. So that’s really the premise of the show.

We enjoy beers from Germany and make inappropriate jokes. The show goes off the rails and Greg’s son says goodnight.


Nerds United Episode 122: Back at the Brewery

It’s Stout Month at 4204 Main Street Brewing Company in our adoptive town of Belleville so we start our episode (and our live video) with some stout brews.

This episode, we talk about a giveaway, a fund raiser (they are mutually exclusive of one another), losing loved ones to heart attacks, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Superman: Red Son, some X-Men, and the DC and Disney streaming apps.

We are just two guys who like beer and BOY HOWDY did we enjoy some today. We also took our first ever on-air caller and we had plenty of laughs.

Nerds United Episode 121: The Podcast that Casts

This week, YOU THE LISTENER submitted comic book characters to Nerds United to have us cast them if we were in charge of Hollywood. We’re not – but we still had a lot of fun casting the following:

  • New Batman
  • Small Green Lantern Corps
  • Moon Knight
  • He-Man
  • Thundercats
  • Clayface
  • Ghost Rider
  • Spectre
  • Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
  • X-O Manowar
  • Lobo
  • Spawn
  • Wolverine

So enjoy the show and the random topics we have ahead of it. Let us know what you think about the show by leaving a review on your favorite app (like Apple Podcasts). And when you do, good or bad, we’ll read them on the show.

That’s it. And remember, Be kind. Rewind.

Nerds United Episode 120: Topics from a Hat

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike take topics from a hat. They wrote the topics down ahead of time but didn’t share the ideas with the other, so part of it is a surprise.

The guys talk about the Avengers and the Justice League, latent mutant abilities, shin splints, bringing back key old-time phrases (“BOY HOWDY!”), Letterkenny, 100 Years, Quentin Tarantino, and more.

Episode 121 will depend a lot on you, as the guys want you to provide superheroes (or villains) you’d like to see on the big screen and they will give their casting recommendations, a la this archived episode way back in October 2014.

So be looking for that post on social media later in the week, as we’ll need some time to do our proper research!

In the meantime, enjoy Episode 120 of the best podcast you aren’t telling anyone about!

Nerds United Episode 119: IMDb and the Silver Foxes

This episode is all over the place. But before we get to that, you need to know that this weekend, you can save 20% on your t-shirts at the Jittery Monkey Shop. Get those Nerds United shirts, take a picture, and share them with us.

This week, Mike and Greg talk about Brightburn, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Elizabeth Banks, IMDb, and Mike’s incredibly old sister.

If you need more info than that, you should probably just listen to the show. In fact, you should just listen to the show, period.

Nerds United Episode 118: Aquaman Review and a Lot More

Mike’s back this week and that means good things for you, faithful listener. In Episode 118, we talk about Y: The Last Man, Midnight Nation, Justice League, and a lot more.

Shout-outs to Mike’s mom (as always). And Chad and Mike at Positive Cynicism talked this week about their nostalgia for MTV, and I’ll tell ya, as a couple of guys who graduated high school in 2000…we didn’t have that MTV connection that those old farts had.

And of course, we talk about Aquaman, because GREG ACTUALLY SAW A MOVIE WHILE IT WAS IN THEATERS! And also Greg’s pretty sure that Mike would start his own podcast with friends who could see movies in theaters in a timely manner.

Oh yeah – be sure to check out the store for great merchandise!

Nerds United Episode 117: Podception – Jamie Farr in a Hat

So – new editor here on WordPress. I’m nothing if not stuck in my ways, so obviously I hate it. Much like every new layout of Facebook that gets rolled out, it will just take some getting used to. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to figure it out.

In this episode, I do a run-in on the ABCD-Bags Podcast.


This conversation starts with comic books like Y: The Last Man and its upcoming TV adaptation as well as various titles from Valiant Comics. Then we talk about the Mandela Effect, Curious George, and Berenstain Bears.

We talk about popcorn and peanut butter, Nebraska athletics, beer, and Jamie Farr. It’s a gem of a podcast, with special shout outs to Mike’s mom (because she won’t listen). Don’t forget to do some shopping at because this podcast doesn’t pay for itself…and it’d be really nice if it did.

Nerds United Episode 116: Very Special Christmas Special 2018

Well, we’re finally here. The weekend before Christmas. And if you’re like me, you are nowhere near ready for the holiday. From decorating to wrapping, yeah – it’s another year of being behind the Eight Ball.

In this episode, Mike and I are joined by our very special guest, Mike’s son Nolan. Nolan brings a youthful perspective that we have long outgrown. But this kid is sharp and quick-witted and not afraid to lay in a few zingers from time to time. And what he did after we finished recording – well, I can’t even explain it.

So enjoy the show. Enjoy your holiday season. and Merry Christmas!

Nerds United Episode 115: Friday Night Thoughts on Aquaman and Marvel

Hey there! Happy Friday night/Saturday morning. Greg and Mike got together and spent a little time on Facebook as well as some audio-only content. We cover Aquaman and the DC Cinematic Universe, as well as the DC CW crossover event this past week titled Elseworlds.

Also, since we last got together, Marvel released trailers for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

Plus we have a special treat from Greg’s early terrestrial radio days, and lots of love for Tom and Jim’s Top 5.

Don’t forget to get your shirts and merch from the shop! Your support is greatly appreciated, and if you did order a shirt, share your merch on social media so we can give you props!

Nerds United Episode 114: Post-Thanksgiving

Hello and welcome to a brand new Nerds United. We sure are happy you’re here.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Greg talk about their Thanksgiving weekends and their awesome families. Another of your favorite Marvel shows is leaving Netflix, which we all anticipated. Fuller House is still on the streaming service. But that Disney App is starting to look pretty inviting. However, we’re still pretty sure there’s one 1946 movie that will remain buried in the vault.

Hear Nickelback cover a Metallica song, and hear the guys talk about the Joker movie, and how Mike says the DC Cinematic Standalone Universe is still unproven.

“You’re a wizard, Harry.” Famous words from a famous giant (or giant-like man). But what are some ridiculous things that Hagrid could have told Harry Potter that would have been just as believable (if not just as odd) as telling a ten-year-old boy that he’s a wizard?

Thanks to everyone who has picked up a shirt. Want to be one of the cool kids? Get your shirt here.

Nerds United: Episode 113: Turkey Before Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Surprisingly this is not Greg typing this. It is I, your co-host of the year. You are welcome everyone. Greg said I had to type something out and make it at least 150 words. I said, “No problem my main man Gregorino,” or something to that effect. I guess I should actually talk about the podcast now since Greg is watching what I type…well we talked about Thanksgiving episodes, Stan Lee’s unfortunate passing, high school stuff, Secret Wars, Super Secret Wars (I don’t think that is the actual name of the comic but it works.) Oooh, I should make a comic called Super Duper Secret Wars. How many words is this? This is harder than I thought. Pretty sure Greg will not let me do this again. Ok, 129 words so far. I need 150. By the way, does anyone read this really? And if so, are you single and female? Just throwing it out there.

And buy a shirt.

Nerds United Episode 112: HE’S A SKRULL!!!

It is time for a brand new episode, back home in the kitchen of the Nerds United Lair!

But fear not, we’re bringing the spirit of 4204 Main Street Brewing Company (or should we say spirits…we’re drinking) with us.

In this episode, we’re talking about Wolverine: The Long Night, which completed its ten-episode run of season one this past weekend on Apple Podcasts. We also talk about Secret Invasion, Heroes in Crisis, Brad Meltzer’s Justice League run, Superman Red Son, and a lot more.

At the end of the episode, we also give away a copy of The Comic Book Story of BEER!

If you like beer and you like comic books, you will love this book! It’s chock full of great information!

Enjoy the podcast on your favorite podcast app or check out the live stream on the Facebook page!

Nerds United Episode 111: Hanging Out at the 4204 Brewery

You read that right, true believers! In this very special “Field Trip Edition” of the podcast, Greg and Mike are hanging out and recording from the 4204 Main Street Brewing Company Taphouse/Production Brewery. In other words, if you’re in Illinois, Missouri, or Kansas and you see a six-pack of a delicious 4204 brew, it was brewed right behind where we were sitting.

