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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 377: 2 is Greater Than 1

A change of heart is pretty typical in the world of professional wrestling. We’ve seen good guys turn bad and bad guys turn good. But for us fans, some performers have made us have a change of heart. This week, Tyler ‘Heath’ Hatton and I talk about a few wrestling personalities that we couldn’t stand at one time but are now fans of today. Who is on your list?

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Positive Cynicism EP. 83: Underappreciated Movies

With Oscar season behind us, @chadsmart and Eric Bennett turn their attention to movies they feel fly under the radar. Picking five movies each from their libraries, they discuss films that have had an impact on their lives but feel few people have seen.

From all night scavenger hunts to high sea adventures. Low budget film shoots to independent films. Two movies with devil in the title and nothing else in common.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 180: Wrestling Under the Influence ‘Two Brothers’

Brotherly Love

It’s another episode of Wrestling Under the Influence. This week I’m joined by my buddy Dan Turnquist and we tackle 21st Anniversary by Two Brothers Brewing Company. Full disclosure, when I looked at the can, I thought the name of the beer was two brothers and that’s why I picked it. I figured we could talk about our favorite brothers in pro wrestling.

The actual beer we drank is the 21st Anniversary. However, we did just go ahead and talk about the brothers of wrestling we like the most. Some are related by blood, others are related by a storyline. However, as we discuss wrestling, in general, is a brotherhood, so it’s all good.

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