Nerds United 367: Wrestlers Redux and that Deadpool Trailer

Well, unless you want to scratch your head at Greg being a dumbass, go ahead and jump to about the 13-minute mark.

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike will once again attempt to determine which wrestlers to “save” in our ongoing series. What started with movies from the 1980s has carried us through the decades in both film, television, breakfast cereals, and now professional wrestlers.

Also, if you’re unaware, there’s a little movie coming out this summer called Deadpool & Wolverine. Marvel and Ryan Reynolds dropped a new trailer this week that shows a lot of familiar faces and gives us a glimpse into the movie, including our best look yet at Wolverine in action.

We’ll see what Mike’s been up in in the last two weeks and check in on what the guys have read or watched in the off-days.