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Positive Cynicism EP. 79: Realism vs. Escapism

Part of the appeal of pop culture is ability to suspend disbelief and escape reality. In this episode of Positive Cynicism, @chadsmart and Eric Bennett discuss falling in love with film due to the escapist nature of the blockbuster film vs. the realism of adult aimed films (no, not those adult films).

As the 2019 Oscars get closer, Chad tried to watch nominated movies and realized he was bored by the serious nature of the majority of the films. This realization opened up the pathway to explore other topics regarding the nature of present day films.

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Positive Cynicism Episode 8: Opinions Aren’t Facts

After a two week hiatus, @chadsmart returns to question why people treat opinion as fact.  Given the current political climate where “fake news” and biased news are presented as fact the need to be more discerning is sadly being discarded in order to parrot talking points. Where will this road lead if not questioned? Chad has several opinions about that.