Nerds United 349: Futures of Spider-Man and Supernatural Remain Unclear

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg get together for what they think is a short episode (SPOILER: It’s still almost an hour) and while they don’t have a formal “main topic,” they do spend some time on some news and notes.

For example…does Tom Holland need creative control of the next Spider-Man movie? Or would the studio re-cast him if they have a script that he doesn’t like?

The stars of Supernatural tease a possible future for the longest running sci-fi/fantasy series in the history of American television. That’s mostly unfortunate, really, as the show went on about nine years too long as it was.

There’s a really solid trailer for the Furiosa movie.

Greg finally read DC’s Dark Knights of Steel Vol. 1 (with volume 2 available later this month). It’s really good and it should be in Mike’s hands later this week.

Get some updates on what’s going on in the guys’ lives. For example, the night we recorded, Greg took his family to the world famous St. Louis Zoo for their Wild Lights event. And Mike finally has a safe vehicle to drive to and from the gym.

As always…be kind.