Nerds United 360: The DC Version of “Keep Five”

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike are back and are talking about DC movies. Mike and Greg each chose 15 DC movies for the other to review and determine which five need to be kept and which ones can be dumped.

Mike did Greg dirty. The options Greg was given were largely horrible movies (with a few exceptions). Greg tried to find different titles and improve the overall quality of the movies provided.

That’s not all the guys talked about. Greg cleaned out some space to organize his comic books and here’s what he pulled out of a bedroom closet:

Whilst cleaning and organizing, Greg did find a coveted comic book. He looked in every box until he found…

A couple trailers were dropped recently for a movie and a series that are based on wildly popular video games.

First – Borderlands:

Second – Fallout:

The guys talked a little bit about Aquaman 2 after watching it on Max finally. You know what that means..

Next week: DUNE! (Not Dune 2, no one has time for that.)

Also next week, since we’ve picked Marvel movies, DC movies, and 80s movies, we’re going to choose 5 movies from the 90s to preserve.

As always…

Be kind.