Nerds United Episode 21

Welcome back to the Nerd Dome, friends.

Episode 21. We’ve come a long way and done a lot in the last year. I’ve talked to many of my friends (a wise man once said those make the most entertaining podcasts). I’ve traveled to the Cape Comic Con and Free Comic Book Day, and will do all of those things again in the next year.

But in this episode, we’re going back in time:

In episode 21, we welcome back to the Nerd Dome (it’s a lot like the Thunder Dome, except no violence…usually) Van Jensen.


“Van Jensen…I’ve heard that name.”

That’s right. Van was my very first guest on Nerds United, all the way back to Episode 1.

Issue #30 of Green Lantern Corps starts to head up as the Durlan infiltrators are found.
Issue #30 of Green Lantern Corps starts to head up as the Durlan infiltrators are found.

We got to know Van in the first episode, and continue the discussion on Green Lantern Corps, a title Van started writing (with Robert Venditti) on issue #21.

Those Durlans have been working behind the scenes to “wreak havoc” for our heroes. It’s been brewing since Van took over on #21 and is about to come to a head in The Uprising.

The Flash Annual #3 - in stores now.
The Flash Annual #3 – in stores now.







Hear how Van and Robert got the call to work on The Flash (starting with issue #30). I have picked up the Flash since the beginning of the Jensen/Venditti run and I’m really enjoying it. Fallout from the Crime Syndicate, introduction of Wally West, and FUTURE FLASH! Great stuff. Hear why Van says writing the Flash is completely different from writing GLC.

Where it all began.....
Where it all began…..

We’ll spend just a little time talking about Pinocchio – Vampire Slayer. We covered much of the genesis of that story in Episode 1. Biggest news: The complete collection is available now wherever fine comic books are sold (by that I mean…go talk to your local comic book store).

Van then weighs in on his five favorite titles of all time, and we wrap it up.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: VAN JENSEN IS BACK ON NERDS UNITED (and the groundwork has already been laid for his triumphant return in June of 2015).

Thanks again to Van for joining me on the show. Follow him on Twitter.

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