Nerds United 286: SDCC and VKM = Busy Week

This week on Nerds United, Greg is back from vacation and that coincides with San Diego Comic Con.

Both Mike and Greg did some reading this past week – Mike with some classic Batman and Greg with a Moon Knight collection as well as a Locke and Key tie-in story that – bonus content I forgot to mention on the show itself – has a Sandman connection.

We talk about I am Groot and Spider-Man Freshman Year, spend a little time on Dungeons and Dragons, and discuss the bombshell news of the week in professional wrestling, that Vincent K McMahon has retired.

We were really just trolling Kevin from My 1-2-3 Cents and trying to scoop him, and while we recorded the show Friday night, we didn’t get a chance to get it uploaded until Saturday night. In the meantime, we picked a little fight with Kevin on Facebook and gave him a window to get his own “bonus show” out there. So check that out.