Five Heart Podcast Episode 53: How to Date in 20-1-8

Hoss and Hooch are back in an all-new episode. Now don’t let the name fool you. The guys are talking a myriad of topics this week, including the cold winter weather’s effects on every day life like work and gym habits. Fellas, what length shorts do you like to wear to the gym? Did you know what one of the guys on this show is a short-shorts type of guy? And what role did short shorts play in Nebraska basketball’s twenty-point win over #23 Michigan?

The guys also question why baseball coaches still wear uniforms like they’re about to take the field to play and wonder if/when the manager’s attire will evolve.

And not to bury the lede, but since one of the guys is single, we do discuss dating in modern times. Things used to be so much simpler.

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