My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 116: Red Wants Gold

Stride Pro Wrestling has been around for nearly a year. The company was founded in Marion, Illinois and puts on monthly shows at the CMA Dojo inside the Illinois Star Centre Mall. Not only are there the monthly shows, Stride offers a training school for future wrestlers. Red Daniels is the first graduate of the program.

Red was green in those early days but has quickly developed into a great talent. His tactics aren’t always above the board, as he’s joined forces with “Hitman” Jake Capone and “Big” Roger Matheus as the Midwest Mafia. It’s proven to be a smart move, as the Daniels and Capone have earned a shot against Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions Jay Spade and Joey O’Riley.

That championship match happens Saturday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. Several other matches have been announced, head to the Stride Pro Wrestling Facebook page or My 1-2-3 Cents for more details. (Photo for this post courtesy: Steve Belcher)

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