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Fresh Content Day 34: The Lost Art of the Finishing Move

This is going to a) sound old-manish, and 2) possibly infringing on the Kevin’s gimmick over at My 1-2-3 Cents.

I was watching Wrestlemania 33 last night and today over my lunch hour. What I learned – among other things – is that a finishing move isn’t much of a finisher anymore. This isn’t news. It’s just becoming more and more obvious as time goes on.

I remember a time where a big boot and running leg drop was all it took to fell an opponent.

And when the Undertaker gave you a Tombstone Piledriver, you stayed driven heaped in a pile (okay, that one didn’t make much sense).

Right now, I’m going to make the HOT TAG to Kevin Hunsperger for his 1-2-3 cents.

Finishing moves still have a place in wrestling, but it seems on big shows those finishers are often as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Now wrestlers kick out just before the referee’s hand hits the mat for the third time. This type of storytelling is very frustrating as a fan of the old school days of the business.

False finishes are okay from time to time, but at WrestleMania for example, I think a Superstar either kicked out of or broke the finishing maneuver of their opponent in every match. It’s come to be expected these days.

We all know professional wrestling is a show. But I think when you start watering down the moves the men and women have made their signatures it takes away from the realism of the contest at hand. When the Undertaker hits his opponent with a Tombstone, I want the referee to then count three. A kick out on a rare occasion is fine as long as it tells the story at hand. When Kane did it for the first time ever, it was special.

But then Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns have kicked out of the finisher at WrestleMania. Some of those mentioned Superstars have kicked out of more than one Tombstone in a match. I suppose this would be fine because there’s a year of separation between incidents, but Seth Rollins kicks out of Triple H’s Pedigree, Kevin Owens escapes the Wall of Jericho and Shane McMahon gets out of the Styles Clash all on the same show. It’s exhausting.

I realize I’m out of the WWE’s target demo. I also realize a lot of indy shows use this style of booking. But I’m from the school of thought when you’re hit with the finisher, you’re done. 1-2-3.

I’m in agreement with Kevin, here. I think the use of finishers has gone by the wayside because no talent wants to look weak in their match, so they all have to kick out at least once (unless it’s “enhancement talent”).

If these moves are no longer finishing off opponents (which is why they’re called finishing moves in the first place), just call them moves, or signature moves, and let’s be done with it. They should be special moves used once to finish the match, or in a crazy twist, as KH said, a false finish once in a while to build up a talent would be smart. But overuse has diminished these moves.

In other words…I’m old and set in my ways.

My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 123: WrestleMania Preview

Since 2006, Kevin and Chad have made the trek to WrestleMania, except WrestleManias 23, 31 and now 33. The two discuss this year’s card in depth in this week’s episode, which happens to be 123. Disclaimer: Kevin originally tried booking Sean Waltman “The 1-2-3- Kid” on the show, but came up short.

Are you excited about this year’s WrestleMania? What will be the match of the night? Should Goldberg be going in as Universal Champion? And will the Broken Hardys show up anywhere over WrestleMania week(end)?

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 72: Woo! Woo! Wooooooo!

Chad (left) and Kevin paying respects to the Von Erichs with the Von Erich Claw outside of AT&T Stadium prior to Wrestlemania Star.

WrestleMania 32 is in the books. There’s a new World Heavyweight champion. And the Intercontinental title changed hands. Plus…

The Rock, John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels all showed up too.

Kevin and Chad returned to WrestleMania after taking a year off. They share thoughts on the big show as well as NXT: Takeover and The Hall of Fame ceremony.

Also…be looking on Channel 999 for this:

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 71: WrestleMania Here We Come!

By Kevin Hunsperger

After taking off a year, Chad and I are heading back to WrestleMania.  We’ll be in Dallas later this week for Axxess, NXT, the Hall of Fame, WrestleMania and Monday Night Raw.  So we figured in this episode we share thoughts on the Hall of Fame Class of 2016 and the card as it stands for WrestleMania.  We also provide a little insight into the show we’re both looking most forward to, NXT: Dallas.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 66: Shane’s (and WWE’s) Big Undertaking

Undertaker vs Shane McMahon

The mystery of who The Undertaker will face at his 24th WrestleMania has finally been solved.  The Deadman will step into the Hell in a Cell once again at the biggest show of the year.  This time against Shane McMahon.

