Nerds United Episode 58: Micah Myers

After a January off, I’m back with the first interview of 2016.

This episode, I’m talking with Micah Myers, a letterer and occasional writer. We learn about lettering, and we’re all on board that letterers deserve more recognition.


We also talk about The Disasters #1, an original comic that Micah wrote as well as lettered. Listen to the episode to hear about that story, and support it on Kickstarter here:

You have just under three weeks left to support this campaign. And as I always do, I highly encourage you to support it. But I’m also biased and want to know more about this guy.

His name is Snow Globe. And his head is a snow globe.
His name is Snow Globe. And his head is a snow globe.

I feel like there’s a lot of story left to be told and I’m excited to bring it to you.

So kick back and enjoy the show. Leave a comment here or possibly even a review on iTunes. You are the vehicle by which this podcast drives towards success.

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