Nerds United 301: Additions and Subtractions (Castings and Cancellations)

HEY HEY! It’s time for a new Nerds United. This week, Greg and Mike are filling you in on some comic book purchases (by Mike) and the fact that Greg hasn’t had any time to read in the last week.

So the news and discussion this week focuses on the revamped Green Lantern show headed to HBOMax sometime in the probably distant future (we’re not confident it will happen in our lifetimes) as well as Henry Cavill coming back to the DCU and Yahya being cast as Wonder Man for Marvel.

Also…Winchesters and Stargirl are axed while Sandman gets renewed at Netflix.

And as a bonus: there’s a trailer for A Christmas Story Christmas. You guessed it – the sequel to A Christmas Story. It’s a nice segway into the fact that we’re starting the Christmas Movie Madness Tournament this week (which we didn’t talk about at all on the show).

Enjoy, and be kind.