It’s a bold move and something most fans didn’t see coming.  I’d read countless blogs and posts from fans speculating everyone from John Cena to Samoa Joe to even Goldberg as being Undertaker’s opponent.

Chad and I talk more about the decision to put Shane in the match and what things WWE could be doing to make WrestleMania more appealing.  Other matches announced so far: Roman Reigns challenging Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Brock Lesnar squaring off against Dean Ambrose in a Street Fight.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 62: Random Ramblings


There’s plenty going on in the world of professional wrestling.  This week, Kevin and Chad talk at length about a few of the things happening.

Awesome Kong has been sent home from an overseas tour with TNA after an incident with Reby Sky in the locker room.  Read more on Breaking Wrestling News.  Could this lead to the return of Kharma to WWE?

The Rock and Lana had quite an exchange backstage at Raw recently.  So much so that WWE issued an apology for some of the things “The Great One” said to the “Ravishing Russian.”  Do comments like that reflect poorly on WWE and their overall treatment of women?

Injuries are plaguing WWE right now. John Cena, Seth Rollins and Cesaro are just a handful of the Superstars out right now.  Kevin and Chad tackle the issue and discuss the fate of Daniel Bryan as well.

Plus, tune in for this week’s My 1-2-3 Cents Road to Wrestlemania contest question.  Send a PRIVATE message on our Facebook page.  Also, I promised a link to Lucha Underground if you don’t have the El Rey Network.  Here it is: Lucha Underground Season 2, Episode 1.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 61: Game On

Courtesy: WWE

There’s a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Triple H returned to the 2016 Royal Rumble to capture the coveted prize for the 14th time.  Roman Reigns put up a valiant effort, but in the end it wasn’t enough to overcome the Authority and the League of Nations.

Kevin and Chad chat more about the Rumble match and what’s next for Triple H as champ and who he should face at Wrestlemania.  Brock Lesnar, the Wyatt Family and plenty of other Superstars get some love during this show, including the six who made their Rumble debut.  Those Superstars include AJ Styles, who also made his WWE debut at the Rumble, as well as Neville, Braun Strowman, Tyler Breeze, Kevin Owens and Zami Zayn.

The guys also share details about new contest leading to Wrestlemania.  There will be three different winners and prizes include a 3-month subscription to WrestleCrate, a $25 WWE Shop gift card and a Sting prize pack.  Be sure to listen to the show for the first week’s question.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 60: You Can’t Outwork a Fork

Tyler golds
Tyler “Heath” Hatton

It’s a new year, and many people have resolved to get into shape.  Nearly three weeks into 2016, I’m still visiting the gym four times a week with the help of a personal trainer.

My friend, Tyler “Heath” Hatton, is the general manager at the Gold’s Gym near my home.  He recently offered to help get me into shape.  For those who have followed the My 1-2-3 Cents blog know that for years I’ve been trying to find my abs.

After several starts and stops, I’m ready to rededicate myself to the mission and I believe Tyler will help me achieve my fitness goals.

One of the things we discuss is nutrition and how important it is in any fitness plan.  As you’ll find out in the interview you can’t outwork a fork.  In the past, I’ve failed to realize that.  Now I’m eating healthier, drinking more water and cutting out sweets.  You can do it too!  Listen to this show to get motivated.

Learn more about Gold’s Gym here.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 59: No Cena? No Problem

John Cena Photo courtesy: WWE
Former WWE champion John Cena has undergone successful shoulder surgery.  But as he recovers, it appears he will not be a part of Wrestlemania for the first time in more than a decade.  What kind of impact will his absence have on the WWE’s biggest event of the year?

Kevin and Chad talk about that scenario and look at what the company can do to make the lack of Cena, as well as Seth Rollins and possibly Randy Orton and Cesaro less severe.  The two also talk about the 2016 Royal Rumble and who should walk out the champ as well as speculation that members of the Bullet Club are WWE/NXT bound.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 17: Wrestlemania 31 Preview and Predictions


In this episode Kevin and Chad break down the biggest wrestling event of the year: Wrestlemania 31.  The two will discuss each match in depth and offer up their thoughts on the build and who will end up being the winner.  These thoughts come from two guys who have been to eight of the last nine Wrestlemanias.