Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 48: Hoss and Ty Talk VB Final Four and Scott Frost

For the first time in Five Heart Podcast history, Greg is not on the podcast, at least in a verbal form. Due to “technical difficulties,” Greg is only on the show as a producer, feeder of information, and fact-checker.

In other words, this will be the best episode yet!

It’s Hoss and Ty, and the guys are talking about the Husker women’s volleyball team trip to Kansas City and the Final Four that begins tonight. What makes this team special, and how does Ty see the final three matches of the college volleyball season going?

Then the two talk about the HUsker football program, Scott Frost, and his coaching staff. There’s also been a recent uptick in recruiting as Frost and his coaches have been hitting the trail hard to make the most out of their short time before the early signing period.

And to put a bow on this episode, and to tie in with a pop culture global phenomenon, Hoss and Ty pair up the Big Ten footballs programs and coaches with what they believe to be their Star Wars universe counterparts. It’s a great way to finish the episode, and the guys have a lot of fun with it in advance of the film hitting theaters this weekend.

Enjoy the show, share with your friends, and May the Frost Be with You.

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