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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 318: Wrestling Under the Influence

It’s the week of Christmas, and we’re celebrating with a few of our favorite Christmas related moments (and Santa Claus related appearances) in the world of pro wrestling. Chad Smart from the Positive Cynicism Podcasting Network joins me to look back at some fun yuletide memories. What’s on your list?

I also try Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing Company. Of course, this is to keep with the Christmas theme of the show.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 253: Wrestling with the 80s

When it comes to great wrestling families, I put the Von Erichs near the top of the list. I grew up in the 80s when Von Erich Mania was running wild. So did my guest co-host this week, Travis Yates (@thetravisyates on Twitter).

We stroll down memory lane and share our thoughts on this iconic family and throw in a few ‘what if’ style scenarios. It’s a great conversation and tribute to one of our all-time favorite families in wrestling.

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