Nerds United Episode 107: Top Five TV/Sitcom Couples

For this episode, I took my recording equipment down to southeast Missouri to see my friends Jared and Nia Smith. We watched some TV, talked about food, and then recorded an epic episode of Nerds United!

Hey, Tom and Jim’s Top 5, we’re blatantly (with your permission) borrowing your gimmick in a way that I don’t believe you have utilized in the past. We’re talking about our top five TV/sitcom couples. And in typical fashion, right out of the gates, curveballs. Man, I didn’t see some of Jared and Nia’s responses coming. Also, I was admonished greatly for watching the right shows. So…there’s that.

What can I say – I like what I like and a rarely venture out of my comfort zone. But now I have homework.

Well, I should give THEM homework. Did you know that the good Smith duo hasn’t seen most of the Marvel movies? And they want to bust my chops for not watching 30 Rock? Whaaaaaat?

So anyway, enjoy the show. It’s a good one. But of course, they all are.

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