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Five Heart Podcast Episode 70: Cross Examining Paul Dalen

Hello Husker fans. It’s time for another Corn Nation Cross Examination, an audio profile of one of our own at Corn Nation. This week, The Firm of Hoss and Hooch sit down with the Master of Mathematics, the Sultan of Statistics, Paul Dalen.

We hear Paul’s tale to Husker fandom, from northwest Iowa, to the Army, to his current whereabouts. Paul puts his love of numbers to work to try to find patterns in Husker football. He’s a great asset at Corn Nation, and we had a lot of fun recording the episode, including some a Capella singing that didn’t make it in the final edit.

And who can forget this gem – another Paul Dalen original!

Chart by Paul Dalen

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Positive Cynicism EP 34: Wonder Why: Believe It Or Not

The second installment of Wonder Why is here. @chadsmart and @mikedekalb break down the one and only album by Joey Scarbury to see if any other song on the album lives up to the standard set by Joey’s hit single, “Believe It Or Not (Theme from The Greatest American Hero).”

I hope they talk about the song being referenced on Seinfeld.

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