We were very fortunate that the good people at the brewery, from the owners to the Head Brewer Keith to Deja the Taphouse Manager and provider of fine ales and lagers, opened their doors to us. Because we like beer. And they have beer. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship.

So the first thirty or so minutes of the podcast, we were actually streaming and recording live on Facebook. Three people. Two microphones. We’re podcasters, not math geniuses. Anyway, that first half hour was spent with Keith learning all about the beer making process and also trying different beers. You’ll notice in the featured photo that Greg finished his beers. He ended up bringing two growlers home, including the Tickle for his wife.

After we let Keith get back to work, Mike and Greg talk about some comic book topics, including Return of Wolverine, Heroes in Crisis, and Cry Havoc.

There’s a giveaway we’re working on. It is for The Comic Book Story of Beer. Fitting, right? Let’s do this. If you read this, share the post on Facebook. I’ll enter all who do into a random drawing and the winner will get the graphic novel delivered to their front door!

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the show, and thank you again to Keith, Deja, and everyone who helped make our trip to 4204 Brewery possible!

Nerds United Episode 110: Drinking, Halloween, and Comics

In this BRAND NEW EPISODE of Nerds United, Greg and Co-Host of the YEEEAAARRR Mike regale each other with tales of alcohol foolishness from days gone by. We also talk about our favorite Halloween candy, haunted houses and a slew of nerdy topics. Let’s run down the list.

  • Marvel Civil War vs MCU’s Civil War
  • Mark Millar’s Huck
  • Marvel and Netflix
  • The Immortal Iron Fist
  • Luke Cage
  • Heroes for Hire…?
  • The Flash (aka the Scarlet Speedster aka the Fastest Man Alive)
  • Rejection from Pro Wrestling Tees (insert sad face here)
  • Support Kevin from My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast and HIS PWT’s store HERE!
  • Wolverine: The Long Night – the serial podcast for ANYONE who enjoys a good murder mystery
  • ABCD-bagz
  • Tom and Jim’s Top 5

As always, friends, we appreciate your support and love those who give it. We hope you enjoy this episode and all of our episodes. And while you support us for FREE, we encourage you to support others carving their own path in independent content creation. With that in mind, PLEASE consider supporting West of Oz on Kickstarter. You have only seven more days to lend your support. This is a great project. I (Greg) have personally supported it twice in the past and have done so again. If you need a refresher of what you get with the West of Oz story, please go back and listen to Episode 109 in the archives. Here’s the link to the Kickstarter. It’s a great way to help others realize their dreams.

And since you’re such great people, please enjoy this picture we discussed in the episode about me as the illegitimate fifth member of MuDvAyNe back in 2003 when I was a wee lad of 21.

Nerds United Episode 109: West of Oz Strikes Back

Two episodes in one calendar week. You know what that means…time is of the essence!

You have just a couple more weeks to once again lend support to West of Oz! Sean Benner and Nick Winand have been on the show before and we have used the Nerds United Bump to aid in getting two Kickstarter campaigns successfully funded.

The Kickstarter is for the Volume 2, issues 4-5-6, of the 9-part series of this original interpretation of Frank L Baum’s Wizard of Oz story. In this episode, Greg talks with Sean and Nick about this section of the overall narrative, creating on a schedule, travelling to various cities for comic cons (it’s coming, Scottsbluff, Nebraska), and more.

Hey, it’s me. Greg. I’m a big believer in this project. I’ve been on board since Day One, Campaign One. I have supported this venture both in promotion and financially. I’m one of those that wants to see this story’s end. So help me get this project funded. Your $10, $20, or $30 can go a long way.

I thank you. Sean, Nick, Amanda, and Danielle thank you. Now enjoy some artwork they shared with me during our chat.


Nerds United Episode 108: To and From Babble-On

It’s a truck show as Greg and Mike are on the road to see Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman in St Louis, MO. We talk about our excitement for the show as well as Batwoman, Venom, and traffic.

I’d type more, but it’s 2-damn-24.

Nerds United Episode 107: Top Five TV/Sitcom Couples

For this episode, I took my recording equipment down to southeast Missouri to see my friends Jared and Nia Smith. We watched some TV, talked about food, and then recorded an epic episode of Nerds United!

Hey, Tom and Jim’s Top 5, we’re blatantly (with your permission) borrowing your gimmick in a way that I don’t believe you have utilized in the past. We’re talking about our top five TV/sitcom couples. And in typical fashion, right out of the gates, curveballs. Man, I didn’t see some of Jared and Nia’s responses coming. Also, I was admonished greatly for watching the right shows. So…there’s that.

What can I say – I like what I like and a rarely venture out of my comfort zone. But now I have homework.

Well, I should give THEM homework. Did you know that the good Smith duo hasn’t seen most of the Marvel movies? And they want to bust my chops for not watching 30 Rock? Whaaaaaat?

So anyway, enjoy the show. It’s a good one. But of course, they all are.

Nerds United Episode 106: Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, and Much More

It’s time for a brand new episode of your favorite comic book/movie/pop culture podcast that you can find on the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network. Mike and Greg talk about the Captain Marvel trailer, the Dark Phoenix trailer, Deadpool 2, what we’ve seen from the new Joker movie, and take a trip back in time to movies they appreciated as children. For Mike, it was the Savage brothers and Howie Mandel in Little Monsters. For Greg, it was being introduced to the F-Bomb in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Critters (seen here).

We also talk about beer, have our weekly review of Tom and Jim’s Top 5 (you’re welcome), talk about podcasts at the grassroots level and how they (okay, we) need your support. Not financial (not yet). But just help us get the word out about our podcasts here at Jittery Monkey. Share them with your friends. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Rate and review on your favorite podcast app. It helps. And we appreciate you.

Nerds United Episode 105: Discussing Various Cinematic Universes

In this episode, Greg and Mike discuss some of the cinematic universes, as well as what constitutes a cinematic universe instead of a linear story.

These two former classmates also share some high school stories, including both being in the National Honor Society and then kicked out of the illustrious organization.

The show gets interrupted by Greg’s son who decided that he didn’t need to stay in his bed.

And then we dive deep into the topic at hand: The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the Worlds of DC, the Universal Monsters Universe and the Monster-verse featuring Godzilla and King Kong.

A brief chat about Captain Marvel at the end that it was go-home time. So give it a listen and follow the show on social media and subscribe on your own favorite podcast app.

Nerds United Episode 104: Old Man Logan, Kingdom Come, The Office and Parks & Rec

Hey kids! Greg and Mike here with a brand new episode of your favorite comic book/pop culture podcast! The numbers are in and we are definitely #1 for this genre in the Southern Illinois area, and will fight any other podcast that tries to claim otherwise (unless you’re bigger than us – ML).

This week, we’re talking about some books that Greg loaned to Mike for his reading pleasure. Then there’s a recap of Greg’s day trip to Chicagoland, which, if you’re wondering, is about the only way to go to Chicagoland. Lots of “windshield time.”

Get Mike’s scoop on Old Man Logan and Kingdom Come. Greg will be passing along some more books to Mike for future reading.

Now the coup de grace is the discussion at the end when the guys discuss The Office and Parks & Recreation. Make sure you stick around for that and share your ideas in the comments on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter.

Nerds United Episode 103: Writer/Artist David Gorden

Back to basics! This type of episode was the very beginning of Nerds United, where I would sit down with a comic book creator and hear their tale, their “origin story,” where I learned how they became interested in comics and how the early interest turned into a lifelong passion and eventually them creating comics themselves.

This week I’m joined by David Gorden, a creator I had the good fortune to meet somewhat accidentally earlier this summer. Hear the story of our initial meeting and hear how David became interested in comic books. In this episode, you’ll learn as I did how personal loss shaped his career, and how sometimes we go back home to get back on track.

