Positive Cynicism EP51: Question Everything; Miranda Mize

On the latest Question Everything, host @chadsmart welcomes his cousin Miranda Mize to discuss her efforts to bring medical services to the remote village of Churcampa in  Peru. Upon graduation from high school, Miranda was encouraged by RAKlife Executive Director, Matthew Foster to write about something she was passionate about. Knowing the struggles her relatives in Peru have with receiving basic medical care, Miranda expressed her desire to help bring medical services to the tiny village. Impressed by her essay, Matthew decided to use  RAKlife’s resources to help Miranda’s dream come true.

During the Question Everything episode, Miranda explains how the trip came together and what plans are in place to continue trips in the future. As well as telling stories about the events of a yearly festival that involves some less than safe firework usage.

If you’d like to get involved or help out, check out the following websites.

Peruvian American Medical Society








Question Everything. Do Something Positive.

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