Nerds United 365: Fast Food Selections, X-Men, and a Sing-Song Joker

This week on Nerds United LIVE, Greg and Mike discuss some of the week’s headlines.

One of the bigger headlines of the week was the release of the Joker 2 trailer. As Joaquin Phoenix dons the makeup once again, he’s joined by Lady Gaga who will portray Harley Quinn. One of your beloved hosts made it through the trailer. The other gave up. But why?

Find out X-Men ’97 is a wild success on Disney+ and perhaps it is re-energizing the X-Men brand. he guys discuss the announcement of three X-titles set for release this summer, one of which is being written by a past guest on this very show.

What have the guys been watching or reading? Get the latest in capes, cowls, and more from two guys who enjoy sharing their love of all things nerdy.

And last but not least, the most unfortunate timing for a headlining topic as the duo discusses which fast food restaurants to save. Why is today possibly the worst day for this category to pop up in the ongoing series? Because Greg went to the doctor…and the results are just so-so.