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Nerds United Episode 107: Top Five TV/Sitcom Couples

For this episode, I took my recording equipment down to southeast Missouri to see my friends Jared and Nia Smith. We watched some TV, talked about food, and then recorded an epic episode of Nerds United!

Hey, Tom and Jim’s Top 5, we’re blatantly (with your permission) borrowing your gimmick in a way that I don’t believe you have utilized in the past. We’re talking about our top five TV/sitcom couples. And in typical fashion, right out of the gates, curveballs. Man, I didn’t see some of Jared and Nia’s responses coming. Also, I was admonished greatly for watching the right shows. So…there’s that.

What can I say – I like what I like and a rarely venture out of my comfort zone. But now I have homework.

Well, I should give THEM homework. Did you know that the good Smith duo hasn’t seen most of the Marvel movies? And they want to bust my chops for not watching 30 Rock? Whaaaaaat?

So anyway, enjoy the show. It’s a good one. But of course, they all are.

Positive Cynicism EP 46: Dealing with Depression

Positive Cynicism EP 46: Dealing with Depression

Awareness of mental health issues such as depression and bipolar disorder is currently on the rise. In the past, such disorders went either undetected or were simply disregarded as an excuse for erratic behavior. @chadsmart fit into this category. Inspired by a blog post from professional wrestler @GentlemanJervis Cottonbelly detailing his battle with depression, Chad knew it was time to confront what was becoming a too frequent occurrence.

Joined by @my123cents host @kevinhunsperger, Chad opens up about his personal battle and recent steps to contain the depression. Chad attempts to be as open and honest as possible. Shaking off the stigma of being ashamed or embarrassed by the disease, sharing the details and being candid is a cathartic experience.

If you think, or know, you have have depression, no matter what level it may be, please reach out to someone. You are not alone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)






Nerds United Episode 64: Four Color Triumph

After eighteen months, I can officially say that I have seen Four Color Eulogy, and it is good!

four color poster
Actual movie poster advertising Four Color Eulogy.

Here’s the same poster next to another comic book movie with which you may be familiar:

movie posters

This touching independent film features a cast and crew from St. Louis, MO and was shot in the Gateway City. So in Episode 64, I welcome Jason Contini back to the Nerd Dome.

movie still
Contini shown with co-star Amy Loui, who plays Chris’ mother.

Jason co-wrote Four Color Eulogy and served as a co-producer. Sit back and enjoy the show as Greg tries not to cry while talking about Four Color Eulogy. The movie had a red carpet premier at Ronnie’s 20 Cine in St. Louis Friday night and was sold out! In fact, they sold out the smaller auditorium and then sold out the larger auditorium.

Four Color Eulogy is playing at least through Thursday (Apr. 14) at Ronnie’s on S. Lindbergh in St. Louis. Two shows a day (2pm and 7:30) with at least one cast/crew member on hand to visit with fans and viewers and answer any questions.

I cannot stress enough how much I encourage anyone to go out and watch this movie. As I stated to Jason, this is a movie that hits you in the feels and one you can (and will want to) watch over and over.

To everyone who worked on this film, from cast and crew to art contributors to local publishers like Stache Publishing who provided comic books for the comic book store scenes, to everyone who had a hand in this project no matter how finite, you have my utmost gratitude.