David put out a graphic novel earlier this year called “Kwame Hightower and the Man with No Name.” It tells the story of 12-year-old Kwame, a boy from North St. Louis, who pulls Excalibur from the Sacred Stone, thus becoming King of England, and opens Kwame’s life to new adventures and possibilities the likes of which he never even thought about. Pick up your copy of the book on Amazon using the handy link right below, or listen to the end of the episode to hear how you can win an autographed copy of the book yourself.

Find David on social media on all of these convenient locations:


While we’re at it, check out the show on social media:


Nerds United Episode 102: Ask the Nerds

Hey everybody! Greg and Mike (@MikeRLuther) here. This week on an all-new episode of the show, we take your questions. But we also did something fun on Facebook as we streamed the first ten or fifteen minutes of the recording before switching primarily to the audio format. So head over to and watch that before listening to the remainder of the episode.

Also, BIG shout out to Tom from Tom and Jim’s Top 5 for interacting with us on Facebook. They also have a new episode coming out today. So make sure you subscribe to and download their shows as well.

So some of the questions we answer pertain to DC Universe streaming app, comic book characters we’d like to see on the big screen (that we haven’t yet), the Marvel/James Gunn/Dave Bautista situation, and favorite fictional beverages.

Plus we discuss Power Rangers, the Batman movie, Baywatch, and a lot more.

At the end of the episode, we talk about high-dollar collectibles or memorabilia we’d own if money was no factor. So I leave it to you. Head over to Facebook and join the discussion by telling us what pop culture piece of memorabilia you’d own if you could.

And remember to be kind. Rewind.

Nerds United Episode 101: San Diego Comic Con and More

Hey everyone! It’s the weekend of the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, and what better way to spend it than with two guys who aren’t at Comic Con and have never been to Comic Con?

TWO GUYS! Mike, aka Co-Host Of The Year, is back talking about our enthusiasm about Comic Con, but also our hesitations. I mean, 100,000 people can’t be wrong. But that doesn’t mean we want to be asses and elbows with them. Oh, this is also the time where we should remind you to listen to this past week’s episode of Positive Cynicism with Chad Smart and Eric Bennett, as they have both been to SDCC (Eric a ridiculous 13 or 14 times), and much of our conversation is an offshoot of their chat.

We also work to get Anheuser Busch as an official sponsor of the podcast, but after we shit on Bud Light last time, that seems unlikely. WORK YOUR MAGIC, KYLE!

Guess who’s coming to St. Louis in October.

We are!

But…Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman will also be in town for a recording of their wildly entertaining podcast Hollywood Babble-On. And we’re going to the show!

We also talk about Greg’s radio days, because Mike’s mom thinks Greg sounds like he should be in radio. Spoiler alert…it ends on a down beat.

Follow Mike on Twitter. He has eleven followers currently and that makes me sad. You can find him here and all the other social media accounts of importance!

Nerds United Facebook
Nerds United Twitter

Nerds United Episode 100: We March On

Hey everyone and thank you for taking the time to click the link, open the description in your podcast app, or however you came across reading these words.


As many of you know, for this episode, I was really wanting to have Kevin Smith as my guest. But that ended up not happening. I’ll try him again at a different time. I know he has plenty of irons in various fires.

So for this episode, I’m just getting you caught up on some of what I have been and will be reading. I’ve told my people at Twilight Comics (in Swansea, IL) that I’m going to convert from single issues to trade paperbacks, and to start ordering accordingly for me. The staff there is always thinking of new ways to get people in the doors, and Tuesday night’s “wedding celebration” of Batman and Catwoman was no different. I wasn’t there, but my son had some leftover cake on Wednesday.

So here’s a short list of some books I recommend: Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds, Kwame Hightower and the Man With No Name, and for kicks, anytime you see a Hellboy TPB on your store’s shelves, just buy it and read it.

That’s all for now. You’re great. I thank you for 5+ years of support and listenership and I promise that Episode 200 will be before 2023.

Nerds United Episode 99: Counting Down Our Favorite “Bad” Comic Book Movies

In the vein of Tom and Jim’s Top 5, Co-Host of the Year Mike and I do our own Top 5 Countdown, and it’s our favorite “guilty pleasure” comic book movies.

The only criteria are as follows: It has to be a movie based on a comic book, and it has to have a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 50%.

What made our lists? What movies narrowly missed our lists and were relegated to “honorable mention” status? And what did you, the listener, contribute to the show? Plus we have seamlessly interwoven some movie clips into the episode. But if you want a Top 5 done right, go listen to Tom and Jim’s Top 5. Theirs don’t go nearly as long.

And since I included Revis’ “Caught in the Rain” on the episode, here’s a little bit about that other closing credits song we talked about.

If you love fantastic music, I really encourage you to check out the debut album of Revis, available a click away on Amazon!

Nerds United Episode 98: Jay Peteranetz Returns Again

It’s a brand new episode with the one and only Jay Peteranetz. Jay is fresh off a weekend at Denver Comic Con and is in the process of shipping out the rewards from the successful Kickstarter Campaign for the original comic book Broderick, for which he did the art (Ron “Booth Babe” Bryce providing the story).

The show begins with me singing a song, and Jay promptly asking me to stop. We talk about some of the keys to a successful Kickstarter, like reasonable goals, and turning down offers to sell Broderick to maintain control of the IP.

Jay had a good time at Denver Comic Con, so we talk about some of the high points from his weekend there.

And at the end we have a little fun talking about Susan Storm and other superheroes on the beach (see featured image).

Follow Jay on instagram (see above) and Twitter. Remember to rate and review the podcast on your favorite listening app. And don’t forget that I’m still trying to get Kevin Smith on the show for the first week of July. Go back and read this entry from last year as I hope it will better explain why Kevin has been such a huge part of my life, and why he’s responsible for you being here as well.

Nerds United Episode 97: Mike is BACK!


Mike is here and we’re talking comics! We each read a graphic novel and brought it back to discuss. I brought some 2003 Robert Kirkman to the table. Not The Walking Dead. But rather – Invincible!

Mike brought a Brian Michael Bendis creation, Miles Morales, to the show. Miles is away from the Ultimate Universe. Which crazy Marvel characters does he encounter? Hint – Golden Balls. But also, Jessica Jones.

WHAT?!? This comic isn’t new. Go get it!

There’s also a long interlude about the old high school days, and the “cool kids.” So if you ever wanted insight into my high school life, there you have it.

Shout out’s to Mike’s son Nolan, as well as Mike’s mom, a loyal listener of Episode 95, and probably 97.

Big shout out to Lion Forge Comics in St. Louis. My job took me into their office on Thursday. I got to see my friend Lorenzo and writer/artist David Gorden. They hooked me up with Gorden’s labor-of-love and three-year project Kwame Hightower: And the Man With No Name.

David will be joining me on an upcoming episode of the show. Lorenzo and I will get together in a couple months ahead of the release of his book Scarab!

Want to read David’s book? You can have it in-hand in just a couple days by using the link below!

Nerds United Episode 96: The Apple and the Last Jedi

Whew. There is a LOT to unload in this episode. I knew going in that @chadsmart was not a fan of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. But after I finally had a chance to watch the movie recently, I wanted to sit down with him and chat about the movie.

Ol Chad had just one condition, however. He wouldn’t talk to me about Star Wars until I saw The Apple. What is The Apple?

It’s a musical filmed in 1979, released in 1980, and set in “futuristic 1994!” I’m not making this up, folks. Watch the trailer. It’s insane! So we talk all about BIM.

And then the space opera talk takes over, as Chad and I talk about The Last Jedi. What did we like about it? What didn’t we like about it? And why does it make us even more eager for Episode 9, regardless of our feelings towards Ep. 8?

Hey friends, keep this in mind. Chad is training (I use that term loosely) for a half-marathon in Los Angeles in the Fall. In doing so, he’s also raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital. I encourage you to click the link and if you can, throw a few dollars towards St. Jude’s in support of Chad’s fund raising efforts.

Also, with this being Episode 96, I’m really going to ramp up my efforts to have a very special guest on Episode 100. So if you want Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith as a guest on this show, please follow along on Twitter (@nerdsunitedshow) and help get the campaign noticed by a true inspiration to me.

