Positive Cynicism Episode 3: Listen to Hear

So let’s run down the episodes we’ve had thus far:

Episode 1 – a commentary about the divide we have here in America, based on political viewpoints. Items covered included the election, the Trump inauguration, and the protests that took place immediately following.

Episode 2 – Last week’s episode was a recap of the NHL All-Star Weekend, with friend of the show and hockey enthusiast Mike DeKalb as the guest. You can check out his blog at hockeytransplant.com. The two also introduced the segment known as the Random Question of the Week.

This week’s episode is just five minutes long and answers a new Random Question of the Week.

“How can we bring people together to talk about their difference in opinions?”

Take five minutes out of your day to hear host Chad Smart’s thoughts. Then go out and engage in a positive conversation.

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