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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 253: Wrestling with the 80s

When it comes to great wrestling families, I put the Von Erichs near the top of the list. I grew up in the 80s when Von Erich Mania was running wild. So did my guest co-host this week, Travis Yates (@thetravisyates on Twitter).

We stroll down memory lane and share our thoughts on this iconic family and throw in a few ‘what if’ style scenarios. It’s a great conversation and tribute to one of our all-time favorite families in wrestling.

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Positive Cynicism EP. 69: Feeling Nostalgic

‘Tis the holiday season and with it comes the feelings of nostalgia. On this episode of Positive Cynicism, @chadsmart and Travis Yates (@PopCultIQ) discuss why nostalgia conjures strong feelings.  From the simple pleasures of our youth to the yearning for how things used to be, what is the driving force for nostalgia? Not only in our personal lives but in the pop culture realm of entertainment. Everything old is new again. From movie and television remakes to “toys” being geared more for collectors than kids, there is a growing sense that nostalgia and name brand recognition matter most.

What affect will this have on the current generation of kids when they hit middle age? What will they be nostalgic about to their kids? Chad and Travis try to answer this question.

Positive Cynicism Ep 13: Is College Worth It?

On this week’s episode, @chadsmart is joined by Associate Professor of Communication, Travis Yates as they discuss if college is worth the cost or if everyone even needs to go to college. Several pros and cons are discussed as they try to determine what is the best option for today’s students.