As I said to Chad at the end of the recording, without Kevin Smith, he wouldn’t have a podcast on the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network. There would be no podcast network. There would be no Nerds United. So if you enjoy Nerds United, you can thank Kevin Smith. And I really hope to be able to do that!

Enjoy the new episode, friends. May the Force be with you.

Nerds United Episode 95: Spoiling Avengers Infinity War


If you have not seen Avengers – Infinity War, do NOT listen to this episode. Download it, save it, and listen to it ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE WATCHED THE MOVIE!!!

We seriously pull no punches when talking about the happenings of the movie.

Who is “we,” you ask? Well, that story gets told in the episode, but long story short, I’m joined by my high school classmate Mike Luther, a fellow nerd who a) has seen the movie (obviously) and 2) lives in the same town as me. It’s really convenient that way.

And we drink beer. Just a couple. We’re responsible.

So what happened in Avengers – Infinity War? I’m sure as hell NOT going to tell you here. You need to listen to the show. But if you are listening to the show, you should have seen the movie by now.

That makes sense, right Mike?

[Mike nods affirmation]

So listen to the show, and then head over to the Amazon link and buy something. Anything. They have it.

Don’t forget that this Saturday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! So go support your LOCAL comic book shops.

Nerds United 94: SPOILER FREE Avengers Infinity War Review

Let’s face it…you hate spoilers. I know this because I too hate spoilers, and I feel like we think alike on this subject.

Avengers – Infinity War has only been in theaters for about a week, and that’s not enough time for everyone to have seen the movie. But I moved Heaven and Earth to be able to watch the newest offering from Marvel Studios this past weekend, and I am sure glad I did.

What I have for you in this episode of Nerds United is a SPOILER FREE review. And truth be told, it’s not even much of a review. I hit a few high points. I don’t spoil anything. And I just say “this movie is amazing, you need to watch it!”

Is that something you feel you can get behind?


Because TOMORROW I will drop another brand new episode where I talk all about the movie and spoil it up the wazoo! So listen to this episode, go give Marvel/Disney your $10-$15, and then come back and listen to the episode all about Avengers – Infinity War!

Nerds United Episode 93: Cape Comic Con Review & More

This past weekend was the annual Cape Comic Con in Cape Girardeau, MO. I once again made my yearly trek to my once-upon-a-time town to visit friends and walk the floor of the Con, seeing familiar faces, supporting vendors, and doing all with my wife and son.

This episode is broken up into three sections. The first segment has me joined once again by Cape Con Director Ken Murphy, as we talked about the Con weekend, special guests Lou Ferrigno and Reb Brown, several artists and writers, as well as numerous vendors. We also talk about the wrestling aspect of the comic con weekend, which included global stars like Tommy Dreamer, Hangman Page, the Besties in the World, Thunder Rosa, Dan “The Beast” Severn, and “Cowboy” James Storm joining Cape Championship Wrestling favorites like Austin Lane, Brandon Barbwire, Farmer Billy Hills, Sarah Summers, the Pinnacle, the Crowleys, and many more. It was a night of blood, sweat, tears, betrayal, revenge, and triumph.

The conversation continues with Jay Noel, a St. Louis author who has written two trilogies and whose newest novel, “Gateway Mothman,” is available now on Amazon. Check out his series that begins with “Dragonfly Warrior,” a steam punk Japanese setting in an alternate history.

And finally, I talk with Scott Reed from, an online retailer who not only attends Cape Con, but also hosts his own Con in Harrisburg, IL. In a few minutes, we learn a little bit about Scott, the collection he shares with the public and the one he keeps just for himself. And we find out about the 2018 Burg Comic Con.

The 2018 Cape Con is in the books. And I am already eager for 2019. Mark YOUR calendars for the 4th weekend in April, 2019. And I’ll see you at the Cape Comic Con.

Nerds United Episode 92: Angels of Hell Writer Chris Reichard

It’s another new episode of Nerds United this month. I know what you’re thinking. Three consecutive weeks of new episodes.

Hell has not frozen over.

In fact, it’s Hell on Earth as I am joined by Chris Reichard, writer of Angels of Hell #1: An Apocalyptic Tale feat. the Four Horsemen.

Chris is from the St. Louis, MO area, but spent eight years in the US Army. His creative writing, in fact the early ideas for this story, go back to his high school days. And his love of comics dates back even further.

In this episode, we’ll learn about Chris and his origin story, as it were. We talk about Chris’ take on the apocalypse and the Four Horsemen and the quest they find themselves on in an effort to save the world.

The book is available to order on Kickstarter. I definitely recommend looking it over and throwing a few dollars their way. Support Indy Comics! I really can’t stress that enough!

Nerds United Episode 91: Reviewing Justice League with Tom Skull

Shows in back-to-back weeks. I don’t know how far back you’d have to go in the archives to find when that happened last.

Joining me this week is Tom Skull, co-host of two of his own podcasts, the Skullbuster Wrestlecast and Tom and Jim’s Top 5. Several weeks back, Tom was a guest on Chad’s first edition of “Question Everything,” his new monthly interview segment. But the day before that, Tom, along with his brother Jason, was on My 1-2-3 Cents to talk wrestling with Kevin. It was unofficially “Tom Skull Week” here at the Jittery Monkey Network, and the continuation of that is this episode where Tom and I talk about the Justice League movie, a movie neither of us had seen when I first asked Tom to be on the show.

So we will talk about Justice League, what we liked and what we didn’t like. And the DC cinematic universe in general.

That’s it, boys and girls, that’s the show. We’re reviewing a movie from last Fall, drinking beer, and having a good conversation. I can’t emphasize enough how much you should get the Podbean app and listen to each and every episode of Tom and Jim’s Top 5. I only have a few more to go before I’m caught up fully. And that’s saying something, because I got on board after they’d had a year full of shows. Truly entertaining and hits you right in the nostalgia!

Nerds United Episode 90: Stache Publishing and Colossal Chaos

In this brand-new episode, I’m joined by Stache Publishing’s Anthony Mathenia and writer Alex Wills as we talk about comics, creating comics, publishing comics, shipping comics, and getting comics funded on Kickstarter.

Stache currently has a new anthology live on Kickstarter, and you have until the end of April to support this *gigantic* project…because they’re giant monsters and robots and such. Get it?

Alex contributes a story to the book, titled Attack on Bug City (see the featured photo), a unique twist on the whole kaiju genre. I talk with him about his life in comics both from the fan perspective and as a writer.

And then, point blank, I ask the guys how one would start to write a comic book. You see, I have a story in my head that I want to tell. So Alex and Anthony give me some pointers and a brief idea of what I – or anyone looking to become a writer – should do at the start of the process.

Remember to check out Colossal Chaos, the fourth anthology in the Out of the Blue series from Stache Publishing. As I said at the end of the episode, I gave them some of my money, and I encourage you to do the same!

Next week, I’m bringing in another guest in Tom Skull of Tom and Jim’s Top 5 Podcast and we’re reviewing the following movie…so be ready!

Nerds United Episode 89: Gunpowder Witch Creator Jordan Williams

Welcome to the first Nerds United episode of 2018. It’s been almost two months since the last episode. Hope you had some good holidays there.

My guest for episode 89 has been on the podcast before (it’s in the archives…somewhere between Numbers 1 and 88). Jordan Williams is a cornerstone of Stache Publishing, frequently discussed here on the show. Jordan has written, drawn, and released two issues of his book Gunpowder Witch already. But all during the month of February, you can support his Kickstarter campaign to fund his entirely finished four-issue graphic novel for Gunpowder Witch.

Gunpowder Witch, in its simplest form, takes the historical accounts of the Salem Witch Trials and fictionalizes them by making the “witches” super-powered individuals who are misunderstood by their Puritan peers.

The conversation also takes a tangential turn to talk briefly about religion, but not in any way that is condescending. In other words…there’s a little something for everyone.

But the main thing is to support the Kickstarter. And I’ll update this post with the link tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

Nerds United Episode 88: The Nostalgia Pop with Chad Smart

Which decade was better? The 1980’s or the 1990’s?

