Nerds United 343: This Episode is for the Birds

This episode, at least the first ten or fifteen minutes, is dedicated to birds. All the years I’ve known Mike, and I had no idea he was an amateur ornithologist.

After that, we get into some recent comic book acquisitions and books we’ve been reading. Mike is pretty excited for Greg to get his hands on Gideon Falls, a Jeff Lemire graphic novel.

Meanwhile, Greg picked up some DC Knight Terrors tie-ins and hopes to get them read in a timely manner. And Greg binged Beckham in one day this past week. Check out the trailer. If you were alive and cognizant of pop culture in the late 1990s, there’s no way you were able to avoid the David Beckham/Posh Spice mania.

New episodes of Loki and Gen V, but the conversation shifted to horror and Halloween, as Mike determined that most horror movies don’t take place at Halloween, and asked “which movies take place at Halloween.”

The show is wrapped up with blind rankings of Halloween costumes, which we will try to share in short-form video on some of our platforms.

Be kind.