Nerds United Episode 22

Guess who’s back…back again. Greggie’s back. Tell a friend.

The promised podcast for today…now with lifelike kung fu grip!

Ok, enough bad (really bad) jokes. Mailbag time.

After taking a few of your questions, I throw some knowledge your way on upcoming ideas and events, like SNIXFEST. I have no idea what all will go down at SNIXFEST…but it’s for a good cause. so if you’re in the St. Louis area on Saturday, head up the river a bit to Alton, IL.

Also – it’s San Diego Comic Con weekend and already we’re being treated to goodies from creators and fans alike.


I fully anticipate another episode to be recorded and made available in the next couple of days. So there’s that.

Please enjoy this. And share the word with your friends. “Like,” comment, and share on Facebook and Twitter. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks as always!

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