That was the question Positive Cynicism’s Chad Smart and I set out to debate in a Jittery Monkey Crossover. The conclusion we came to was that just like discussing politics on social media, no minds were going to be changed. So instead, we just talked about “the good old days.”

Music, television, movies…nothing was left untouched in the realm of pop culture. But you have to forgive our memories to an extent. As the old saying goes whenever I forget something, “I’ve slept since then.”

So come with us as we travel back in time (in a DeLorean or a TARDIS, I don’t care which) to relive some of our favorite memories. And be sure to join us on social media to share your favorite memories of the 80s and 90s. We all hit childhood at different times, so I’m curious to know what was popular when you were younger. Remember to Like and Share so others can have that nostalgia as well.

You are appreciated.

Nerds United Episode 87: A New Premium Service?

This episode is born out of my friend Josh urging me to see Justice League. He saw it and, in his words, “dug it.” He said I need to see it right away so we could discuss it.

But there’s a little obstacle in the path to the movies, snack bar, and the silver screen.

My wife and I have a son and little free time. I’ve been to the theater just a handful of times since he was born, and my wife even fewer times. But the genre movies don’t stop being released. So I have an idea that would be great for consumers like me – but pretty horrible for movie theaters. Two words…digital streaming.

So give the show a listen and then utilize the comments section and tell me if you agree with my idea or not. I’m looking forward to your response.

Thanks for listening and sharing!

Nerds United Episode 86: A Collection of Musings

When you haven’t recorded a new episode in almost six weeks, some thoughts accumulate.

In the new episode, I talk a little bit about Stranger Things. I can only talk a little bit about it because I’ve only seen one episode. Hence, I’m “late to the party.”

I’m also late to the party because I didn’t realize that the new seasons of many comic book tv shows had started, those being The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, etc.


And I am really enjoying Seth MacFarlane’s ORVILLE on FOX. And I break down a recent episode and how it pertains to modern society. ORVILLE is a sneaky smart show that is more than 10% funnier than Star Trek.

Towards the end, I throw out some secondary and tertiary comic characters I’d like to see on the big screen. So in the comments, tell me if you agree or who you’d like to see get their big shot.

Nerds United Episode 85: Smallville, Multiversity, & More

In this all-new episode of Nerds United, I’m revisiting one of my favorite television shows from the early 2000’s, Smallville. Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, and a whole host of others made this a really memorable show, and opened the door for the CW shows and other comic book adaptations on the small screen.

I also talk a bit about a trade paperback from the “Distinguished Competition” that I’m reading, and while enjoying, for a long time felt was over my head. Few writers could spin a story in such a way that it takes me some time to grasp the direction it is going. But that’s Grant Morrison for you.

And how about an Image Comic that you should be reading if you aren’t. It’s a fun read with plenty of twists and turns of its own:

I’ve read Volume 1 and recently picked up Volume 2 to continue the journey.

If you enjoy the show and want it downloaded directly to your mobile device, please check it out on iTunes or Stitcher. Rate and review and maybe someday we’ll see Nerds United garner a little extra attention.

Your support is supremely appreciated.

Nerds United Episode 84: Return to West of Oz

You remember Return to Oz, right? Well in Episode 84, I’m joined by two previous guests, Sean Benner and Nick Winand, we return to their project West of Oz.

I backed their Kickstarter in the Spring for Issue 1 and read it upon its delivery. It’s a fun read, and when I talked with the pair, they emphasized that they wanted to keep the book light-hearted and steer clear of any “gritty” filters commonly used.

We hear about the reception to West of Oz #1 both from fans and other creators. Hear tales about taking the book to various comic cons (and a great story from me about Cape Comic Con), including Portland this past weekend.

Now you have the opportunity to back the next two chapters of the story – Issues 2 & 3 – in trade paperback form.

This project is mostly funded and you can help push them over the edge. You have until Sunday September 24 to back this book. It’s right there. Help them see it through.

And stay tuned to the end for a brief tragedy and the recovery. All is well.

Nerds United Episode 83: Jason Copland…FINALLY!

It’s the podcast three or four months in the making. Hear the tale about why it took us so long to hook up for a recording and why the night we did record was so disadvantageous (but we made the best of it, because Jackie rocks).

We talk about Jason’s early years as a reader of comics, and how he went to art school and the advice he was given. Anthology work begat an opportunity to work with one of the best writers in the business on Daredevil (seen in the featured photo…DD #33, for you readers there).

We get more info on Kill All Monsters – available now pretty much everywhere – and what Jason has been doing since Kill All Monsters wrapped up.

Jason did a three-issue stint on IDW’s Judge Dredd:

Issues 3-5

And now he’s working on writing a story of his own for which he will also do the art, so there’s a great opportunity to have him on the show again in the future to talk about Full Tilt.

Enjoy the show. Like, Comment, Share, and rate/review on iTunes. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Nerds United Episode 82: #AskNerdsUnited

I put out the call for your questions and you came through. In this episode, I field questions about Image Comics’ Cowboy – Ninja – Viking (coming to a theater near you in 2019), Ready Player One (coming to a theater near you in March), and my overall thoughts on the DC Cinematic Universe. There’s also a question about books I would recommend that aren’t of the comic book variety, and I provide a dramatic reading of my son’s favorite book.

Be sure to check out Kickstarter for the “Project We Love,” West of Oz.

And as promised, here’s the trailer to Ready Player One.


Nerds United Episode 81: Michael May and Kill All Monsters

Episode 81 is here and I’m thrilled to sit down with writer Michael May. I get a bit of Michael’s own origin story as well as some good conversation about Kill All Monsters, available now wherever comics and most other books are sold, as well as the interwebs.

Kill All Monsters started as an idea May had with artist Jason Copland (my chat with him in the very near future). How’d the project begin? Where was it originally found? And how did a successful Kickstarter campaign help these two see their creation get picked up by Dark Horse comics?

Michael and I also talk about the current state of the comic book industry, and why it’s important to support stories you love and their creators. Like Captain Planet would say:

Image result for the power is yours gif

What’s next for Michael? Working on Kill All Monsters Vol. 2, naturally. You can check out Volume 1 using the link below.

Jason…you’re up next!

Nerds United Episode 80: Alberto Pessoa on Primas

Meet Alberto Pessoa: writer, artist, researcher, and creator of Primas. Primas is an original graphic novel based on true stories from research Alberto did over a three year period in a poor region of Paraiba, Brazil. While there, Pessoa talked with local women who earned their living in “the world’s oldest profession.”

In Primas, Pessoa takes the stories of three women and combines them into one tale of the fictional “Rosa.”

I ready the PDF version of Primas in about 40 minutes in one sitting, as I found it wholly engaging and riveting. It’s not a superhero tale. You’ll find no capes or cowls. Only real stories told with a vivid art style. I love the art on this book. It’s simply yet effective. It gets two thumbs up from me, in that regard. The honesty with which the story is told is both brutal yet refreshing. It makes the book all the more desirable to read.

I highly encourage you to check out the Kickstarter and throw them a few bones. Having read the book, I’m confident in saying you won’t be disappointed!

Nerds United Episode 79: Broderick Writer Ron Bryce

Broderick is already a success story. The Kickstarter launched and has met its initial goal.

Now I’m thrilled to sit down with Ron Bryce, the writer of Broderick. Fun fact: Ron has known longtime friend of the show (and current record holder of most guest appearances) Jay Peteranetz from the very beginning. So after Ron wrote and published his novel (Thirty Days from Sunday), he started working on a novella, and thus, Jack Broderick was born!


From comic cards to Kickstarter, come with us on the secret origin of Ron Bryce.

And if you’re going to Denver Comic Con this weekend, be sure to stop by Booth M20, see Ron and Jay, and give them a dollar. I want this project to be fully funded, but I need your help!!! Hardcover, t-shirt, all four issues…it can all be ours! And it could only cost you $1!

Nerds United Episode 78: Jay Peteranetz on Broderick

It’s new episode day! Jay Peteranetz returns to talk about his new project on Kickstarter, Broderick.

