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Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 21

Episode 21…recorded the night of (another?) disappointing Nebrasketball loss.


It seems the most frustrating part of this is that this is a Nebraska men’s basketball team that is competing very well with these other schools, but they just can’t close it out. And it sucks.

But that’s not all we’re discussing in the episode that, if weeks were years in the podcast realm, would be old enough to drink. We also talk about the once-again busy recruiting season, the final push before National Signing Day (Wednesday, February 1…Brian will be busy all day).

Also, some tomfoolery afoot about sleep number beds and wives who steal covers (it’s okay – they aren’t listening anyway). Also, fried chicken wrapped up (or sometimes the wrapping) of some of your favorite Mexican foods (Mexican in name only…and that is also suspect.

What the devil are we talking about? I guess you will want to check out the show for all the delicious details.

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Featured Photo: Jan 18, 2017; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Michael Jacobson (12) shoots over Ohio State Buckeyes center Trevor Thompson (32) in the second half at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Ohio State won 67-66. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson

Five Heart Podcast Episode 2

We are back! The censors did not take Brian or myself off the air, so we decided to come back for another round.

Brian and I talk about what we saw in the Fresno game, as well as some recruiting thoughts I coaxed out of the jolly old man himself, as well as the touching tribute to Sam Foltz.

I talked about #runtheballguy and I think, just think, that Brian got a little terse about it. Finally, we discuss the upcoming Wyoming tilt tomorrow and talk about the visit from the Oregon Ducks next week. 

We appreciate each one of you as we get this podcast going.

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*Featured Photo – The Huskers and their fans remembered and honored punter Sam Foltz last Saturday night in Lincoln. Credit David McGee – Corn Nation*