Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 41: Visits from Coug Center & Hammer and Rails

But fear not, Hoss is also here to drop in some of his acquired wisdom.

This three-segment episode may be our longest yet, measuring in at about 90 minutes.

In the first portion, Greg visits with Jeff Nusser from Coug Center to get some more information on the new Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos. Get the cliff notes version in written form here from Coug Center’s Brian Floyd.

Then Greg is joined by Hammer and Rails’ Travis Miller as a preview to this weekend’s game in West Lafayette. The Huskers are an underdog at Purdue. Does Miller think the home team can pull it off? (Spoiler Redacted) Plus, how are things going under Jeff Brohm’s first year at the helm?

And in the finale, Hoss is here to get us ready for Saturday night. But you won’t find him on social media during the game. And if Greg isn’t done helping to move his friend in his new house, you won’t find him on social media either.


Complete with the most awesome spinebuster in the business.

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