Broderick is an original comic drawn by Jay, written by Ron Bryce, and colored by Tony Zollo. It’s a noir story about a mob hitman who is “too violent” (Jay’s words) for the mafia. That’s saying something. I mean, the mafia was notoriously violent. YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIES! YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WERE CAPABLE OF!

But I digress. I’ve read the Broderick preview, available now on the Kickstarter site. In it, Broderick wakes up in Trinity, New Mexico (the real site of the first ever atomic bomb test) – having been dropped there by the mafia overlords he used to serve. Getting a firsthand account of that first blast also comes with, as we come to find out, some damn radiation poisoning.

So – what does Broderick do with his remaining time? Revenge or redemption? And did I open up an existential can of worms with my interpretation? WHO KNOWS?!?

So – check out the Kickstarter. Throw a few dollars their way. Check out all the reward levels. Let’s SUPERFUND this book!

Follow Jay and Ron on twitter:

Jay Peteranetz
Ron Bryce

Also – why will this show never get a sponsorship deal with Taco Bell? It’s all inside!

Nerds United Episode 77: Game of Thrones, Castlevania, and Acting

All right kids, so here’s the new episode. It’s another road recording. And admittedly, it’s not nearly as thorough and complete as I’d like. But…it is what it is.

So earlier in the day, we received a trailer for Season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. So I’m excited about that.

We also received a teaser trailer for a new project headed to Netflix later this year. And though I shared a different version on Facebook earlier in the day, well, I like this one more.

Last but certainly not least, is a response to this article from, on what had to be a slow news day: The Fifteen Most DESPISED Comic Book Movie Performances.

I take great issue with this, based just on the first two actors listed. But the point is this:

More blame should be levied on the director/producer than the actor portraying the role. And who are you as the author of that article to speak for everyone when calling those performances the most despised? Maybe they were more disappointing to you than other performances. But that’s more your fault based on your expectations of A abd receiving B.

But I digress. There’s more for me to get into on that subject, but that is – I think – more of a blog post when I have the time to disagree with most of the author’s points.

Enjoy the show and we’ll catch you again soon.

What Did I Just Do?

Seriously – what did I just do?

I’m not opposed to shaving for good causes. Here’s when I shaved my head for the Bald Men Walking Relay for Life team five years ago.

Backstory: If you recall a recent post, you’re aware of my love of shaving. It’s not a chore anymore, it’s an event. And this is a great community of people who share the hobby.

I’ve not met anyone in the wet shave community that I didn’t know before I got into it. That will change in a few weeks when I attend the STL Wet Shavers Meet Up. That will be awesome.

But still, it’s a great community. We have good times and plenty of laughs. We have memorial shaves, we have congratulatory shaves for weddings, graduations, retirements, etc (I know I had a helluva shave when my son was born), and we have shaves just to show support. So when it was learned that one of our own was going through something major (learned his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer), one of our fearless leaders created a shave event in her honor. Predicated on her favorite scents, citrus based

Now I don’t know him and I certainly don’t know her, but “when in Rome,” right?

So the event is technically Sunday. But some of us are doing citrus shaves all week long. I began tonight.


Now a normal shave would be just fine. But dammit, I had an idea.

AHH! My boobs are on the Internet!

That’s right, kids. I did the unthinkable.



The band-aid? I had a mole right in the center. And it’s not perfect, but I’ve never shaved my chest before.

And I never will. And yeah, I left the hair around the nips. You saw the razor in the feature image.

As an unforeseen bonus, now my boy can’t pull my chest hair.

Melinda, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue your fight

But I hope to God that no one gets testicular cancer!!!

Nerds United Episode 76: Star Wars, Logan, FCBD, and More!

Heeeey I’m back, recording from the road. It’s safe, I’m fairly certain.

Plenty to talk about in the 76th episode of Nerds United. I’ve been reading comics (SHOCKING, I KNOW!), so there are a few titles I’m talking about, and a reminder to you that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day (hit that hyperlink to see what books are available this year).

Today is May the Fourth…Star Wars Day. What’s your favorite Star Wars moment? I have a few myself.

Whose names get mentioned here? Let’s see…Logan, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Crossbones, Captain America, Daredevil, Darth Bane, Darth Vader…I mean, it goes on and on.

I also recap my day at the Cape Comic Con a couple weeks ago!

Also starting a new feature on Facebook today, and every #ThorsDay. An image of the god of thunder from a talented artist on DeviantArt. Give it a look, and all credit to lukealderson1898 for the first Thor image used for this weekly feature.

Hey, if you like the show, if you like Nerds United, please share it with your friends and fellow nerds. I would really appreciate it!

DC’s Titans Headed to New Streaming Service

Earlier today, we learned that Warner Bros./DC is moving forward with a live-action version of the Teen Titans.

Honestly, it’s a brilliant idea. It hits home for the generation that grew up with the Titans on Cartoon Network (even if they didn’t pick up a comic book). But they will also capture the audience that has brought continued success to the CW shows in the “Arrow-verse.” It gets top billing because it was the first, followed by The Flash, Supergirl (an acquisition from NBC), and Legends of Tomorrow.

Greg Berlanti, the mastermind behind the success of these network programs, will once again be at the forefront of this DC property, working with Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Sarah Schechter.

This will also mark DC’s first venture on their new, yet-to-be-launched streaming service. So it won’t be a full week of Berlanti shows on the CW. Just, you know…four. Or whatever it is now. I guess Legends is on after Flash. I don’t know…I DVR everything and zip through commercials.

In a press release from Warner Bros.:

“Titans” follows a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In this action-packed series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others.

One recruit that is already established that I’d like to see pulled over to Titans is a Titan himself, Kid Flash.

Keiynan Lonsdale portrays Kid Flash on the CW’s hit show The Flash.

Now, I’m a little behind on my Flash-watching, but it just seems like Wally West/Kid Flash is sort of just there. He doesn’t have too much to do since you still have the titular character on the show. So it would work. Plus, as I mentioned above, he’s an established character and would likely draw his fans, and fans of The Flash into this new project.

Titans as a live-action production seems like the next logical step in the process of bringing these characters to a new audience. The same press release that brought the news of the Titans live action show also held an announcement that Young Justice was making its return. And with the success of the DC Animated universe titles like Justice League vs Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, live action was just the next evolution. And since Titans was brought back to the dance after being neglected by TNT, it looks like it will finally be done right.

I look for more Titans news in the future. I’m guessing they already have an actor in mind to play Dick Grayson, but who do you see in that role?

Tell me on Facebook or Twitter.

Nerds United Episode 75: Talking Smit and the Cape Comic Con

This weekend is the 12th Annual Cape Comic Con in Cape Girardeau, MO.

This year’s Cape Con preview episode features two of my favorite people and best friends, Jared and Nia Smith, of Talking Smit fame. We’re talking about some of our memories of recent Cape Con’s, the mistake that I made once and the good times had by all.

Learn about their favorite memories of their trips to Cape Con (spoiler, this pic place a part):

Cape Con 2017 will once again reunite me with my good friends, but we also talk about what is anticipated the most for them this year. Being that they’re both big wrestling fans, they’re eager to see two great nights of wrestling at the Arena. It’s Girl Fight and the Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament Friday night and the CCW Super Show Saturday night. Big names are brought to Southeast Missouri for a great weekend, and you can see them all (and the CCW talent) at the Con itself.

Enjoy the show. We get a silent cameo from my son who walked over to the broadcast area late in the show (he was a little more vocal about midway through).



Fresh Content Day 46: The Kevin Smith Post

Where do I start? Let’s see…I got a late start on Kevin Smith fandom. Clerks came out in 1994, but I didn’t see it until 2000 or 2001. Oddly enough, I heard of a little movie called Dogma before I heard of Clerks, Mallrats, or Chasing Amy, all of which were before Dogma.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I graduated high school in 2000 and stayed home and went to a community college. The plan was to knock out my general courses and get my Associate’s Degree on their dime (academic scholarship) and then go on to a university and finish my Bachelor’s Degree and become a teacher. Obviously, it didn’t work out that way and instead, after finishing my Associate’s, I went on to broadcast school. But the friendships I made at small Kaskaskia College in Centralia, IL were some of the most important of my life, and I’m still friends with many of those people today.

