Five Heart Podcast Episode 84: Jon Johnston, Our Fearless Leader

We have been building to this moment all summer. Corn Nation founder and heart and soul, Jon “Damn” Johnston!

It’s finally time for our fearless leader to take his place on the Stand, answering the same questions we have posed to our Corn Nation colleagues over the course of the entire series.

Here’s what we learned about Jon:

  • He is from a small town in Nebraska
  • He fought in the Korean War at the age of 5
  • He was the first IT Consultant (probably)
  • His favorite Husker moment elicited a “WTF” from Hoss
  • He really does love all of us.

If that’s not enough reason to listen, then know that he also really rips on the Akron Zips (accidental rhyme, I’m keeping it) and he made Hooch laugh so hard he (Hooch, “pronouns, pal”) had to turn down his microphone.

Seriously, Jon is an amazing person and the reason we are all here. So enjoy this amazing episode of the Five Heart Podcast. #GBR

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