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Positive Cynicism EP. 98: Wonder Why; Skee Lo

This month on Wonder Why, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb hit the Santa Monica Pier for some skeeball while discussing the Wishfulness of Skee Lo’s 1995 hit. While Skee Lo may have wished he was taller, a baller, or he had a rabbit in a hat with a bat, maybe he should have wished for more success from his debut album.

While the album did garner two Grammy nominations and had tracks on the motion picture soundtracks for “Money Train” and “Big Bully,” some behind the scene battles derailed Skee Lo’s momentum.












Drop the Beat. In this edition of Wonder Why, we’re kicking it old school style. Taking it back to the streets of Brooklyn as @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb break down the history of Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock. The two rap pioneers hit the Top 40 chart with the infectious crowd-pleaser “It Takes Two” in 1988.  Personal issues and a changing musical landscape are two reasons the rap duo may have only had one chart hit. Even without chart success, Rob Base has had a steady career and still performs regularly on ’80s and ’90s throwback concerts.

After the discussion of Rob Base, Mike and Chad offer up their picks of the month for Septober. One’s a band with over a decade of of success, the other pick is a new band promoting their first album.




Positive Cynicism EP 19: A Look at 1991 in Music Part 1: Rap/Hip Hop

On the newly revamped Positive Cynicism @chadsmart is joined by @MikeDeKalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) to examine the impact music had in 1991. First up is a breakdown of all the major Rap/HipHop albums released during 1991 and how these releases fit into the changing landscape of the genre.