One kid I met in college (we’ll call him Billy, since that was his name) introduced me to a couple of characters named Jay and Silent Bob. Billy let me borrow Clerks, and from there I borrowed Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. I was hooked. I loved how all the movies were inter-connected (before there was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was the View Askew-niverse). I should clarify that I borrowed these movies originally, but later purchased them. I had the first four movies on video cassette.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was different. I recognized at that point that the industry was changing. Actually, it had changed, I was just behind the times. My last semester in college, I took a Film History course, and one of our assignments was a video report on a movie, actor, director, etc. I chose Kevin Smith. I pieced together bits of the videos from the five movies mentioned above, talking about how they were all connected, how he used actors in different roles (Brian O’Halloran being my main example), how there was a nerdy theme throughout all of the movies.

Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was my first movie on DVD before I had a DVD player. I bought it on vacation in June of 2002 and didn’t get an XBox for probably six months. I would watch it on my mom’s old laptop that she wasn’t using anymore.

I’m going to make a HUGE step forward now and say that without Kevin Smith, Nerds United wouldn’t be a thing. I wouldn’t have a podcast. I wouldn’t have started my own podcast network. You wouldn’t be reading this at all…if not for Kevin Smith.

It was February 2012 and I had just upgraded to an iPhone 5. I had been watching Comic Book Men on AMC for a few weeks and assumed that when the guys (Kevin, Bryan, Walt, Mike, and Ming)  were sitting around the table talking, that it was an actual podcast recording. So I went to find it on my new iTunes podcast app. I didn’t find it, but I did find a little show called Fatman on Batman. I remember the first episode I listened to was Part One of the Grant Morrison two-parter. I did that on the way to and from Effingham, IL to broadcast some high school boys basketball.

I was instantly hooked to the show and would go back and listen to all of the previous episodes. Those early episodes with Mark Hamill, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Tara Strong, Kevin Conroy, Adam West, Scott Snyder…I mean…people who have worked on or been a part of Batman lore – some of the best podastin’ I’ve ever heard. When he sat down with my favorite author, Brad Meltzer, I was quite simply in heaven.

But the reason I’m here (and the reason you’re here) is because, in his own inspirational way, Smith said (and I’m paraphrasing) “if you’ve got something you want to say or create, just do it.” I had something I wanted to say. So here we are. I later found his weekly podcast Hollywood Babble-On, and that’s a go-to every Monday morning, when I update my podcast downloads and hope to see it there for its regular laughs.

Smith gets a lot of heat online anytime his name is mentioned. Any time his name pops up on a headline, often the comments include “who cares what Kevin Smith says,” etc.

My problem with that is 1) Kevin Smith isn’t in charge of news sites writing about him and B) people are just some jealous bastards.

The guy has legitimate geek cred. He wrote for Marvel and DC (Daredevil, Batman, and Green Arrow runs come to mind), as well as Green Hornet. He has directed The Flash and Supergirl. But my takeaway from Smith is “find something you love doing and find a way to make a living from it.” Here’s a guy who wrote and directed a movie on a budget of about $27,000. And from those humble beginnings, is a household name and a global brand.

His more recent stuff, the “True North Trilogy,” is a little off beat and left of center. Tusk was a really messed up movie. Yoga Hosers was an oddball teen comedy. And I enjoyed them both. MooseJaws (like Jaws, but with a moose) is the third one in the lineup and should be a fun picture as well.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Smith is that he marches to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t care. He said (paraphrasing again) that by and large, the public wasn’t going out to see the movies he made that he thought they wanted, so he just started making movies that he wanted to see. Tusk originated from a conversation on one of his podcasts.

Regardless of your opinion of Smith, his “I’m going to do it my way, with or without you” attitude is to be commended. He sees your “that can’t be done” and responds with a “watch me do it.”

It was just announced on a recent episode of Fatman on Batman that Smith was tapped (he’d find that dirty…and hilarious) to write, direct, and produce a Sam and Twitch series for BBC America.

The guy travels the world with his friends doing live shows of his various podcasts. Despite his detractors, he has a loyal following of fans. He has enriched my comic book appreciation by recommending titles and arcs I may not have picked up otherwise.

Kevin Smith is my spirit animal if ever I had one.

When Nerds United was in its infancy, I reached out to Kevin to see if he’d be interested in being a guest on the show. That request was greeted with crickets. Maybe…MAYBE…Kevin will see this and open a dialogue. I’d love to have the type of chat with him that he had with the likes of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and Denny O’Neil (two of the best storytellers of all damn time). I’ve read his comics and I have seen his movies. I know there’s a ton of dialogue. A four-part series with Kevin Smith?

So, Kevin Smith, if you read this and got all the way to the end, thank you for inspiring me to get out there with a microphone and my friends and create something. Now…would you like to be a guest on my podcast?



That’s it, folks. We made it through Lent with new content every day. WHEW! I’m tired. I’m still going to write for the site, but probably not every day. I’ve been sacrificing a lot of sleep to try to meet these self-imposed deadlines (and even then, I sometimes missed them). I’m excited to go to bed early tonight and prepare for Easter tomorrow with my family. I’m pretty pumped to eat Garrett’s candy, HA HA HA HA HA!

I thank you all for reading these posts, whether you read one, ten, or all 46. I try not to think that I’m just yelling into a big empty room and that someone is out there enjoying what I do here at Nerds United. Hope to have a new podcast up this week with the organizer of the Cape Comic Con. I’ll be there a week from now, seeing old friends and making new connections. If you’ve enjoyed these posts, tell your friends about it. This is a pure grassroots effort here with no budget. It’s a hobby, not a job.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my nerdy heart!

Fresh Content Day 45: Breaking Down Star Wars Ep VIII – The Last Jedi Trailer

The Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm wiseguys decided one awesome trailer this week wasn’t enough. So they graced us with one of the most anticipated trailers in recent memory.

Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Let’s break down this one just like we did the Thor trailer earlier in the week.

It opens with a rock. Or rather, a rocky surface. And then suddenly – BAM! Rey drops on screen.

She looks like she’s sweating and she’s gasping for air. She reminds me of how Luke looked in Empire Strikes Back when Yoda was training him in the ways of the Force.

Show the classic Lucasfilm emblem we’ve seen for so long. Aaaand now we’re flying over water.

That is one picturesque island. And it’s not some random place in the south Pacific. NAY! It’s a real place off the coast of Ireland called Skellig Michael, and it’s a must-see place without the high-quality production camera.

IRELAND – MARCH 17: The small island of Skellig Michael, Skellig Islands, County Kerry, Ireland. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Next we see a cove and Rey looking out over the water. It cuts to her hands on the ground and using the Force to lift pebbles off the ground. Again, reminiscent of Empire.

When the screen goes black, we hear Luke’s voice saying “What do you see?”

Rey answers “Light” as we see a Rebel Command Center and what is clearly the backside of General Organa (Carrie Fisher had concluded filming her scenes for this movie before she passed away in December). When the image changes to a broken and for some reason smoking Kylo Ren helmet, Rey’s coinciding response is “darkness.”

In another cut away, we see darkness surrounding a lit area, a hand on an old text or scroll, and more words from Rey.

I have listened to it several times, but I don’t know if she says “imbalance” or “and balance.” If you have an opinion, voice it in the comments on Facebook.

As we hear the voice of Luke say “It’s so much bigger,” we see a distance shot of Rey getting some quality time in practicing with the light saber.

After it’s announced that we can expect Episode VIII “THIS CHRISTMAS,” we see some speeders kicking up a bunch of dust on the desert, and one clearly has a little problem on the approach.

A quick glimpse of Finn asleep, dead, I don’t know. He looks at peace. That’s more than we can say about most of the galaxy far far away. A quick cut to Poe and BB-8 on the run from an explosion.

