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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 344: Movie Mania

This week’s podcast smells like… We’ll let you finish the line from the cult classic (maybe) No Holds Barred. It’s this month’s Movie Mania film. Chad Smart of the Positive Cynicism Podcasting Network joins me to break down the film and discuss who we’d recast in the roles of Rip and Zeus. You might be surprised.

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Positive Cynicism EP. 82: Tribute to Corey Haim

As a fan of 1980s cinema, March 10, 2009 was a dark day. That was the day former teen star Corey Haim died. For this edition of Positive Cynicism, @chadsmart and Travis (@PopCultIQ) Yates pay tribute to one of their favorites actors.

From his early roles in Firstborn and Lucas to the classic three films with Corey Feldman, Chad and Travis discuss the talented teen actor who appeared to have a bright future ahead of him.

Unfortunately, Haim didn’t make the jump from child actor to adult without succumbing to the demons that have haunted child actors for decades. Substance abuse and poor choice of projects hampered Corey Haim’s career in the ’90s. Corey kept acting in various films but couldn’t reclaim the success of his early days.

Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 37: The Broken Heart Podcast

Corn Nation was rocked this week with the news of the passing of one of our own as my “good friend, fellow Husker fan, and longtime broadcast buddy” Brian Towle passed away unexpectedly overnight.

To say we were not prepared for that is an absolute understatement. Brian not only did so much writing for Corn Nation, but was a key figure in the behind-the-scenes operations as well.

In the newest episode of the show, I am joined with Corn Nation’s head honcho Jon Johnston as we talk about Brian’s joining Corn Nation years ago, bringing me in, and all that he did for not just the site, but the community around it, his fellow contributors and all of the people he interacted with online.

I also have a few special compilation pieces in honor of my dear friend. Rest in peace, Brian.

There is a GoFundMe for funeral expenses and such for Brian. Every little bit helps, and Husker Nation has already risen to the occasion in great capacity, but there is still a bit that needs to be done. If you can help, please do.

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The Corn Nation Facebook Page 
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Rest in Peace, Anton Yelchin

So I’m going to start this post by commenting on the curious circumstances of Anton Yelchin’s (Star Trek, Charlie Bartlett, Odd Thomas) tragic death yesterday.

The man died pinned between his vehicle and the brick mailbox post/security gate. It appears he went to put the vehicle in Park, only to miss the notch, getting out of the vehicle and going to the mailbox/gate area. The vehicle (a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee) rolled down the steep incline, pinning Yelchin, and ultimately killing him via blunt traumatic asphyxia.

Outside of drowning and being burned alive, I can’t imagine a death that could be much more suffering than that, anything where you’re in pain and gasping for breath.

I don’t put the circumstances of his death on the backburner to minimize them. This was a tragedy. A tragedy for his family and friends who feel his loss the most. A tragedy for his fans, who may not have known him personally, but had respect and admiration for the man’s work.

I am in that latter category. I am a fan of Anton Yelchin.

While he may best be known for his role as Pavel Andreievich Chekov (or just Chekov, for short) in the rebooted Star Trek franchise – the third film, Star Trek Beyond, of which will be released later this year – Yelchin had an impressive resume and worked alongside some of Hollywood’s best and brightest. In fact, dare I say, he was among the underrated elite.


I think I first ran across Yelchin when he played a too-smart-for-his-own-good high school student in 2009’s Charlie Bartlett. This was three years after Iron Man and, quite frankly, I was interested in seeing Robert Downey Jr. outside of the suit. If you haven’t watched it, I really can’t recommend it enough. This “kid” turned in a dynamite performance as a high schooler who has spent enough time in therapy that he starts holding therapy sessions for his classmates – and prescribing them medication. Like I said – he’s too smart for his own good. Plenty of laughs and plenty of heart that helps encompass that teenage zeitgeist of rebelling against authority.

With an IMDb list of credits that dates back to a 2000 appearance on ER, The Practice, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Criminal Minds, as well as big screen projects like Alpha DogTerminator Salvation, and The Smurfs, Yelchin was a versatile and capable talent.

STRONGLY (how’s that for emphasis) recommend you seek out Odd Thomas.

Based on the novel by Dean Koontz, the movie is available on Netflix. It’s absolutely worth a watch. And Anton is spectacular in the movie. A relatively light-hearted guy who can foresee the arrival of evil, violent death.

As it sits, we don’t know all of the exact details about the death of Anton Yelchin. Unless he has surveillance set up at his home, we possibly never will. But I do know that the future of Hollywood is a little less bright with his passing.

Anton Yelchin, dead at the young age of 27. Rest in Peace.

My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 29: Remembering the Dream


The wrestling world suffered a major loss last week with the death of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  Kevin and Chad dedicate this week’s show to one of the most iconic men in the world of professional wrestling.  They share their favorite moments and thoughts about the Dream’s legacy.  Thanks for listening.  Rest in Peace Dusty!