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Nerds United Episode 59 – James Mulholland

Welcome to a brand new episode of Nerds United. In Episode 59, I’m talking with Irish filmmaker and writer James Mulholland.

Lettering done by Episode 58 guest Micah Myers.
Lettering done by Episode 58 guest Micah Myers.

James’ path to comic book writing is unconventional. Despite writing his whole life, it was just a recent introduction to comics and their characters through the films of Hollywood that sparked an interest in comic books.

Hear James’ story from his “small town” (only 40,000 people, making my town of 7,500 a “village” or worse) to film school. Learn about some common themes in his writing, and the very personal stories from which they are derived.

high noon
“High Noon Rising” – a free comic available online.

Be sure to Like James on Facebook and check out his work on Comic Fury. (Definitely check out “Minority.” Great art with a gripping story that I’ve only just begun.)

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My 1-2-3 Cents/Nerds United Episode 55 – Jittery Monkey Crossover Episode

The moment finally happened when Kevin Hunsperger’s My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast met the same episode number as network founder Greg Mehochko’s Nerds United.

So the lads had themselves a crossover episode, discussing everything from wrestling to Star Wars to rassle-roos and under roos.

More importantly, it is a celebration of sorts. Nerds United  has long been the banner carrier for the network, and while it remains the oldest show still in production (give or take), I think it’s safe to say that we have a new flagship podcast.

A tip of the cap to Kevin for his year of success and best of luck to him and Greg as they continue to bring you fresh, relevant content.

Yes – that means Greg will have to step up his game.