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Nerds United Episode 96: The Apple and the Last Jedi

Whew. There is a LOT to unload in this episode. I knew going in that @chadsmart was not a fan of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. But after I finally had a chance to watch the movie recently, I wanted to sit down with him and chat about the movie.

Ol Chad had just one condition, however. He wouldn’t talk to me about Star Wars until I saw The Apple. What is The Apple?

It’s a musical filmed in 1979, released in 1980, and set in “futuristic 1994!” I’m not making this up, folks. Watch the trailer. It’s insane! So we talk all about BIM.

And then the space opera talk takes over, as Chad and I talk about The Last Jedi. What did we like about it? What didn’t we like about it? And why does it make us even more eager for Episode 9, regardless of our feelings towards Ep. 8?

Hey friends, keep this in mind. Chad is training (I use that term loosely) for a half-marathon in Los Angeles in the Fall. In doing so, he’s also raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital. I encourage you to click the link and if you can, throw a few dollars towards St. Jude’s in support of Chad’s fund raising efforts.

Also, with this being Episode 96, I’m really going to ramp up my efforts to have a very special guest on Episode 100. So if you want Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith as a guest on this show, please follow along on Twitter (@nerdsunitedshow) and help get the campaign noticed by a true inspiration to me.

As I said to Chad at the end of the recording, without Kevin Smith, he wouldn’t have a podcast on the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network. There would be no podcast network. There would be no Nerds United. So if you enjoy Nerds United, you can thank Kevin Smith. And I really hope to be able to do that!

Enjoy the new episode, friends. May the Force be with you.

Positive Cynicism EP 26: Is The Last Jedi that bad?

Eric Bennett returns to the show to continue the discussion of Star Wars. Eric and host @chadsmart look at fan criticism towards The Last Jedi and discuss if it’s warranted or another example of social media fauxrage. One thing they can agree on is the Star Wars universe needs more focus on 4-LOM and Zuckuss.

Positive Cynicism Ep 25: Awakening the Force

On the eve of the release of The Last Jedi, @chadsmart is joined by Eric Bennett to discuss Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise. The anticipation and reaction to The Force Awakens. Speculation of what will happen in The Last Jedi. Subtle digs at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All this and more in this episode. There are no spoilers for Last Jedi so listen without fear if you haven’t seen Last Jedi.

Positive Cynicism EP 24: Star Wars Fandom

After an extended hiatus while the Positive Cynicism podcast studio was built, @chadsmart is back with the first installment of a year-end series looking at the popularity of Star Wars. Stan Young, a Star Wars fan for 40 years, joins the show to discuss why Star Wars appeals to him and what crazy lengths he’s gone to over the years to feed his fandom.