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The latest Question Everything has gone to the dogs. Travis Yates returns to the show as a hyphenated guest. In addition to being a professor of mass communication, Travis we add the title of Author to his introduction. Travis (@popcultIQ) joins @chadsmart to discuss his new book, “Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work: Journey of a Down Dog.

The book details the steps Travis and his wife, Renea took after one of their dogs suffered a stroke and lost mobility in its back legs. From scouring message boards to six hour round trips to get some of the best treatments, Travis recounts all the emotion and stress of caring for an immobile dog along with caring for four other pets at the same time.

You can order Travis’ book here.

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Positive Cynicism 42: Question Everything; Jenna Jamieson

Positive Cynicism 44: Question Everything; Jenna Jamieson.

The #SummerOfPositivity kicks off with Question Everything guest Teacher/Author @jennarpjamieson. Jenna is the author of  Giving Back: Lessons from an adopted immigrant on why a happy life is about helping others.

In addition to the interview, @chadsmart gives details on giveaways happening over the next three months. The first giveaway is a copy of Jenna’s book.

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Important links:

Buy the book: http://www.jennarpjamieson.com/buy-the-book-page/


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