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Nerds United Episode 99: Counting Down Our Favorite “Bad” Comic Book Movies

In the vein of Tom and Jim’s Top 5, Co-Host of the Year Mike and I do our own Top 5 Countdown, and it’s our favorite “guilty pleasure” comic book movies.

The only criteria are as follows: It has to be a movie based on a comic book, and it has to have a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 50%.

What made our lists? What movies narrowly missed our lists and were relegated to “honorable mention” status? And what did you, the listener, contribute to the show? Plus we have seamlessly interwoven some movie clips into the episode. But if you want a Top 5 done right, go listen to Tom and Jim’s Top 5. Theirs don’t go nearly as long.

And since I included Revis’ “Caught in the Rain” on the episode, here’s a little bit about that other closing credits song we talked about.

If you love fantastic music, I really encourage you to check out the debut album of Revis, available a click away on Amazon!

Five Heart Podcast Episode 60: Top Five Most Agonizing Husker Football Losses

Hello again.

Hoss and Hooch are back with another Top-5 list. Last week we talked about good things. This week…AGONIZING DEFEAT! Relive the dark days (and nights, oh so many nights) of Husker football, but do it with a laugh and, if you’re anything like these two, an alcoholic beverage or two.

Spoiler Alert: We really don’t like losing to ________.

Don’t forget that the podcast is now on Google Play and PodBean, as well as Apple Podcasts and Stitcher as it has been. More ways to listen. All for your convenience.

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And many thanks to Tom and Jim’s Top 5 for inspiring the list!

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