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Positive Cynicism Ep 11: Politicalamity

Given the political dealings of the past couple of weeks, @chadsmart invites My 1-2-3 Cents host @kevinhunsperger to join the show to discuss the hypocrisy of both political parties. Over the next hour they discuss why the political climate is so hostile and try to figure out why people don’t listen to each other.

Positive Cynicism EP. 10: Exploring Fandom

What is fandom? What effect has geek culture going mainstream had on fans who were reading comic books or into superheros before it was cool? These questions and more are discussed in the latest installment of Positive Cynicism. Host @chadsmart is joined by Eric Bennett to try and understand what motivates someone to have extreme fandom. Along the way they discuss what Marvel is doing right and DC is doing wrong to create their cinematic universe and how it reflects on the comic book source material.

Positive Cynicism Episode 9: Can’t We All Be United

After a two week hiatus (aka mandatory therapy), @chadsmart returns with the latest installment of Positive Cynicism to share his slanted views on society. This week Chad looks at the United airline overbook flight situation which saw a passenger dragged off a plane instead of leaving voluntarily when asked. In typical cynical fashion, Chad explains why he thinks the general public overreacted and why viral outrage reflects poorly on society.

Positive Cynicism Episode 8: Opinions Aren’t Facts

After a two week hiatus, @chadsmart returns to question why people treat opinion as fact.  Given the current political climate where “fake news” and biased news are presented as fact the need to be more discerning is sadly being discarded in order to parrot talking points. Where will this road lead if not questioned? Chad has several opinions about that.

Positive Cynicism Episode 7: LA LA LAME

With the Academy Awards behind us, Chad Smart finally saw the movie Faye Dunaway named Best Picture of 2016, La La Land.  True to form for Chad, he did not share the sentiments of most of the people who saw the Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical tribute to Los Angeles. Find out why the movie didn’t live up to the hype and whether movies today will be fondly remembered in 20 years.  The Question of the Week deals with choice superpowers.

Positive Cynicism Episode 6: Aussie Love

On this week’s episode, host Chad Smart is joined by Sean Reynolds to discuss the Sean’s decision to move halfway around the world because of a girl.

What challenges did Sean encounter moving to a new country? Does he regret the decision? What does the future hold? Most of these questions and others are tackled in a probing discussion. After referencing every scene from “Bart Vs. Australia” discussion turns to the random question of the week which involves the world of architecture.


Positive Cynicism Episode 5: I Love L.A.

It’s celebration time this week on Positive Cynicism.  Host Chad Smart celebrates the ten year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles with some anecdotes about experiences he had in the City of Angels.  After reminiscing about the last decade, it’s time to look towards the future and the next crazy sports trip. This one may be a bit too extreme. As always, the episode ends with the “Question of the Week.”

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Positive Cynicism Episode 4: Being Social

What if you had a podcast and no one listened? How well do you know your “friends” on  Facebook?  In this week’s episode, Chad examines the love-hate relationship he has with social media.  On one hand, social media is a necessary tool to build a brand.  On the other hand, social media has become a wasteland for one sided non-conversation postings. Is it possible for the two sides to co-exist? Listen and find out.  Plus, the random question of the week looks to the future.

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Positive Cynicism Episode 3: Listen to Hear

So let’s run down the episodes we’ve had thus far:

Episode 1 – a commentary about the divide we have here in America, based on political viewpoints. Items covered included the election, the Trump inauguration, and the protests that took place immediately following.

Episode 2 – Last week’s episode was a recap of the NHL All-Star Weekend, with friend of the show and hockey enthusiast Mike DeKalb as the guest. You can check out his blog at The two also introduced the segment known as the Random Question of the Week.

This week’s episode is just five minutes long and answers a new Random Question of the Week.

“How can we bring people together to talk about their difference in opinions?”

Take five minutes out of your day to hear host Chad Smart’s thoughts. Then go out and engage in a positive conversation.

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Positive Cynicism Episode 2: You’re an (NHL) All Star (aka As Long as Punk’s Happy)

This week on Positive Cynicism host Chad Smart is joined by blogger Mike DeKalb as they discuss NHL All Star Weekend 2017.  From NHL Fan Fair to the All Star game and everything in between, Chad and Mike break down all the All Star events and give their opinions on what worked and what could use some improvements for future All Star weekends. Off the ice experiences consisted of hunting NHL mascots and celebrity encounters with Star Trek: The Next Generation whipping boy Wil Wheaton and former WWE Champion CM Punk. After expounding on all things NHL All Star the episode concludes with the Random Question of the Week.

Positive Cynicism: The Debut

On the first episode of  Positive Cynicism, host Chad Smart finds out hosting a podcast is not as easy as it sounds (literally). After struggling with organizing thoughts, Chad weighs in on the current political climate of America and has several words for anyone opposed to the Trump Presidency.

The episode ends with a look at the recent Oscar nominations and if anyone outside of Hollywood actually saw any of the movies nominated. Share you nominations for Best Picture on Twitter, @chadsmart.