Five Heart Podcast Episode 64: Husker Offense – Frost vs Everyone Else

What happens when you get two guys together at 11:00pm on a Friday night to record themselves talking about Husker football?


It’s late – this may not be the most coherent write-up. Blame Brian. BT always said to make sure the write-ups had at least 150 words in them so they’d be picked up by Google or something. Otherwise, at 1am, I’d just say:

Here’s the new show. I’m going to bed.

Brian wouldn’t want that. And you deserve better.

Unfortunately, this episode is the Tim Beck offensive game plan of podcasts (no offense, Mister Beck).

Not this Beck.

By that I mean…we have a good football-related conversation for the first portion of the episode, and then, without warning or provocation, we just switch it up to something that doesn’t work as well.

But we do get in some talk about Scott Frost’s offensive philosophy, starting with the quarterback position and then the parts of Frost’s game plan that set him apart from his peers.

We also reference this article on Corn Nation, and a much appreciated shout out from my colleagues who excel with the written word.

Don’t forget that the podcast is on Google Play and PodBean, as well as Apple Podcasts and Stitcher as it has been. David even told me that it’s on an app called OverCast, so check it out there if you use that app. More ways to listen. All for your convenience. All of the other podcasts I mention in the show are all on Apple Podcast and I’m sure the other formats as well. I know they’re on podbean.

That’s it. I’ve got nothing left to say. Goodnight, everybody. Yes, even you, reading this at 8:30am. Don’t judge me. But you can @ me, at the social media links below!

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