Five Heart Podcast Episode 69: Our First Corn Nation Cross Examination

Hello all and welcome to another entertaining episode of the Five Heart Podcast. This is the first episode in a series that should stretch all summer and almost to opening week, where we visit with a different Corn Nation staff member and learn a little more about them.

Our first victim, I mean guest…Jill Heemstra. Now you will remember that Jill has been on the podcast before, particularly to discuss Husker women’s basketball. So this time around, we learn a little more about Jill, what brought her to Nebraska and Husker fandom.

We talk about some of Jill’s favorite moments in Husker athletics, her journey to Corn Nation, and some of her moments of glory on Corn Nation, like the Kickoff Poetry, particularly when the poems, like Northwestern’s alternate uniforms, went gothic!

This was shared in the CN Slack Chat Room, and I think it’s a cool idea to share a Nebraska twitter account each week that really doesn’t have anything to do with the Huskers. Or maybe I just love dogs.

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