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Nerds United Episode 73: Take a Trip ‘West of Oz’

It’s a story you’re so familiar with…or maybe not. What if I told you that in the beloved 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, you were only getting 2/3 of the story? What if I told you that over the course of nine issues, you’d get three new creators’ take on the full story?

Cover for West of Oz #1

Meet Sean Benner, Nick Winand, and Cat Luong. They are the creative force behind West of Oz, a re-imagining of the beloved L Frank Baum story. In Episode 73, I talk with all three about their own personal origin stories, about the source material and how they all got attached to this project.

This show wouldn’t be possible without three-time guest and longtime friend of the show Jay Peteranetz. And in our discussion, we’ll learn how he played such a critical part in the creation of West of Oz.

So don’t click your heels. You don;t find any ruby slippers here. Just enjoy the show and SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER!

Nerds United Episode 61: Magicians Must Die, But Will They?

A record-breaking third appearance for comic artist Jay Peteranetz, artist of the Magicians Must Die series.

The box art for Magicians Must Die #5
The box art for Magicians Must Die #5

Join us as we discuss the very successful Kickstarter campaign for Magicians Must Die #5, the finale of the world’s only comic book printed on playing cards. We also talk about the reception of this innovative medium of storytelling.

Learn what helps make a successful Kickstarter campaign, find out where Jay will be this Comic Con season, and learn a bit more about the mastermind behind Magicians Must Die, De’Vo (what we’re at liberty to discuss, anyway).

Magicians Must Die #1, opened up and displayed on my kitchen table.
Magicians Must Die #1, opened up and displayed on my kitchen table.

Magicians Must Die has already reached its goal on Kickstarter, but you have two weeks to help them attain their stretch goals, and we’ll learn from Jay what those entail.

It’s 2016, but we recorded at my house, so naturally it sounds like the 1950’s. If you can overlook that, you will really enjoy this new episode with three-time guest and my friend, Jay Peteranetz.

And Ty, if you’re reading this, yes, we do give a shout out to Blue Blood Brewing Company in Lincoln, NE.

Nerds United Episode 37

Jay Peteranetz (right)

Meet Jay Peteranetz, a lifelong comic book reader (mostly Marvel) and artist who has helped take comics to an unprecedented medium – playing cards.


Welcome to Magicians Must Die:

Jay grew up reading a ton of Marvel, including X-Men and the Cosmic Marvel books, including Guardians of the Galaxy. So naturally we talk about the marvel Cinematic Universe and OMG DID YOU SEE ADAM WARLOCK?


There is a lot covered in this episode, and I’m pumped for future conversations with Jay, who will be appearing at the Denver Comic Con in May. So go check him out there.

ALSO – if we get Jay to 250 Twitter followers in the next two weeks, he’ll hook me up with all four issues (sets) of MMD, autographed, and ready to giveaway on the show. He wins, we win. GET IT?!?

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