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Greg and Chad’s Power Half Hour Episode 31: Book Club

No, Greg and Chad aren’t starting an official Jittery Monkey book club. Though, they may be open to the idea if you ask (@thehooch36, @chadsmart). On this episode of the Power Half Hour, Greg and Chad talk about some of their favorite books and reading habits. Chad also spends a lot of time trying to get Greg to veer off into tangents. With only 30 minutes to talk, does Greg take the bait?

Along the way, there is debate of book vs. movie and an surprise movie reference. See if you can find Waldo in this episode.

Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 50: Tanner Lee, O-Line, and NFL Playoffs

Well, Husker fans got some news Thursday that may or may not have been expected.

Of course, that’s no longer news to you. But it did mean fodder for the conversation on this week’s episode of the Five Heart Podcast. What are Tanner’s chances of being drafted, and where does that leave the Huskers’ depth chart with Patrick O’Brien and Tristan Gebbia in Lincoln and now Adrian Martinez headed to the Great Cornhusker State.

Also, what can former Husker player and new Offensive Line Coach Greg Austin do to rebuild the much-maligned offensive line, and how will he utilize the players at his disposal to put the best group together?

There’s also some NFL talk as the League approaches the playoffs. And Greg goes on an anti-Patriots diatribe that should make most fans happy (assuming you aren’t a Patriots fan…but how can you be a Patriots fan and also have a soul?).

And at the end, just before signing off…HUSKER WRESTLING MAKES AN APPEARANCE! Is it worth it to stick around for that blurb? Maybe not. But hey…it’s wrestling.

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