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Nerds United Episode 51: JPeteranetz Returns

Episode 51 and I’m back talking with my friend Jay Peteranetz (that’s his Twitter name in the title…so follow him if you don’t already).

Jay has been busy. He’s taking up a second job as an art teacher at another school in Colorado. But he has been to Seattle for the Emerald City Con. he was the featured artist at this year’s Denver Comic Con (his badges were pretty sweet). So we talk about Captain Colorado, Magicians Must Die (fifth issue expected in early 2016), car brakes, and beer. Because it’s a Sunday afternoon, that’s why!

We also jump into the new segment exploring some regrettable heroes. And our first one: The Bouncer.

Seen here, about to bounce. Because that's all he does.
Seen here, about to bounce. Because that’s all he does.

And we also touch on some serious topics affecting us both…Jay and his wife finalizing an adoption, and me and my wife announcing news of our own:

Plus there’s a giveaway for the autographed set of Issues 1-4 of Magicians Must Die, autographed by Jay. Listen to the show to learn how to win. And here’s a shortcut to the site.

So follow Jay on Twitter (@jpeteranetz), rate this show on iTunes (Love it or hate it – at least let me know how I’m doing), and share this masterpiece with your friends and fellow nerds!

UNITE! (or UNTIE if you’re dyslexic)