And then…


Complete with the Millennium Falcon. Now if you remember the end of The Force Awakens, you’ll know that [OMG IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING] Han Solo is dead. Last we saw, Rey joined Chewbacca on the Falcon. And they flew that hunka junk to Luke’s position. So seeing it being shot at by the First Order’s version of the TIE Fighter is interesting. I would assume that means that the Falcon left Luke, and not that they were followed there by the First Order. Rey is seen briefly running with her lightsaber extended.

At the 1:29 mark, we get our first look at Kylo Ren.

And he does not look happy. Of course, he was just PWNed by a n00b. (Is that right? Am I saying that right?) I’m really looking forward to the rematch.

We see Luke and R2-D2 standing side-by-side, looking at a burning structure. Based on the shot immediately following that, with Kylo Ren leading some troopers towards our viewpoint, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a conflict between Ren and Skywalker at that place.

More space battle. I gloss over it briefly because it’s just there. It will play a part, but I don’t think it will be the focus.

Then the cryptic words of Luke Skywalker: “It’s time for the Jedi…to end.” No idea what it means but eager as heck to find out.

After another viewing of the trailer, here are a few things I missed:

  • There are soft voices in her light/dark segment. Online speculation hints at maybe Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequels. There is also allegedly the voice of Princess Leia from A New Hope.
  • Something I missed in initial viewings of the teaser were the AT AT’s in the background when the fighters take to the sand (around the 1:16 mark).

So…is it December yet?

Of course, here’s the trailer in its entirety:

Fresh Content Day 44: Marvel’s Ultimatum

Now before you start wondering, let me clear the air here.

  1. I’m not giving Marvel an Ultimatum. I’m not saying “put Steve Rogers back in the red, white, and blue” or “for crying out loud, please cast Nathan Fillion in something more than voice work!”
  2. Marvel isn’t handing out ultimatums to Sony or 20th Century Fox or anything lile that regarding any of their properties.

This is about “Marvel Ultimatum,” a five-issue mini-series that was published in 2008-2009. Best I can tell, it takes place in Marvel’s Ultimate universe. Written by the incredible Jeph Loeb and penciled by David Finch, it is a Marvel comic event that, I think, caused everyone to look around and say “well, I think we’re all glad that didn’t happen in the main continuity.”


To put it mildly, it’s a damn bloodbath. The story opens with a swell of water that floods New York City. Meanwhile, Eastern Europe is covered in a deep winter that kills man, woman, and child. Earthquakes in Wakanda. Volcanoes in the Amazon. In the first issue, the death toll reaches the millions.

And no one is immune. Throughout the series, heroes are offed left and right. Some from the initial natural disasters, but most from the ensuing conflicts.

Now I fully admit that I only read the core Ultimatum story, without going into the Requiem tie-ins or any other titles. But it was a relatively easy book to digest, and I was able to finish it in one sitting. Truth be told, it wasn’t on my radar initially, and I only knew about it from a YouTube video (I don’t remember which one now). But it did give me a pretty sweet #BOOM! picture I was able to use after selling a car.

But here’s a list of Marvel characters who are killed in Ultimatum:

  • Beast
  • Nightcrawler
  • Dazzler
  • Franklin Storm
  • Emma Frost
  • Wasp
  • Blob
  • Hank Pym
  • Longshot
  • Forge
  • Doctor Strange
  • Cannonball
  • Professor X
  • Spider-Man (he would later be revealed to be alive)
  • Angel

There are more. But it’s almost as if George RR Martin wrote the story. And here’s the thing. There are A-list names above. But what I haven’t told you yet is Thor sacrificed himself and stayed behind in Hel to save Valkyrie and Captain America.

So let’s let the story unfold. It is realized that Magneto changed the magnetic fields at Earth’s north and south poles. That caused all the destruction and devastation. It’s learned that he’s essentially punishing mankind for the death of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. So all the heroes go to his floating fortress for the confrontation. That’s where Angel dies. It’s where Magneto kills Wolverine and where Cyclops returns the favor.

A few days later at a press conference, while Cyclops is addressing the crowd on the steps of Congress he’s assassinated. After that, Doctor Doom has his head crushed by the Thing.

Like I said, there is an unnerving amount of death in these five issues. But the most gruesome death is that of Janet van Dyne aka Wasp. Hawkeye turns the corner and sees Blob feasting on her torso. Blob meets his end when Hank Pym picks him up and bites his head off, then spitting it out and dropping Blob from a very high distance.

I mean…it’s gratuitous. It’s unnerving.

It’s Rated T for Teen.

Now Ultimatum is not the best comic book out there. It’s not one of Jeph Loeb’s best. That’s on the other side of the Marvel/DC aisle:

And that’s just my opinion. But that is a great story.

So where does that leave Ultimatum? Well, I read it out of morbid curiosity. I think we all do that from time to time. But this is a unique story that shows the demise of a good portion of the Marvel Earthly heroes. If you’re curious and didn’t see my [SPOILERS] as a bad thing, I encourage you to seek it out, borrow it from a friend. If you’re not curious, well the good news is that there are a lot of comics out there to scratch almost any itch you might have. Go to your local comic book store, tell them where your interests lie, and then listen and honestly consider their recommendations.

It’s a big beautiful world of comics out there, kids. Go get you some.

Fresh Content Day 43: Life with a Toddler

I know it’s crazy, but I don’t bring up my son a lot on social media. I do here and there, of course. I don’t ignore the fact that he exists. But I have several friends who would love to have children of their own, but for one reason or another, the Good Lord hasn’t provided them with that blessing yet.

I was in their shoes once. My wife and I tried for years to start a family. While we had our struggles – including losing one pregnancy about twelve weeks in – our friends were having their first kids or their second kids. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t hurting. That behind the smiles and tears of happiness there was also anger and tears of sadness. So with those memories always in my mind, I never want to feel like I’m rubbing it in my friends’ faces that I have a child while they wait for their prayers to be answered.

So on Day 43, when I didn’t see any headlines today that brought with them some inspiration, no new trailer to break down, and nothing left to say about tornadoes (sorry Jay), I turned to my wife and said “what should I write about tonight?”

She said “write about living with a 15-month-old.”

So…let’s see. Our son is up and running and playing. He loves to be outside. We have a playset in the backyard that was here from the previous owners. We ordered a toddler swing for it so he can swing anytime he wants to.

I’d say overall, he’s pretty good with our two dogs. But he accidentally stepped on Lucky’s tail last week. She didn’t appreciate that. He made it up to her by dropping food from his high chair down to the floor. I’d say all was forgiven after that.

As I said, he’s more mobile now. We’ve had to make adjustments to how we store things, like our/my expansive movie collection. It used to be in alphabetical order. Now I’m just happy if he hasn’t chewed on any cases that day.

He likes to play ball, either rolling it back and forth or picking it up and bringing it back to us, so we would roll it and he’d go get it and bring it back. Yes, our son is good at playing fetch.

Some days he doesn’t feel so good. A couple weeks ago he had a temperature for a few days straight. It’s times like those that I’m happier than normal to be married to a nurse, because when I would have freaked out, she kept a level head, and “Lil Man” pulled through just fine.

It’s amazing what we have found that he enjoys. I mean, he’s a little kid, so Mickey and Elmo are right in his wheelhouse. But we also will watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every week. It’s a good show to capture his attention, and as such, I now have many of the songs set to memory.

Here he is watching The Muppet Christmas Carol during dinner.

Lately, he’s been practicing for Easter Sunday. We went to two Easter Egg Hunts (you read about one ten days ago) and will do Easter and Grandma and Grandpa’s on Sunday, complete with a little egg hunt there. So he’s been picking up things and putting them in his Mickey basket (he doesn’t know he has a Yoda basket for Easter).

Here’ what I know…we have a super little boy who likes apples almost as much as he likes saying “apple.” He says “appy” because he’s a happy kid (or because he’s going to be the next great app developer…I’m all right with either). He runs to meet me at the door when I get home from work. He doesn’t like it when mommy leaves for work in the evening.

Truth be told, we couldn’t ask for a better child. He makes us laugh every day.

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