My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 64: Breaking Wrestling News


I recently was asked to start contributing to the new website Breaking Wrestling News.  A trio of fans put the site together in late 2015.  Greg DeMarco, Mike Bessler and Joe Burgett are the founders of the site.

There are several contributors, covering wrestling promotions around the world as well as MMA.  On this week’s podcast, I chat with Greg about his experiences with the site and some of his memories as a wrestling fan.

He has a very interesting take on what will happen at FastLane and eventually Wrestlemania 32.  We also discuss a few of the past week’s big news headlines, including Daniel Bryan’s retirement, his future with the company and Titus O’Neil’s suspension.  Listen closely, as I ask a question for the “Road to Wrestlemania” contest based on Greg’s thoughts for Wrestlemania.  You can answer it on Facebook.

You can follow Breaking Wrestling News on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, check out My 1-2-3 Cents the blog.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@my123cents on both) and subscribe to the YouTube channel.  I posted a new video this past week and plan to do more soon.

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