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Positive Cynicism EP. 103: Wonder Why; Len

It’s the last stop on the throwback to 1999 month of Positive Cynicism. Jumping in the time machine, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb head to great white north to check out a brother and sister who team up with a hip hop crew. The group known as Len burst onto the scene in the summer/fall of 1999 with the song “Steal My Sunshine.” Before the song was off the charts, Len seemed to vanish into thin air. Where did they go?

Chad and Mike break down the history of Len and try to understand why their career fizzled out so quickly. After the history lesson, Mike gives him impromptu thoughts on the hip hop bands he’d like to see on a package tour.

Positive Cynicism EP16: Greatest Performers

What do Garth Brooks, Butch Walker and Prince have in common besides being musicians? Judging by the title of this episode of Positive Cynicism, you can probably figure it out. @chadsmart gives his take on why he considers these three artists three of the greatest performers he’s seen live. In addition, Chad pimps some of his favorite podcasts to listen to at work.