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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 18: I want MY Mtv!

As a child of the ’80s, @chadsmart grew up with Mtv. As a child of the ’90s, Greg “@thehooch36” witnessed the last days of Mtv as a viable tool for emerging musicians.  Even though both hosts have fond memories of Mtv, there comes a time when they knew they were not the target demographic for the pop culture band leader.

On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad share their memories of Mtv and and explain when they realized their relationship with Mtv needed to end.  It wasn’t them, it was Mtv.

Positive Cynicism EP 20: 1991 Year in Music: Hair Metal

Continuing the review of music released in 1991, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) turn the attention from rap to hair metal and discuss a genre on its last legs. With an emerging change in musical landscape as well as lack of album releases from major hair metal stalwarts, looking back it’s easy to see the writing was on the (bathroom) wall. Even with Guns N Roses and Metallica releasing three of the biggest albums of the year, party rock was about to be replaced by a more somber ideology.