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Nerds United Episode 67: Michael Valentine of “Comix”

Where can you find Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Mark Waid, and Marc Silvestri in one place?

Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages is a twelve-year “labor of love” of Michael Valentine. Valentine relocated to sunny southern California with thoughts of being a musician, but instead started on a journey that would lead him to conversations with some of the comic book industry’s Who’s Who.

Valentine with the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno

In Episode 67, hear stories that surround the overall narrative of the film. Anecdotes from the likes of Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, and more.

Once again,w e’re out to promote the screening of Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages in Queens, NY. If you’re in the New York area, you have a chance to take in this awesome event. It’s not just the movie. Organizer Hansi Oppenheimer (see Episode 65) is planning an event complete with free comics from Top Cow, cosplay, and more.

And be looking for the DVD release this Summer, which we talk about. Complete with the dvd? Among other things, an original comic book!

comix 2

Check out Comix in Queens. But make sure you go to Tugg.com and get your ticket reserved by May 1. That’s the cut-off date to secure the screening.

Nerds United Episode 65: Filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer

Film Week continues on Nerds United as I talk with filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer.

Hansi Oppenheimer shown here at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Credit Facebook)
Hansi Oppenheimer shown here at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Credit Facebook)

Hansi is a kickass fangirl who has filmed the ultimate Fangirl Project: Squee!

So we talk about her background in film, including her father’s job at [Spoiler] and the fact that Hansi has been around and immersed in the culture for years. Punk rock, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead – it all gets covered in this near hour-long discussion.

Hansi is big on fandom, and she’s very supportive of other filmmakers. That’s why she is hosting a screening of Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages next month in Queens (which is not Brooklyn…this country boy found out).


What can you do if you want to help make this screening happen? Follow the links above, RSVP on the Tugg site, and help guarantee the showing of Comix. And check out other independent films that might be in your area.

Thanks again for hitting that download button. I have one more episode for you for Film Week. Look for that one Saturday morning.

Speaking of Saturday, I’ll be at the Cape Comic Con where I just learned this week that Butch Patrick (aka Eddie Munster) will be appearing.

Now enjoy my chat with Hansi Oppenheimer!

Nerds United Episode 44: The King Loves Comics


My guest for Episode 44 is a musical legend and a member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. And while we talk a little hip hop, my chat with Darryl McDaniels focuses more on comics, as he is both a lifelong fan and a creator.

Growing up in New York (Hollis, Queens – but you knew that already), Darryl lived in the same city as Spider-Man and so many other icons of the comic book pages. It all played a part in a boy’s early love of comics that he would carry with him for the rest of his life.




In 2014, DMC (Darryl Makes Comics) published DMC #1 and debuted it at New York Comic Con.

In Episode 44, learn about how the comics inspired the man…and how the man inspires the comic. It’s win-win!

McDaniels shopping his book on AMC's Comic Book Men. You can get yours through your local comic book shop! I know - that's where mine came from!
McDaniels shopping his book on AMC’s Comic Book Men. You can get yours through your local comic book shop! I know – that’s where mine came from!

Enjoy Episode 44 and leave some feedback. Also – check out some previous episodes if this is your first time through. Find it on iTunes as well as Stitcher just by searching “Nerds United.” Like the show on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

And since D (yeah…we’re on a first initial basis) is a Marvel guy – let me drop a link to a book I think he would like – one that is in my own collection: