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Positive Cynicism EP. 97: Play Gloria

Deviating from the normal schedule, instead of talking Politics this week, @chadsmart is joined by @MikeDeKalb for a discussion about the 2019 NHL Champion St. Louis Blues and their theme song “Gloria.”

After completing the Quest for All 31 NHL Arenas in March with a game in Boston, Chad and Mike returned to TD Gardens for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. What was the deciding factor for going to game 7? What emotions were they feeling as history was made?

The bigger question is how did a hit song from 1982 become the rallying theme for the St. Louis Blues? Who is the singer behind the song? What other songs have been adopted by sports teams as rallying cries? All this and more on this episode of Positive Cynicism.

Positive Cynicism EP. 88: All 31 NHL Arenas

As the 2019 NHL playoffs heat up, this special episode of Positive Cynicism covers all 31 teams of the National Hockey League. From October 2013 to March 2019, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb traveled the United States and Canada in order to see a game in every NHL arena.

After completing their journey in Boston, Mike solicited questions from friends regarding their curiosity about the trips. Now in an extended Positive Cynicism, Mike and Chad try to cover all their favorite aspects of their travels as well as giving props to their favorite arenas and cities.

Positive Cynicism EP 30: XFL and Golden Knights surprises

At the request of Jittery Monkey Godfather Greg Mehochko (@thehooch36), @chadsmart is joined by Positive Cynicism unofficial co-host @mikedekalb (hockeytransplant.com) to discuss the first half of the NHL season. What’s has been the biggest surprise of the first half of the season? What team has been the biggest disappointment? Chad and Mike discuss this and more. Then Mike turns questioner and ask Chad his thoughts about his first five years of NHL Fandom. Oh, and there’s some comments regarding the 2020 return of the XFL as well.

Positive Cynicism Episode 3: Listen to Hear

So let’s run down the episodes we’ve had thus far:

Episode 1 – a commentary about the divide we have here in America, based on political viewpoints. Items covered included the election, the Trump inauguration, and the protests that took place immediately following.

Episode 2 – Last week’s episode was a recap of the NHL All-Star Weekend, with friend of the show and hockey enthusiast Mike DeKalb as the guest. You can check out his blog at hockeytransplant.com. The two also introduced the segment known as the Random Question of the Week.

This week’s episode is just five minutes long and answers a new Random Question of the Week.

“How can we bring people together to talk about their difference in opinions?”

Take five minutes out of your day to hear host Chad Smart’s thoughts. Then go out and engage in a positive conversation.

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Positive Cynicism Episode 2: You’re an (NHL) All Star (aka As Long as Punk’s Happy)

This week on Positive Cynicism host Chad Smart is joined by hockeytransplant.com blogger Mike DeKalb as they discuss NHL All Star Weekend 2017.  From NHL Fan Fair to the All Star game and everything in between, Chad and Mike break down all the All Star events and give their opinions on what worked and what could use some improvements for future All Star weekends. Off the ice experiences consisted of hunting NHL mascots and celebrity encounters with Star Trek: The Next Generation whipping boy Wil Wheaton and former WWE Champion CM Punk. After expounding on all things NHL All Star the episode concludes with the Random Question of the Week.