Five Heart Podcast Episode 100!!! Bah Gawd! That’s a winner!

So there I am, watching my niece’s kindergarten basketball game last Saturday morning. You know the type. They have fifteen-minute halves where the clock doesn’t stop. They don’t keep score. And it’s all about going out and having fun. No real rules. I was having a mild anxiety attack as kids were running the ball up the court. But hey, it gives them something to do after farming season (my sister married a farmer and they live in a small farming town…nice town).

So there I am, watching my niece’s game and I’m repping the Big Red. I have my Huskers hoodie on that Brett Baker delivered to me in person three years ago when he and his daughter Jessica went to the Nebraska-Illinois game in Champaign. You remember the one. The one we lost. [Expletive Deleted]. My dad says, not prompted at all, something along the lines of “I’m taking Illinois today.”

I laughed. Not mockingly. Not boisterously. Just laughed. Then after the game, my son and I went to “grandma and grandpa’s” house as my mom made pancakes and bacon for everyone. I watched a little of the game before and after breakfast, then helped my dad do some winterizing stuff outside.

Now I tell you all of that to tell you this. I DVRed the game and started watching it Saturday night. I finished watching it Wednesday evening before we started recording.

In this milestone 100th episode, we talk about the big win over Illinois and why Adrian Martinez and Devine Ozigbo are deserving of their conference accolades this week. We talk about science, but I can’t remember how we got on that topic.

Image result for science gif

And Patrick Gerhart joins us to talk about Nebrasketball’s hot start, including the win this week over Seton Hall!

Jon also has a story or two from his undergrad days and my son looks like he’s going to pee on his bed. So it was a wild and crazy night!

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