Five Heart Podcast Episode 54: Heart and Beating Iowa

When we publish a new episode on a Monday, you know that the train has essentially jumped the tracks. How and why we ended up recording at about 11:00 on a Sunday night definitely is mentioned. But what wasn’t mentioned was the fact that we should really try to plan better.


Moving on…a new Husker commit sent out an interesting tweet in response to “keyboard tough guys” (my word, not that of Cam Jones, a new commit at Safety who, according to Hoss, could transition to linebacker if necessary). He’s a big body, physical playmaker. But less about that and more about the tweet…copied and pasted here.

It hearkens back to why Brian and I named this show the Five Heart Podcast in the first place. “Stars” and ratings don’t tell the whole store.

Moving on…

It was a successful weekend for Husker Basketball, as the men and women both took care of #EvilIowa. And the Husker Wrestling team celebrated Senior Day with a win on Sunday at the Devany Center.

But we all know why you’re really here…to hear how Hoss would book a Wrestlemania Main Event if he could. But you have to stick around to the end for that gem.

Have a great week, everyone. GBR! WTDO!

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